After a 40 -year -old mother ligated, "pregnancy"?The abdomen is full of uterine fibroids, doctors "help each other"

More than a month ago, Ms. Lai, 40, came to Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University with a big belly. Her colleagues around her thought she was pregnant.In fact, Ms. Lai was ligated after her second child was born in 2011. At this time, her belly was not a fetus, but a dense uterine fibroids.Recently, Associate Professor Yao Tingting, a gynecological tumor specialist at Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, successfully performed abdominal whole uterine cutting surgery for Ms. Lai to successfully "unload" her.After the operation, Ms. Lai had a good recovery and was discharged smoothly.

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More than ten years ago, Ms. Lai found uterine fibroids during physical examinations, but at that time, the length of the fibroids was only 3 cm, and there was no obvious discomfort, so she did not do special treatment.After that, Ms. Lai experienced second -child childbirth, and fibroids gradually grew up.However, because of fear in her heart, Ms. Lai has never had a doctor.Until this year, Ms. Lai’s belly became bigger and bigger, and even her colleague’s neighbors suspected that she was pregnant and thought she was going to have a third child.

"Everyone said that I was going to have three babies. In fact, I was ligated in the second child in 2011. Where can I regenerate!" Speaking of this, Ms. Lai, who was so thin and weak but holding her "pregnant belly", helplessly smiled bitterly.Ms. Lai recalled that starting about three years ago, her menstrual flow increased to twice as much as before. Each menstrual period was a big blood clot, and the bleeding caused her often dizzy.Her big belly also made her back pain often, and she felt really unbearable, so she came to the hospital for treatment.

Associate Professor Yao Tingting introduced that the inspection shows that Ms. Lai’s palace bottom has reached the 4 horizontal finger of the upper edge of the umbilicus.The smallest length is 7 cm, and the huge fibroids on the front wall are also in the uterine cavity.Because of being oppressed by large and small uterine fibroids, the clear uterine endometrium is not seen under the B -ultrasound.In addition, Ms. Lai’s blood routine shows that the hemoglobin is only 84g/L. This indicator shows that factor uterine fibroids cause excessive menstrual flow, which in turn, and then cause moderate anemia caused by it.

The B -ultrasound shows that Ms. Lai’s uterus has been filled with fibroids

After admission, Associate Professor Yao Tingting immediately formulated a diagnosis and treatment plan for Ms. Lai.Combined with Ms. Lai’s multiple fibroids, the symptoms of compression are obvious, and there is no fertility requirements. It is recommended to implement abdominal general uterine division.Before surgery, Associate Professor Yao Tingting arranged cervical liquid cytology examination and hysteroscopic examination for Ms. Lai to eliminate cervical lesions and endometrial lesions.During the operation, due to the many blood vessels supplying tumors, there were more bleeding. While immediately transfusion for Ms. Lai, the surgical team quickly removed the uterus.After a gynecological tumor specialist and anesthesiology, the surgery ended smoothly after 1 hour.Ms. Lai resumed well after the operation and was discharged smoothly.

Associate Professor Yao Tingting said that most patients with uterine fibroids have no symptoms and only discovered fibroids by accident during ultrasound examination.If there is symptoms, it is closely related to the growth of fibroids, speed, whether it is degenerated and or not, and the relationship between the size and number of fibroids is relatively small.Common clinical symptoms include: uterine bleeding, abdominal mass and compression symptoms, abdominal bloating, waist and back pain, leucorrhea, infertility and abortion, anemia, etc.Associate Professor Yao Tingting reminded that once relevant symptoms occur, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. Do not taboo diseases and doctors, so as not to drag the "minor problems" into "big trouble".

"The treatment of uterine fibroids should be comprehensively considered according to the age, symptoms and fertility requirements of the patient, and the size, numbers and types of uterine fibroids." Associate Professor Yao Tingting introduced that if the patient has no obvious symptoms and no evil signs, it can be observed regularly.If the symptoms are mild, you can choose drug treatment near menopause.If the fibroids cause a large monthly, cause secondary anemia, fibroids cause abdominal pain, fibroids are excessive volume, causing the symptoms of bladder or rectal compression, fibroids cause infertility or recurrence of abortion, fibroids malignant changes, etc.Surgical treatment.

It has nothing to do with the picture and text, just to match the picture

Many patients are worried whether uterine fibroid surgery will affect fertility.Associate Professor Yao Tingting mentioned that the surgical treatment of uterine fibroids is divided into fibroid division and uterine resection.For patients with non -fertility, patients with multiple uterine fibroids or suspicion of malignant changes, uterine slicing surgery can be selected.If you have fertility requirements, you can choose fibroids removal of fibroids. The surgery will not affect the fertility, but it is recommended to prepare for after half a year to two years after surgery.””” Super Energy Health Group”

This article guides the doctor:

Yao Tingting, an associate professor, deputy chief physician, and doctoral supervisor of Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.In 1999, he was admitted to the undergraduate of Sun Yat -sen University and obtained a doctorate degree in medical science of Sun Yat -sen University in 2010.Good at the diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological diseases such as cervical lesions, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and vaginitis.

(Correspondent: Zhang Yang, Liu Xinchen)

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