After 00, the pregnant woman has a snoring of crabs, and her stomach pain is severe three days after eating.

Xiaomei is a post -00 pregnant woman. Due to the good family conditions, Xiaomei has particularly loved to eat. Since the appetite of Xiaomei after pregnancy, Xiaomei’s appetite is very delicious, and she has to eat deliciousness every day.Her husband and mother -in -law have reminded her many times to let her tolerate. When she survives her pregnancy, after the child is born, she wants to satisfy her, but she secretly eats crabs.

After eating the crab for the first time, Xiaomei also told her mother -in -law that her mother -in -law was very angry and reprimanded her not to eat seafood during pregnancy. This would not develop well for the fetus, but Xiaomei quibbleed that she had no response, and she didn’t say much.As long as Xiaomei has a mouthful, she will eat a few.

Some time ago, Xiaomei came to eat crabs as always, and went home after eating. As a result, Xiaomei’s stomach was severely painful three days later.It’s right.After arriving at the hospital, the doctor also shook his head and said that he was unable to return to heaven, and the child had miscarriage.After I heard that Xiaomei had a lot of crabs during pregnancy, she was very angry on the spot, and she also said that Xiaomei was a self -sin.Her mother -in -law and Xiaomei’s husband were sad, saying that she would divorce Xiaomei because she was too selfish and did not listen to the advice of her family.

What Xiuer wants to say through the story is that pregnant women must be avoided during pregnancy, especially seafood.So, many netizens may not know why Xiaomei eats crabs?Today we’ll find out.

Women’s pregnancy is a happy thing, but during this period, pregnant women need to pay attention to their own diet.Many pregnant women like crabs very much, but doctors do not recommend pregnant women to eat crabs during pregnancy.This seems to make many pregnant women very puzzled, so why can’t you eat crabs after pregnancy?What will it affect crabs on pregnant women and fetuses?This article will be explained around this topic.

Why not eat crabs?

What we need to know is that crabs are a kind of seafood rich in protein, fat and multiple nutrients.However, crabs are also a kind of allergic food. Due to the decline of pregnant women’s immunity during pregnancy, crab eating will adversely affect the body of pregnant women.Excessive edible crabs may cause gastrointestinal diseases and even adverse consequences.

Crab is a kind of cholesterol -rich food.During pregnancy, due to many changes in the body of pregnant women, cholesterol levels will rise.Therefore, if you eat crabs too much, it will increase the cholesterol level in the body of pregnant women, leading to various diseases in pregnant women.

Crab is a kind of seafood rich in heavy metals, including lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. Once these heavy metals enter pregnant women, they will cause serious harm to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.For example, if you take too much cadmium during pregnancy, it can cause irreversible damage to the reproductive system of pregnant women and fetuses; eating crab containing lead will also have a bad impact on the skeletal system of pregnant women.

What will it affect crabs on pregnant women and fetuses?

(1) Causes allergic reactions: Crab is an allergic food. Pregnant women have a decline in immunity during pregnancy. If you eat too much crab, it is easy to cause allergic reactions, such as: rash, redness, itching, etc.

(2) Affecting the health of pregnant women: Pregnant women are prone to gastrointestinal disease during pregnancy. If you eat too much crab, you can easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases, which will even cause adverse consequences such as fetal malformations.

(3) Affecting the health of the fetus: During the pregnancy, if the pregnant woman is too consumed, the heavy metals in the crabs will enter the body of the pregnant woman. Once these heavy metals enter the pregnant woman, they will easily cause the health problems of pregnant women and fetuses, such as birth defects, increased increasesThe incidence of fetal congenital diseases, etc.

(4) Increase the level of cholesterol in the body of pregnant women: If pregnant women eat a large number of crabs for a long time, it will increase the level of cholesterol in the body of pregnant women.During pregnancy, during pregnancy, due to the sharp increase in weight during pregnancy, and changes in unique pregnancy, cholesterol levels will often increase. If you consume more high -fat foods, it will increase the cholesterol level of pregnant womenEssence

Although crabs are a good nutritional food, during pregnancy, pregnant women should eat less or do not eat crabs, so as not to have adverse effects on maternal and infants.Of course, if a pregnant woman wants to eat crabs, it is best to eat it under the guidance of a doctor to eat at the right time, the appropriate amount and appropriate way, so as to ensure the health of the mother and baby as much as possible.During pregnancy, try to eat safe and healthy foods, make a scientific and safe diet, make pregnant women healthy, and produce healthy and strong babies.

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