After being in college, the cousin was taken to the scum man Pua, and became pregnant

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Buzzing …

Buzzing …

The vibration sound of the mobile phone on the desk and the vibration of the charging one after another.

I thought it was a harassment phone, and when I was a little bit, I was silent, and the result was endless.I was lying on the bed and was upset, and I began to sweat again.

There is no air conditioning in the dormitory. The only cooling tool is a suspension fan that is no different from decoration.

At 40 degrees, the mother’s summer was not treated.

I played the game last night. I thought about sleeping at noon at noon. As a result, I was disturbed by the phone.

The matte matte was wet and dry, and my entire back was sticky.

His uncle couldn’t sleep again.

Buzzing …

The phone is still rang.

"Whatever you don’t have a long -eyed call!"

I finally couldn’t help it. A carp rolled up from the bed and scolded and rolled out of bed.

In the meantime, because I was excited and sweaty and slippery, the most vulnerable parts on my body were almost in contact with a certain horizontal bar of the ladder. Fortunately, I still landed safely.

I caught my phone and saw it. I opened it without watching it.

"What are you doing? Gou Ze? I just answered my phone for so long?" The girl on the screen frowned slightly, her face was close to the screen, the next second was her scream, "AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhYou put your clothes up !!! "

She is my girlfriend Chen Yangyang.

"Gou Ze" is the nickname of my girlfriend when I am unhappy.

"What can I do, just sleep in the dormitory …"

I randomly set a short sleeve, cut my own image in the video call to the large screen, and then pulled the distance between myself and the screen at the video without loudness -but I didn’t care about the lower body.

"What’s the baby? What are you looking for me, do you have to eat together at night?"

I talked carefully and tried to transfer the topic.

"One day is either sleeping or eating, are you a pig?" Chen Yangyang on the mobile phone greeted me kindly, but turned a bit anxious, and asked me again, "By the way, do you know where is our school girl bathhouse?? "

"This … should I say that I know … or don’t you know?"

I dare not answer directly.My girlfriend usually does not take various propositions to test me.At this moment, she suddenly asked, and my internal alarm began to buzz.

I carefully observe the girlfriend on the screen. Behind her is a white tile wall with water, and her cheeks are not blushing … No, her eyes are not enough!Intersection

My mother, what is this!

I covered my eyes and left only one seam and asked, "You, how can you be in the bathhouse! We are not legal?"

"Oh! When is it, it’s a joke!" Chen Yangyang jumped anxiously, "It’s your cousin, I fainted when I took a bath just now! Come over, let’s take her to the school medical room first."

After talking about Chen Yangyang, the video was hung.

The cousin fainted in the bathhouse?Intersection

I immediately calmed down and put on my pants to go out.

As soon as I closed the door, I folded it again and ran to the balcony to take a dry black short sleeve, thinking about it for a while.


My name is Zheng Ze, a graduate student of a University of Science and Technology in Beijing.

My girlfriend Chen Yangyang and I have the same level, but I studied vehicle engineering, and she studied education management.

My cousin is Zheng Yan, saying that it is a cousin. In fact, I have no blood relationship with her.

This has to be traced back to my grandfather’s generation.

When my grandfather was young, he caught up to the county’s recruitment and joined the army with his grandfather. Later, he retired and returned. My grandfather and Zheng Yan returned to the county together.

They are all fellows, plus the friendship of carrying the gun together, so they worshiped as brothers.After several generations, Zheng Yan and I directly called each other with their cousins.

Speaking of the reason why I stayed at school this summer without going home, I have a great relationship with my "cousin".

Zheng Yan was one year younger than me. At present, he was a junior. He found a business job in a well -known Internet company in the summer vacation and wanted to adapt to the workplace environment in advance.The company’s name is large, and she also gives her a hundred yuan of internship salary every day. Her family was also happy.

Badness is that Zheng Yan’s mother is a senior knowledgeable user. He usually does not look at the things of Internet companies. In the heart, he feels that the workplace is full of hooks.

Among them, a freshman employee was made a lot of melon by Xiaosan. Looking at the description, the company is the one that Zheng Yan is going to internship!

