absurd!53 -year -old Faye Wong was accused of pregnancy. Netizens: Is she pregnant with Nezha?

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As a recognized heavenly queen in the Chinese music scene, Faye Wong’s emotional life has always been the focus of attention from the outside world, and she does have a wave of twists and turns in terms of emotion, and has rich experience.

In particular, the feelings between her and the younger brother Nicholas Tse went around for more than ten years, and they divided it many times. Eventually, they still came together.

Although the two are almost one hundred years old, the relationship between the two is like a first love, and they are holding hands when they go out.

On April 19, some people exposed photos of Faye Wong when they met Faye Wong at the airport. The 53 -year -old Faye Wong’s state also caused heated discussion among netizens.

It can be seen from the photos posted by the netizen that Faye Wong on the day was very casual. The black short sleeves were paired with gray casual pants and a khaki trench coat. She walked ahead, and the assistant dragged the suitcase to follow behind.

However, when the boarding boarding, Faye Wong’s lower abdomen was obviously raised from the side, which caused the speculation of netizens, and the rumors of pregnancy spread widened.

Many netizens think that Faye Wong’s belly seems to be pregnant, and it looks like a pregnant woman who is just pregnant.

Some netizens think that Faye Wong’s pregnancy is ridiculous. Now Faye Wong is 53 years old. He has long been the age of best fertility. It belongs to an elderly mother. After so many years of goodness with Nicholas Tse, there is always news of pregnancy.It is Nezha.

As we all know, Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse have failed marriage. Both of them have their children, and they now live together. Although they are not married, they have long lived like a husband and wife.Tourism is scattered, life is relaxed and comfortable, and there is no plan to have children at all.

Moreover, if the two have been together for so many years, if there are plans to raise children, it is estimated that it has been implemented long ago. How can it wait until now, not to mention that Nicholas Tse loves Faye Wong so much, how can he be willing to make his girlfriend so risky.

Therefore, the possibility of pregnancy can be almost ignored, but when people reach middle age, the body is blessed or skin relaxation makes the lower abdomen raised.


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