After "Yang Kang", it is not recommended to do three things, eat 2 less, and eat 4 often, help to recover early

After "Yang Kang", many friends gradually returned to normal life, but everyone may also find a problem. Although it has been "yang to yin", it feels that the body has a certain loss, and they will feel weak and cough.In the past, the body is still in a relatively weak state, so you should pay more attention whether you are diet or living habits. Do not care about it to avoid damage to the body again.

"Yang Kang" recovery period, if you want to recover your body, you need to understand what you should not eat or what you can’t do. Give your body a process of adapting to recovery., Help your body recover as soon as possible.

After "Yang Kang", you must pay attention not to do severe exercise, especially some friends with sports habits, you can stop during this time. Whether it is running or playing, it is not recommended to participate. At this timeIt is unclear to fully recover, and what kind of damage the body is suffered. It is prone to other problems when doing severe exercise to consume excessive physical strength. It can be appropriately moved slowly, playing Tai Chi, etc. to soothing exercises.

At this time, the body has just experienced a "fierce battle", which is relatively weak, especially the damage to the respiratory tract is more serious. If there is no fully recovery, there will often be cough. If you smoke and drinkDiscompension, try to restrain as much as possible during your physical recovery, and you can’t bear it!

Everyone should have seen some netizens on the Internet. After "Yang Kang", because he did not pay attention to keep warm, he started to fever after being cold. Although the second fever is not 100 %, you still need to pay attention.During the restoration stage, the functions of the body are relatively weak. Pay attention to the warmth of the body. It is best to bring a hat, scarf, etc. when you go out. After washing your hair, you should immediately dry your hair to avoid being infected by cold and cold.

After "Yang Kang", the body did not fully recover. The resistance and physical strength were obviously not as good as before. In addition, it is now in the "Nine Cold Days". Eating cold foods is undoubtedly worse for the body. Try to try to try to be as possible in daily life as possible.Do not eat cold foods such as ice cream and ice cream. Do not eat cold foods such as sashimi and crabs to avoid hindering your body recovery.When you want to eat more hot porridge, nutrition soup, etc., you can not only replenish nutrition, but also make your body warm.

After Yang Kang, many people may feel that they have been afraid of their mouths for a long time, and they start to eat some hot pots, spicy spicy, fried chicken, etc. Although the mouth is too addicted, the pressure is great for the body!The stimulating greasy food requires the body to mobilize more energy to deal with it, which is not conducive to rest. If you really want to eat, pay attention to the amount of controlling the intake, it is best to step by step and let the stomach slowly adapt.It is best to wait for the body to fully recover, and then eat what you want to eat.

In daily life, in addition to remembering that you should not eat less, you ca n’t do your best, you should eat more of these four in three meals a day to help your body fully recover.

After turning the yin, the body has experienced a "war", which requires more nutrition to supplement the body for energy.At this time, you can eat more foods rich in protein, which can promote the metabolism of the human body and help the body recover.In daily life, chicken, beef, prawns, etc. can be eaten appropriately, and high protein is easy to absorb.

Recommended method: White Burning prawns

Prepare ingredients: fresh prawns, green onions, ginger and salt.

1. Put the prawns in water and wash it. Pick out the shrimp line and rinse it again.

2. Pour a small bowl of clear water in the pan, add ginger slices, onion segments, and appropriate salt. After cooking, continue to cook for about 5 minutes.

3. Pour the cleaned prawns into the cooking pot and shake the pan to put the prawns on the bottom of the pot.

4. Cover the pot and simmer for about 3 minutes. Turn all the prawns and continue to cook for 2 minutes.

The recovery period is also very important. While paying attention to ingesting high protein, you must also remember to eat more foods rich in vitamins, because protein and vitamins are the basis for maintaining the activity of living body.Gradually recover, immunity will naturally increase naturally, and people seem full of vitality.Usually fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, and three meals a day cannot be less fruit and vegetable.

Recommended method: Bai Shicai Xin

Prepare ingredients: vegetable heart, garlic, oyster sauce, soy sauce and salt.

1. Remove the old part of the root. After cleaning, add an appropriate amount of water to the cooking pot to boil, add a spoonful of salt and a spoonful of oil, add the vegetable heart, simmer for about 30 seconds, remove the water control.

2. Add 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce and a small amount of sugar to the bowl. Add 5 spoons of water and stir well. After boiling the oil, pour in the sauce, pour the minced garlic after cooking, and stir well.

3. The neatly coded codes of the water -like vegetables can be poured on the dish.

The old saying, "If you want good health, bacteria soup is a treasure", winter is the season of edible mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, pilling mushrooms, monkey head mushrooms, etc. The taste is delicious, the taste is like meat, and it also has high nutrition, especially for especially nutrition, especially for particular, especiallyIt is rich in a variety of amino acids, which helps promote the absorption of protein. When the body is weak, you can eat some mushrooms. It is delicious and delicious.

Recommended method: stewed tofu

Prepare ingredients: Ping mushrooms, tofu, green onions, raw soy sauce, starch, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, chicken essence.

1. Cut the tofu and put it in the boiling water with salt. Remove the water for about 3 minutes and remove the water. Wash the mushrooms and tear them into small pieces.

2. Add an appropriate amount of oil to the wok. After the oil is hot, pour the onion section and minced garlic and stir -fry the aroma, and pour the mushrooms for about 1 minute.

3. Add 2 spoons of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce, half a spoonful of old soy sauce and appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence, and then add a small amount of starch and water to stir well.

4. Add the tofu with water to the pot, stir fry evenly, pour the juice.

There is a saying that there is a saying that "eat more roots in the sky, and the body is steadily rooted". The root here refers to the root foods.Rhizome foods are the essence of plants. Except for carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. are not low, rich in nutrition and comprehensive, soft, glutinous and sweet, and easy to digest.

Recommended method: Yam Pork Minced Egg Egg

Prepare ingredients: yam, meat filling, shallots, eggs, ginger.

1. Put the onion section and ginger slices into the water in advance, soak it for 10 minutes to make green onion ginger water, 5 spoons of green onion ginger water several times into the meat filling, and the meat filling until the strength.

2. After the yam is cleaned and peeled, minced and put into the meat stuffing until the upper strength, add an appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence, and stir well.

3. Pour the yam meat into a small bowl, pour a egg in the steamer and steam for about 6 minutes until the egg is set.

4. Open the lid, pour the appropriate amount of water in the small bowl, continue to steam for about 15 minutes, decorate the wolfberry, and sprinkle with an appropriate amount of green onion to get out of the pot.

Although most people have become overcast now, it does not mean that the body is completely good, nor does it mean that everything is good. Remember to protect the protection, wear masks, disinfection, be careful, and everything is careful.

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