So the Zheng Yan family immediately set up and couldn’t settle it. It is said that her dad was about to come to Beijing to accompany her. As a result, Zheng Yan was rejected, and the two sides were still quarreling.

They are all relatives who are familiar with the door, and my family naturally knows it.

In the end, my mother -in -law pointed at me as soon as I patted my legs and said, "I decide to be you! Don’t come back in the summer vacation, help take care of your cousin in Beijing!"

It is worthy of my mother!

But this is not over yet. I learned everything from my mother.After hanging up the phone, I immediately video with my girlfriend and told her that I couldn’t return to the bad news of my home. I would like to expect to get some inner comfort from my girlfriend.

As a result, this woman immediately filmed the case after hearing that "the cousin is not settled in the north." Let the cousin live with her to live in a girl’s dormitory -four -person air -conditioning room (yes, our school has a young man, and only a girl’s dormitory has air conditioning).

There are cheap school cafeteria here, and auntie aunt for 24 hours to give you the strongest sense of security.

Wait … Say a good aunt?

So when I and my mother and me showed lightly, "I could not only take care of one or two, but also helped my cousin find a good residence in school." At the same time, I received two praise and thanks.

Oh, the feeling of pretending, it’s nice!


Speaking of fainting, there was no one on the campus on the campus. When I went downstairs, I walked up and trotted a small run.Seeing me, she beckoned and beckoned at me again, and instantly I was not calm.

Shake, shake, shake to Grandma Bridge …

I looked around. Fortunately, there was no one at this moment, and I felt relieved secretly.

I walked over and threw the black short sleeves in my hand to her.


"You can put it up first." I made a handsome gesture of not squinting, but my eyes still couldn’t help but look at her.

She looked down at my eyes, slapped on my chest, and then blushed into the bathhouse with a red face.

"What’s going on?" I asked her quickly.

"I don’t know, the little deer was a bit unhappy when I took a bath. I asked her that she only said that it was a bit tired at work."

Little Deer is Chen Yangyang’s nickname to Zheng Ye.

"What should I do now?" I asked.

"I support the little deer, let’s take a look at the school’s medical room first."

Well, this back of the person must fall on me.

Don’t look at the cousin thin, she is tall, long hands and feet, I am not working hard to carry her.

One kilometer road, I walked for 20 minutes.

After finally getting to the school medical room, I put her on her seat, and was paralyzed and panting and sweating.

Chen Yangyang looked at my embarrassment, and even laughed at me: "You can’t do this, is this the way?"

"Why not, isn’t you laborious when you support her?" It is related to the dignity of a man. I must explain it. Turn my face and smile. "I can’t know if you can try it?"

"Rolling the calf!" Chen Yangyang was disgusted.

At this time, a cold voice suddenly inserted.

"If the person on the back is awake, you will only bear the weight of her torso. But if it is a coma, the human limbs and heads will lose their ability to move and fall down. At this time, you will bear her whole body.weight."

Chen Yangyang turned around at the same time and saw a Qingxiu boy in a white coat standing with a water cup and standing at the door of the school medical room, his butt was very upset.

He looked up at us with glasses: "I just went to pick up the water, why? Are you uncomfortable?"

4. 4..

The surname of the person is the interns of the school medicine room and was sent to the duty in the summer vacation.

He put his cousin onto the bed, first done a pupil test, and then checked all the situations on her.

"There is no pathological manifestation, and there is no trauma on your body."

He stood straight, turned to look at me and my girlfriend, and asked, "Who are you who are patients, do she have a past medical history?"

As soon as this said, Chen Yangyang and I turned to look at each other, a little dumbfounded.

I can only tell the truth, "Doctor, I am her cousin, but I don’t know her previous medical history."

"Then it’s best to contact her house and ask the specific situation."

Dr. Zhang helped the glasses. This serious concentration expression made me have a sense of trust in him!

No wonder girls in our school always like to go to the medical school next door to find a boyfriend!

"Don’t call her parents?" Chen Yangyang asked me.

How can I do it?If the call was called, what was the words that I was vowing on the phone before the phone, what was the words that I said? Isn’t this just hitting my face at the speed of light?Moreover, it is necessary to be complained by my mother.

