Actor Xiao Xiong recited "Mother"


Author: Zhai Yongming recitation: Xiao Xiong

There are too many places to reach, my feet are in pain, mother, you don’t

I taught me an ancient sorrow in the greedy morning glow.My heart is just like you

You are my mother, and I am even your blood flows out of dawn

I am surprised to see yourself in the blood pool, you wake me up

Hearing the voice of this world, you let me give birth, and you let me and unfortunately make it up

The terrible twins of this world.Over the years, I have no longer remembered the cry of tonight

How far, how suspicious the light that makes you conceive, standing and dying

In between, how heavy your eyes have the shadow that enters the soles of your feet

In your arms, I once showed a smile, who knows

You let me understand everything in virginity, but I am indifferent

I treat this world as a virgin, did I send it to you

Does the hearty laughter not burned enough summer?No?

I am abandoned in the world, only one person, the light of the sun sadly

Hurry me, do you know what you have left when you leaned over the world?

Putting me in the mill, let me see that I was crushed with my own eyes

Oh, my mother, when I finally became silent, are you happy?

No one knows how I love you in the border, this secret

From a part of you, my eyes look at you painfully like two wounds

To live, I take the destruction to fight against the long -lasting love

A stone was abandoned until it was air -dried like a bone marrow. This world

With an orphan, all blessings are exposed, but who knows the most

Anyone who has stood in his mother’s hands will eventually die due to birth

【About the Author】

Zhai Yongming, female, was born in Chengdu, Sichuan in 1955.He graduated from the School of Telecommunications Engineering, a university and is a poet.In 1974, he graduated from high school and went to the countryside and worked for a physical research institute.Poetry was published in 1981, and Chinese contemporary outstanding female poet.In 1984, his poem "Women" shocked the literary world with unique and strange language and shocking female positions.In 1998, the "White Night" bar cultural salon was opened in Chengdu, and a series of literature, art and folk imaging activities were planned.Representative works include more than 10 poems and prose collections such as "Women", "above all roses", "New York, New York West".


Xiao Xiong, born in Shanghai on September 11, 1958, actor in mainland China, a national first -level actor in the air political drama troupe.

In 1978, he was admitted to the Air Political Troupe.In 1979, Xiao Xiong starred in his first film "They Love in Love" successfully, and then made films such as "Mountains and Water" and "Bitter Fruit".In 1983, Xiao Xiong won the first Chinese TV Golden Eagle Award for Best Actress for starring in the TV series "Time".From 1985 to 1992, Xiao Xiong performed films such as "Tower", "Arc Light", "The Last Noble", "Paradise Reception" and other films.In 2011, he played Song Meiling in the TV series "Blood War"

Source: WeChat public account ▷ Four Seasons Reading (Songdu365)

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