About short -acting contraceptives

Prosecution: I am taking You Siming, but because of the first time, there are some errors in use.

1 I menstruation last menstruation 12.16-12.22.

Take the first piece of You Siming on the 2nd 12.23, take around 7 pm a day.

The first missed service on December 31st, two on January 2nd.

On the second time on January 7th, I took one capsule at 9 am on January 8th and 1 pm at 7 pm.

5 Because the contraceptive principle of this medicine is very chaotic.

Question: My question is, there is no measure in the same room on January 12, how long is the probability of pregnancy, and need to take emergency contraceptives?

Answer: You Siming is a short -acting contraceptive with unique progesterone alcohol. The indication is female contraception.The specific method of taking is: should start taking medicine on the first day of the natural menstrual cycle (the first day of menstrual bleeding), which is 12.16 days you said.You can also start on the 2nd-5th day, that is, 12.22 days you said, but a condom contraceptive should be used within 7 days.In terms of treatment, you can take a small amount of liquid at about the same time every day, which is what you said at about 7 o’clock every night.1 tablet daily, for 21 days.After 7 days of discontinuation, starting a box of medicines is started. During this period, retreat bleeding usually occurs. Generally, bleeding starts 2-3 days after the last piece of medication of this cycle, and bleeding may not end when the next box of medicine starts.

The situation of the missed service: 1. Forgot to take the medicine within 12 hours, the contraceptive protection effect will not be reduced, it must be taken immediately, and the next drug should be taken in a regular time.2. If the time for taking the medicine for more than 12 hours, the contraceptive protection effect may be reduced. The principle of treatment is to stop taking the medication for more than 7 days;Full suppression.3. For more than 12 hours, take the missing pills as soon as possible, and you can take two medicines at the same time.Then continue to take the medicine at the regular time, and use barrier contraceptives such as condoms in the future.The more slices of the leakage, the closer to the conventional suspension period, the higher the risk of pregnancy.

Your situation: 1. The regular method is right, and then you can consider taking it from the first day of menstrual period.2. Discard 2 times, but even if you are supplemented, double the amount is normal.3. In fact, there should be condoms in the same room, but in fact there is no measure, but it is close to the next menstrual cycle and is located in the "safe period". The possibility of pregnancy should not be much. It is recommended to not take emergency contraceptives.4. Even if it takes correctly, the contraceptive failure rate of compound oral contraceptives is still 1%, so the small probability event is not excluded.5. It is still recommended that barrier contraceptive [condom], convenient use and protection function, which is beneficial to others.

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