No, this phone cannot be called.

I secretly decided to quickly eliminate the sense of trust in the doctor.

"This is not necessary. My cousin is a bit tired at work. In addition, the weather is so hot recently that the heat stroke. It should be okay to rest." I waved my hand and wanted to cover the coffin.

"It is best to ask clearly that many diseases have been ignored at first, and the best treatment time was missed." Dr. Zhang looked at my expression a little more.? "

Haha, what do you mean, doubt me?

I also put it directly: "It’s cousin, but it’s just the kind of blood relationship."

The atmosphere of the school medical room suddenly became a bit stiff. I wanted to go, but Dr. Zhang still insisted on calling for inquiries.

"That’s it. Don’t trouble the doctor to check a blood first, and then we wait here." Chen Yangyang pulled me, "Waiting for a while, the little deer wakes up, let’s ask her medical history."

I do n’t have to call her house and stable, I naturally have no opinion.

Dr. Zhang may also feel that Chen Yangyang’s suggestion is more meaningful than me in this stalemate, so he nodded and agreed.

After smoking the blood, Chen Yangyang suddenly held Dr. Zhang Zhang’s whispering. I wanted to listen to it side by side, but she was impatiently pushed aside.

Cut, don’t listen without listening.

I turned around and found a chair and sat down.

Not long after, Chen Yangyang came back and sat next to me.

I pretended to be okay for a while, but she opened the ranking directly …

At the end of the game, I couldn’t help opening.

"You just told that doctor, don’t let me listen."

I pulled her hand and found out the news: "Shouldn’t it be that you want people’s WeChat and introduce those sisters in your dormitory?"

"Hey, I learned to be detoured." Chen Yangyang knew my little tricks at a glance. "You don’t know if you have a good name of our dormitory.What are you pretending. "

As I smirked, I continued to ask.

"You will know after reporting it for a while," Chen Yangyang was annoyed by me, and finally loosened, "I hope I think too much."

Um?What kind of think too much?

Seeing that my face was puzzled, Chen Yangyang suddenly smirked my ears and pulled over to say a whisper.

"Rest assured, if Dr. Zhang really shot, it would only be you who was pried."

"Ha? Why?"

"Haven’t you heard the phrase" ten men and nine bends of medical schools, and there is a coldness "?"


I remembered the doctor’s hips, scaring me to immediately make a set of anal movement movement.


Check for about an hour.

So I changed a comfortable posture and started to play a copy of the "Fantasy Westward Journey" on the chair.

This time, the captain of this copy was casually added. The new content of the Meng in the team exceeded 50%.

It also lost me to play this game for a long time, and the equipment is perfectly equipped.Several times on the edge of the team, I turned the tide. In the team, a group of vegetable dogs buckled "666" and asked me to send a picture of the equipment to see it.

Great God, you must be cold.

I refused to drop it coldly, but my teammates were not reluctant, especially a player named "Big Stick" inside. In addition to swipe the screen on the team channel, I also talked about me in private, saying that I wanted to buy my equipment.The price is not a problem.

Haha, I hate you the most RMB players!Destroy game balance!

Qiu Fu is one aspect. The main reason is that this equipment is bought by me across clothes. When there is time, it cannot be traded within half a year.What’s more, I just bought it for a long time, and my own addiction is not enough.

I deliberately took a while, and listened to the words of my teammates worshiped me. Finally, before I finished the copy, I (pretended) helplessly show my equipment on the team channel.

I harvested a wave of "big guys", "cow", "666", and I went offline quickly.

The air conditioner in the school medical room was quite full. I quit the copy, and when I brushed the mobile phone people, I started to confused.

In the dream, I became Sun Wukong, and there was a mountain in front of my eyes … and my eyes crossed the valley, and in the end it was opposite to a pair of cold eyes.

Dr. Zhang looked at me expressionlessly, and habitually pushed his black -frame glasses.


I was so scared to tactic, hitting my head on the back of my chair, and woke up.

Chen Yangyang and Dr. Zhang looked at me in surprise.

"It’s okay, it’s okay …" I held back the impulse of the head after massaging my hand and forcibly transferred the topic. "Is it the result?"

