After 19 -year -old Chen Ting was pregnant, he called Zhang Yimou and what kind of response did Zhang Yimou give

Chen Ting, who was only 19 years old, called Zhang Yimou after pregnancy and told her that she was pregnant. Zhang Yimou gave two options after learning about it. One was to give up the child and he would compensate her well; the other was to give upStudy, relieve your fetus.

At this time, Chen Ting was still in school. After she thought, she finally chose to give up her studies and raise her fetus with peace of mind, that is, this choice, which made her a formal "Mrs. Zhang". Now her family is happy and married.The winner of life.

Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting met in an accidental audition. At that time, Zhang Yimou was choosing a videos for her films, and Chen Ting was one of the candidates of this Yun. Chen Ting learned to dance since childhood.At a glance, she noticed this youthful girl and was deeply attracted by her.

The two walked together shortly after. After Chen Ting was with Zhang Yimou, they did not ask for a name for her. For Zhang Yimou, the most in his heart was that in the entertainment industry, Zhang Yimou was internationally renownedDirector, so he didn’t want too many lace news to appear on him, and Chen Ting was just willing to be the woman behind him.

Chen Ting and Zhang Yimou have two sons and daughters. If they are not for children to go to school, they need to register for school status. I believe that the family behind Zhang Yimou will not be exposed. Zhang Yimou said after paying more than 7 million fines.Because of this, his wife and children can accompany him brightly.

In fact, before Chen Ting, Zhang Yimou and Gong Li also experienced an unforgettable emotional entanglement. The two buried the seeds of love when filming "Red Sorghum" because of the drama.The film "Red Sorghum" has a special significance for Zhang Yimou. This is his first movie he personally directed. After the release, he won a very high box office, and he also won the golden Berlin Gold because of this film.At the same time, Gong Li has also become a highly anticipated "conspiracy girl".

Although the two became lovers, they were condemned by the media, because at this time Zhang Yimou already had his wife, and Gong Li was criticized.However, even so, the two still tried their best to be together, and Zhang Yimou even divorced his wife Xiao Hua.The two also came together as expected. I believe that at that time they must have a lot of longing for the future.

People thought that Zhang Yimou would marry Gong Li after divorce, but this relationship has no following. Gong Li has repeatedly mentioned marriage with Zhang Yimou. However, Zhang Yimou rejected the reason for the marriage contract of the paper.Eight years of feelings ended without any illness. Gong Li did not wait for the marriage she wanted, but just waited for her to be discouraged and waited for the two of them to break up.

The emergence of Chen Ting happened to be the empty window period after Gong Li and Zhang Yimou broke up. Although from the eyes of others, Gong Li is much better than Chen Ting, but for Zhang Yimou, Chen Ting is more suitable for him.The family placed in the primary position, and Gong Li is not the kind of person who can abandon his career for the family.

Perhaps for Zhang Yimou, what he needs is a stable family. It can be seen in the photos of his family on his personal platform that now he is happy and stable in marriage. It can only be said that if people drink water and warmth.

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