After 50 years of age, if you do n’t have money, you can drink 3 kinds of tea without drinking it.

Compared to drinking and drinking drinks, people have more praise to drinking tea. One is that there are many beneficial substances in tea. Second, tea has a lot of valuable varieties. Drinking tea is a "drinking identity", and the value is virtually raised., Entertaining friends also have face.

Uncle Sun is an old Beijing. He usually likes to drink tea, a small round stool, a fan fan, a pot of green tea, which can spend one afternoon.I was preparing to make tea on this day and found that the jar of hand was finished, so I took another can from the cabinet. The pot of tea was bought by the son -in -law. I heard that it was expensive. He had never been willing to drink.

Open the jar, a taste that can’t be said, and Uncle Sun has never drank this kind of tea, and a look in it. There is still a layer of yellow substance in this tea.IntersectionHe took a tea jar to ask a friend and ask.

"Old grandson, this is not a golden flower, but a mold, throw it away!" Uncle Sun was very distressed after hearing it, so he had to throw it away before drinking?Maybe you can drink it?"Old grandson, don’t think it is a pity. You can’t drink this moldy tea anymore, it is not good for your body."Friends persuaded again.

1 grams of cooked tea contains 500 million mold, which is equivalent to drinking dirty water?

I believe many people have heard of this statement, and there are molds?Seeing that things are moldy, I believe many people are disgusted. They want to throw it away immediately, and automatically think of moldy rice and moldy bread.

In fact, there are also "good people" in molds. You must know that kimchi, soy sauce, natto and other foods are made with the help of mold.The reason why cooked tea has mold is also related to its production process.

One of the key steps for making Pu’er tea is to ferment.As temperature and humidity slowly rise, black mold will breed in large quantities, and subsequent substances such as amylase.

Although the number of molds is large, they all have beneficial bacteria and will not affect physical health.Furthermore, after entering the next stage, the temperature and humidity will decline. By then, the black mold will lose activity death, so don’t worry.

However, some small workshops have not completely died because the production process does not meet the standards. After a period of time, consumers will find that tea leaves are moldy, so do not drink this situation.

Drinking tea depends on the constitution, what kind of tea is you drinking, don’t drink it wrong

People who are healthy, rarely get sick, are suitable for drinking oolong tea. It has a fragrance of flowers, and it has a slight sweetness in the mouth.If you drink a strong flavor, the taste will be heavier.

People who are not warm with their limbs and are afraid of cold hands and feet are suitable for drinking black tea or black tea.Black tea is gentle, there is no irritation to the human body, and it is very comfortable after drinking. Especially in the early autumn season, it is very suitable for drinking. It can prevent autumn dry and warm constitutions.

People with a sensitive personality and thin body. People who do n’t sleep well at night are suitable for drinking green tea. Although it is now autumn, the weather is still very hot. Green tea has a certain effect of relieve heat.Furthermore, its taste is lighter, the taste is fragrant, the color is green, and it has a cup of refreshing and calming down.

If you do n’t have money, you can drink 3 kinds of tea without drinking

Too strong tea -a cup of tea has more than 1/2 or even more than 3/4

Mr. Qin is a company owner. He usually likes to drink tea, and he likes to drink strong tea.Mr. Qin found kidney stones two years ago, and the people around him told him to drink less strong tea, but he didn’t listen and still loved to drink strong tea. Just last month, Mr. Qin was checked for a weak back pain.The kidneys have stones, and there are stagnant water in one side.

Another uncle Zhou also liked to drink strong tea. He could drink four or five glasses a day. Later, he was taken to the hospital because of dizziness and headache. The doctor found that his blood pressure had been high to 180/100.

Strong tea can refresh, but the caffeine will accelerate the heart rate and increase blood pressure. Among them, tannic acid will interfere with iron absorption and increase the risk of anemia.For people with bad kidneys, calcium and magnesium plasma will increase the burden on the renal tube when filtering, and formed stones over time.

Coke -flavored tea -prone to harmful substances

The small workshop produces tea, and does not grasp the temperature and time, and accidentally stir -fry the tea. This kind of tea should not be consumed.The burnt tea leaves are prone to harmful substances, just like roasted meat, and the nutrition is also destroyed. Bad merchants may mix the coke paste tea in good tea and sell them together. When drinking, pay attention to it.Don’t drink it anymore.

Tea of other flavors of residue -may be improper storage

Some people are cheap to buy loose tea. After buying home, put it in the bag and put them with other foods. After a long time, it will taste.The loose tea bought is painted, asphalt, and coating. It may be that the merchant contacts other debris in the process of drying and frying. For this unknown tea, try not to drink it.

Which one is healthier for long -term drinking tea and long boiled water for a long time?

Boil water is healthy, but some people are worried that there are disinfection agents and electric pots with heavy metals in tap water. Long -term drinking will damage health.This rumor cannot be trusted. First of all, the disinfectant will evaporate and disappear after boiling, and will not enter the human body. Heavy metals are related to the kettle used. As long as the quality of the kettle is qualified, the metal will not migrate.

Although there are nutrients such as tea polyphenols in tea, it can hydrate and refresh diuretic, but improper drinking can also hurt the body, such as the thick tea and mildew tea mentioned above.Therefore, tea and boiled water should be used to drink, entertain guests, work overtime, can drink light tea, usually water can be used to drink boiled water, I believe it will be healthier.

After 50 years of age, life pays more and more attention to quality, and the number of people who love to drink tea gradually increase, but when you choose tea, you must be careful. First of all, it is suitable for your physique. Secondly, pay attention to the quality of tea and drink healthy tea, but no matter how expensiveTea cannot be brewed too thick.

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