"Um." Chen Yangyang trembled the test sheet in his hand, Dr. Zhang stood next to her and carried his hand.

I stood up and wanted to separate them, but I thought of the dream just now … I jumped to the other side of Chen Yangyang and stretched my head to look at the test sheet.

Dr. Zhang pointed at the test sheet and said, "HCG has been tested, the same as you guessed."

"What’s wrong with HCG?" I asked if I didn’t understand it.

Dr. Zhang looked up at Chen Yangyang seriously when he heard my question.I saw Chen Yangyang shook his head with him first, nodded again, and then Dr. Zhang looked clear.

I could see in the clouds beside me: "What about what is going on?"

"Nothing, let’s determine first." Dr. Zhang looked at me seriously, "I hope you can have a psychological preparation, because …"

Dr. Zhang paused.

Because … what?

Why do I have to prepare psychological preparations?

I flashed countless ideas in my heart.I subconsciously looked at the cousin on the bed of the school’s medical room, and quickly retracted my eyes.

At this moment, I seemed to listen to the family members of the doctor in the emergency room in the emergency room.

The world was slowly released, and the school medical room was so quiet that only the sound of air -conditioning hair was left. I watched Dr. Zhang’s mouth together, as if in a century.

"Patient … I am pregnant."


"It should be that pregnancy and hypoglycemia caused fainting."

Dr. Zhang said that I pushed a gently and had been stunned: "Stupid? No matter how you plan, I still recommend that the sooner the decision, the better."

I just turned my head to look at Chen Yangyang mechanically and asked, "You already know it?"

Chen Yangyang waved his hand: "I just let Dr. Zhang pay attention to it. Because the deer always holds a mobile phone and chat with her mobile phone, and then I often daze … One night, I got up to the toilet and heard that she called someone while calling people.While crying, the other party listened … is a man. "

"What do you mean, the wild man has made my cousin’s belly?!" I made a scream like a mouse, "Oh my god! How can I explain to her house?!"

"Calm …" Chen Yangyang pulled me down.

what to do?I just feel that there are all kinds of negative emotions such as a mess in my heart, ridiculous, helpless, anger and other negative emotions in my mind like a mouse.

"Wait for the deer to wake me up with her, thank you doctor."

Chen Yangyang said, and followed by Dr. Zhang to pay a fee with the campus card.

Dr. Zhang also told us to get an idea earlier and go to a regular hospital to check it early.

I was very messy at this moment, and I couldn’t care about it.

It was Chen Yangyang a chicken soup for his cousin, a good guy, a bowl of chicken soup with a total of 68 yuan, how big this is.

I gave me 1500 living expenses in my house. Chen Yangyang and I were almost the same. Both of us usually eat a few dollars of meals in the cafeteria.After Chen Yangyang has been busy because of his cousin, how could I let her spend money again.

I quickly transferred the money to her.

After the order was finished, Chen Yangyang sat next to me and leaned my hand on my shoulder.

I can’t care about my girlfriend’s sudden tenderness, and I have been counting in my heart: How did my cousin get pregnant, is it a college classmate?Or the social scum in the workplace?The cousin is still young, there will be a good money in the future … the child must be killed, but should this be telling the cousin’s family?

I dare not think about what consequences of this explosive news will cause …

Besides, how much does abortion surgery cost?

I open the mobile banking app.

The balance of the balance shows three digits, which is definitely not enough.

What should I do if the remaining money is?

Money and money are all harmless.


I was thinking about it, my cousin woke up.

She opened her eyes and saw me, and a little surprised on her cold face, and asked me, "Why are you here?"

As soon as I opened this, the anger in my heart was ignited again: I was so busy for you for so long, but you still put on this expression. Why did I owe you?

"Why am I here? Then I’ll go?" I threw Chen Yangyang’s test sheet on her bed, "Look at it yourself!"

I watched my cousin’s expression from cold to panic, and then her eyes were red, and the tear beads began to fall a little bit.

"What is the use of crying alone? Don’t you have to solve this matter now?" As soon as she cried, I felt even more irritable.

Chen Yangyang glanced at me and persuaded her softly.

I waited for a while and saw that her tears had no intention to stop, and my heart fried directly.

