According to doctors, eating 2 kinds of food during pregnancy has the function of protecting the fetus.

With the opening of the second child policy, more and more pregnant women over 35 years old have been opened in recent years, but the risk of childbirth undertaken by older women is much greater than young pregnant women.Guo Zhongjie, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department affiliated to Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, said in an interview with family doctors online that many data currently show that the abortion rate, the incidence of fetal deformity, the abnormal fetal chromosome of the fetus after pregnancy over 35 years of age showThe incidence is much higher than women under the age of 35.Generally speaking, the older the age of women, the worse the quality of the eggs.At the same time, it can be seen from the data of some reproductive centers that women under the age of 35 are about 70%of the pregnancy rate of test tube, but less than 20%of women’s pregnancy rates are left in the pregnancy of women over the age of 41.And this is just a pregnancy rate, that is, despite the successful pregnancy, the probability of being able to give birth to a healthy baby has not yet been counted.

When it comes to the reason for the high abortion rate of older women, Director Guo Zhongjie introduced that this is closely related to the pressure of women over 35 years of age and personal experience.The ovarian function of elderly women may have declined, and the number of eggs in the ovaries is increasing. The quality of ovulation ovulation every month is definitely worse than when she was young.The relationship between age and the number of eggs and the number of eggs is clear, and it is negative.The older the older egg, the worse the egg quality is, which is very clear.

In addition, Director Guo Zhongjie also added that when the family planning was previously implemented, if a woman went to make birth control measures for the upper ring or ligated after giving birth, it may have a certain impact on the second child.

First, the degree of fineness of ligation surgery was not necessarily very high. During the ligation process, the blood supply of women’s ovaries may be damaged and the ovarian function is damaged.Normal women of the same age are so good.

Second, clinical data shows that if many women have undergone a circular surgery before putting it on, there will be a significant reduction in menstrual flow in the palace.Investigation found that a lot of polyps developed in the uterine cavity, or women had suffered from chronic endometritis.In addition, some women also appeared in the uterine cavity adhesion after taking out the in -palace.

Indeed, the elderly pregnant women have a second child to bear many risks, so now many older pregnant women are carefully afraid of falling into touch as soon as they are pregnant, and they will eat a lot of supplements to supplement their bodies.So what kind of supplements are better?Director Guo Zhongjie replied that medicine and food are theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and the medicine and food are homologous.In fact, there are also many saying in Chinese traditional medicine.There are also many prescriptions or methods in Chinese medicine to help the fetus. Here are two of them who are actually observed in the clinic in so many claims: effective foods:

1. Danshen.Danshen is actually very cautious as a drug that promotes blood circulation and blood stasis during pregnancy.However, for patients with high blood condensation or increased vascular tension, consumption of Salviat can achieve better results.

2. Fish gum.Fish belly in Guangdong.In the diet, the fish belly is a precious ingredient, and the market price is relatively high, but the fish belly is actually rich in the content of amino acid and minerals because it contains a large amount of collagen, and it is very rich in its amino acid and minerals.After the fish belly or glue, she can get a good hemostatic effect.

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