"Haven’t you been living in a girl’s dormitory with Yangyang? How can you get pregnant?"

"There are children and his father, what is the man who is the man?"

"When did you and him be good?"

The cousin refused to answer, and I was forced to ask just shook her head, and then cried "whine".

"Don’t want to say or not?"

The cousin shook her head again, and then pumped the ground: "Zheng Ze, don’t … don’t … say to my house … wow …"

I was on fire at once, but I couldn’t have my head at first.

"Oh, do you know that you are shame now? Dare not tell your family?"

"Usually look at anyone with a face, but how long will it take to make your stomach up?"

"How old is it? I didn’t think of the consequences when I was cool?"

"I think you, just live!"


"Zheng Ze, you are too much!" Chen Yangyang interrupted me with a calm face.

"You can think of a way, don’t you want to leave, what is so unpleasant to speak? Is it that the deer deliberately wants to make it like this now?"

After Chen Yangyang scolded me, she sat next to her cousin’s bed. While comforting my cousin, she scolded me as a silly man, and told her not to put what I just said.

Oh, I was busy with me for a long time, but it was not human inside and outside.

I laughed at the grandfather.

I was planning to go back to my girlfriend again, and my phone suddenly rang.



Chen Yangyang returned to the dormitory.

I don’t want to quarrel with them. I went to the south gate to take takeaway, sent it back to the girl’s dormitory, turned my head and went downstairs.

After two steps, Chen Yangyang stopped.

"Why?" I was angry, and my speech was full of anger.

Chen Yangyang pulled me to sit downstairs and asked, "Did the little deer tell you about her boyfriend before?"

"No, if I know I can do this today?"

"Okay!" Chen Yangyang glanced at me in vain, saying, "I see the attitude of the deer, I feel that the man is a person in the company, or we will go to Xiaoyu Company together?He is responsible, can’t be cheaper, a dog man … "

"Then?" I didn’t agree very much. I felt that this kind of behavior was a bit reckless. "We found the scumbag, but the scum man pushed three obstacles and was unwilling to be responsible, so we said on social and other channels …"

Chen Yangyang nodded.

"Then while netizens eat melons, Zheng Yan was also flesh? Then a group of people who knew or not knew her and scolded her not to check?It is necessary to trace that man. We still don’t want to make a big trouble.

I said my opinion in a breath, but turned around but found that Chen Yangyang was looking at me, looking disappointed.

"So the reason why you don’t want to find the scum man is to be afraid of making trouble?" She asked.

This is one of the reasons, so I nodded.

I saw her face white, and she continued to ask, "If I one day happened to me, would you handle it like this?"

Come again, come again, the situation on behalf of the question and answer proposition.

"Is this possible? You are my girlfriend now! Do you still have children with others?"

I directly deny her assumption, because this assumption is obviously not established.

"What if you?"

"No case!"

"I asked you what would you do if this happened?"

She stepped step by step, and I was also excited: "What do you want to say?"

"Will you also do not care because you are afraid of being damaged?" Chen Yangyang looked at my face without letting go.

"Then I want to hang a banner at the school and send posts on the entire network, so that people in the school all the people in the world know that I am green? Are you satisfied!" I yelled at her.

After the roar, Chen Yangyang didn’t speak, and she looked at me so deeply and quietly, and then turned to go upstairs.


Who is Ett?

I held back a set of military fists in place and then scolded a few words of scolding, and walked outside the dormitory building.

After so half a day, the sky had been black, and the temperature was cold.

I was so angry that I went to the boy’s dormitory without thinking about the direction.

Turning around, passing by the basketball court next to the water room, I heard the shot sound.

Aren’t people in the boys’ dormitory go?How could anyone play basketball?

I followed the lights of the basketball court: Good guy, isn’t that Dr. Zhang during the day?Why play alone in the basketball court.

I am not boasting in basketball. I have been playing since I was a child.

I think that I ca n’t play the game when I return to the dormitory anyway. I ’m better to see it next to it. If this Dr. Zhang played well, I would play with him.

I watched him go to the three -pointer normally, flexed his knees, and the ball screamed into the net.Then pick up the ball under the basket, go the goal three -point line, pitching and entering again, and then entering again.

Until the fifth one, basketball brushed a lap in the basket, and regretted the basket.

The rhythm is very good, and it feels a bit like the basketball Mitsurashi in "Slam Dunk".I secretly positioned him in my heart.

As a result, after he picked up the box basketball, he turned!Missing!Pick up the ball!A set of outbreaks, overall!

From the perspective of jumping height, the basketball has been held by him more than the basket. Is it a slam dunk?

As a result, his wrist was slightly raised and sent the ball into the basket.


I walked directly and raised an eyebrow to him: "Come a game?"

He didn’t answer, he just passed the ball to me, and then pushed the glasses to put on a defensive posture.


In the 1V1 basketball, if the two confrontation players are close, the physical consumption is the largest.

Dr. Zhang and I played two goals in two games, and they were all tired.

Dr. Zhang was stronger than I expected. I did not expect that his appearance seemed to have played 1V1, and his ability to confront it was no worse than me.

I sat on the ground and rest for a while, and took the vending machine on the sidelines to take two bottles of mineral water.One bottle was thrown directly to him, and he reached out and grabbed it.

I just twist the bottle cap, and he suddenly approached me quickly and pulled my hand.

this!What’s happening here?Intersection

I just played a basketball with him, soaked vests, flying pants legs … This wind turns, it’s a bit too unexpected …

In my mind, I flashed the confused dream in the afternoon in the afternoon, the beautiful figure in the dream, and the deserted look, scared me.

I opened my mouth: "Dr. Zhang, you know I have a female friend …"

"It’s not good to drink ice water just after exercise."

"Huh?" I stunned directly.

"Put the ice water, and drink it when it is close to the temperature." Dr. Zhang saw that I didn’t hear it clearly, so I said it again.Look.

I secretly relieved in my heart: I scared me to death, uncle.

In the process of warming the water, Dr. Zhang asked the situation of his cousin. I told him the truth, and by the way, I told him about arguing with my girlfriend.

He listened seriously, and opened the mineral water bottle while listening to it, from time to time.

Perhaps the exercise dopamine relieved part of the pressure, or maybe I urgently needed the same sex that I could understand my position. After speaking, I felt a lot of relaxation in my heart, so I opened the mine water bottle ton tonal.

"When I was in an internship in the hospital before, each department had to rotate it again. I have met many female college students who have been alone in the abortion surgery in obstetrics. Some are just adults."

"In addition to suffering from physical injuries and pain, they have the same torture in their hearts. Some people … even abandon themselves and see themselves."

"Actually, they just need family members, friends, or trusting people to stand on their side to comfort her and support her."

"You want to ask for a fast result, but cause secondary damage to your cousin."

"Sometimes, it is important to solve things, but it cannot ignore the inner feelings of the parties."

"After all, this society, women are not easy to live than men."

Dr. Zhang under the night lamp slowly told the expression and moved.

For the first time, I felt the compassion and helplessness of the patient’s career for patients.

I started to subconsciously have the trust of the patient similar to the patient.

So I nodded slightly and said, "I know, I will consider it."

"What do you think?" Dr. Zhang turned to look at me.

In fact, after listening to his analysis, I generally understand where Chen Yangyang’s anger is, but because of face, I don’t want to directly admit that I am wrong.

In the complex emotions, I remembered some of the previous things.

"I have liked basketball since I was a child. My hometown is a fourth -tier city. More than ten years ago, there were very few supporting venues like basketball courts in the community. I remember when I was in the sixth grade, I saved pocket money for a long time and bought it.After a basketball, I want to play with my friends. But there are always a group of junior high school boys in the community basketball court to grab the play.In the fifth grade, I came to my house to make the door and discovered this. She found a group of younger sisters on the same day to the theory of the boy. At the age, girls developed faster than boys at that time.The boys also knew that they could not fight girls. So my cousin was completely occupied and the venue was found to find us back. The price was that I bought her a semester of pickled pepper bulls (a spicy bar). "

I squeezed the empty mineral water bottle, and the water of the bottle mouth was dropped to the ground.

I said, "Later, we grew up, but we were alienated."


"Most of our generations are the only children. It should be very good to grow up with a companion."

Dr. Zhang got up and patted his ass, and took a few small mouthful of mineral water with the other hand, looked down at me, and said, "You still love your cousin."

"What? The old man loved or not … nausea!" I blown up the goosebumps and shook her head crazy and refused to admit it.

Dr. Zhang laughed and said loudly, "Remember to go to a regular hospital early, it is not good for the patient’s health."

After speaking, take the ball and run away.

I twisted the bottle cap and picked up the phone to prepare to send a message to Chen Yangyang to confirm the wrong.

As a result, I opened WeChat to see the news from my cousin.

"Chicken soup is delicious, thank you. My matter will be handled by myself.

"Take a good rest, don’t think about it, we will accompany you to the hospital tomorrow."

I replied.

After the word was stuffed to the pants pocket, I squinted at the trash can and was ready to let the empty bottle into the barrel. As a result, the mobile phone in the pocket shook again.

I opened the chat box with my cousin.

"Thank you brother."

I didn’t know how to be beautiful in my heart.

唰 唰

Empty bottle into the barrel.



The next day is Sunday.Early in the morning, I called Chen Yangyang downstairs in the dormitory of the girl, and the earlier was hot in my hand.

"Fart quickly!" Chen Yangyang’s mobile phone was only connected for a long time, and his voice listened coldly.

"Baby ~ I bought you some early, you come down and take it ~" I can imagine my face -like dog legs at this moment without looking in the mirror.

"Why not send it up?" Chen Yangyang’s tone was still cold.

"Oh, I’m afraid you are afraid that you will be angry with me? It’s not good to be angry with my baby ~" I continued to pretend to be pitiful.

"At this time, I know I’m afraid of being angry?"

I nodded crazy.

"Come directly, Aunt Su Guan knows you long ago."

My girlfriend of Zheng Ze is atmospheric!

After giving me a few white eyes, Chen Yangyang saw that I had a correct attitude and revealed the matter of yesterday.

The cousin eats melon next to her.

After eating early in the dormitory, I said that my thoughts could not be let go, but today I still have to go to the hospital to deal with the child.

Chen Yangyang hesitated and nodded.

Instead, the cousin looked embarrassed.

"Well, do you want to give birth?" I started to owe again.

"No!" The cousin shook her head and took the mobile phone to show us.

Just now, the leader of her internship company sent a message to her, saying that there was an industry conference at the National Conference Center today, and let her follow him.

"It’s all like this, do you want to go to work?" Chen Yangyang’s eyes were glaring, "And today is a rest day!"

The cousin nodded weakly: "The leaders have spoken, and I am still internship.

"Also fart, go to the hospital first!" I pulled my cousin and went out.

Chen Yangyang held me: "You sit down first."

"Little Deer, you now only know that you are pregnant, but the pregnancy cycle and physical condition are unknown. You’d better go to the hospital early to see it.It is not irreplaceable. You still have a lot of job opportunities in the future, but there is only one body. Can you understand what your sister means? "Chen Yangyang also sat down and pulled his cousin’s hand.

"Yang Yang is right! You have to drag this body to go to work, and then faint, but no one will carry you!" I couldn’t see the soft and weak appearance of my cousin, and helped her decide directly.

The cousin finally nodded.


The three of us rushed to the nearest three hospitals for a examination, and the results were in the early stages of pregnancy. It is estimated that the pregnancy time is 6-7 weeks.

Seeing this time, I knew that Chen Yangyang’s previous speculation was wrong: the pregnancy of the cousin in the university was not the internship … the man should not be the person in the company.

The doctor said that the cousin is normal pregnancy, there is no situation such as ectopic pregnancy. There is no problem with the abortion surgery, and the recovery of youth will be fast.

"Make a decision earlier." The doctor handed me the B -ultrasound order, and couldn’t help but look at me a few more.

No wonder the doctor will be curious.Although it is not new to be a young young man, a young guy with two "girlfriends" is a bit powerful.

Under the gaze of the outpatient doctor and patient, I took Chen Yangyang and the cousin’s speed of light.

The sooner the operation must be done, the better, it is best to get it today.

But the problem of money is in front of us: the cost of surgery requires more than 5,000.

We found the snacks near the hospital and started to make money when they sat down. Bank cards, Alipay, WeChat wallets … Three people had a total of more than 2,000.

There are three thousand caves left.

They are all college students who have no money. Where can I get three thousand yuan?

Stranging to the house again?

Suddenly, I had to have so much money. The elders must ask Dong to ask, and I didn’t have a solid mouth, maybe I missed the stuffing.

Do you want the cousin to find the company for a two -month salary?

The cousin shook his head: "The company has regulations and cannot pay pre -salary."

After thinking about it for a long time, we decided to take the subway back to school first.


Send the two back to the dormitory, and I opened WeChat on the road to find someone who could borrow money.

Fortunately, I usually have a good relationship with people.Borrow a little here, borrow a little over there, and make up for a thousand.

It was more than two thousand worse than my fingers, but I basically borrowed a circle, and I didn’t have to borrow it anymore.

"How?" Chen Yangyang asked me on WeChat.

"What?" I went back to her.

A transfer notification pops up in the dialog box of both of us: 500 transfer.

"The dormitory classmate made up."

"No need …" I strongly tried to refuse.

"Hold it, I can’t help it anymore, otherwise what can you do? Did you pack your" Slam Dunk "," Full -time Hunter "and" Dragon Ball "?"

Yes, even if I sell all the treasures of my dormitory, there is not a few money …

Wait, sell?Intersection

I ran back to the dormitory quickly and turned around on WeChat while opening my computer.

Opening the computer is because I want to log in to the game, and flipping WeChat is to find a group called "69 million collections" inside.

This group is a friend of the same district of "Fantasy Westward Journey".69 refers to the level of our role. I play this game at the full level 175, but the full level costs too much, so there are many card -level players in the game (such as playing 69, 89, 109).

Everything refers to a NPC in the game, which is the collection point for our 69 players to meet in the game.

My computer logs in to the game, takes the account and equipment with my mobile phone to the group, and then knocks on the next sentence: "6 % off the full number, the boss you want privately!"

I shouted in this throat in the group, and it immediately attracted the attention of a group of bragging farts.

There are sour in the group that the equipment is general, and there are disdain and deduction 666.

There are also a lot of friends who have added friends to ask the price, but after listening to the price, there is no sound -it is not that my asking price is too high, mainly even if you are 60 % off, I can sell more than 7,000.

Most of the groups are players who play casually, and rarely can take out so much money in the game at once.

Just as I started to be anxious, a person named "Big Stick" applied to add me as a friend.

As soon as I passed, I sent a message in seconds.

Big stick: Hehe, do you remember me?We copied together yesterday.

I suddenly remembered that yesterday’s copy did have a "big stick" player. At that time, he also asked the price of my equipment privately, but was rejected by me.

Me: Oh, the group is friendly.

Big stick: How much does the big guy open the price?

Me: Urgent money … 5500 without ink in the second.

I originally set a reserve price of 6,000, but no one responded after a few waves.I was in a hurry, so I had to drop 500.

Big stick: What is your last name?


Suddenly asking what my last name is doing?I was alert instantly and made three question marks.

Big stick: Oh, the first transfer of WeChat to the person who just added the name must be checked for the first time. What is your name?

The big stick sent a screenshot of the interface he transferred to me. The name of the receiver transferred in the screenshot is:*Ze.

I was a bit embarrassed by this big stick for a while, so I transferred it?Shouldn’t you bargain first?

I was so scared that I hurriedly typed.

Me: Big guys!I should call you a big man.

Me: The game number transaction must take the game official trading platform. Why do you directly transfer me?What if I am a liar?

As soon as the news was sent out, the big stick’s WeChat state became the opponent’s input.

Big stick: There is a three -day public platform with a three -day public platform. I have a hurry and I can’t wait for three days.

Big stick: And I have to know your real name.Even if you are really a liar, I can’t run the chat history.

Big stick: What is the last name, it ’s not a big money, what is ink?

Not a big money …

Okay, is this the same?

I said the name, and the 5500 WeChat transfer arrived instantly.

Me: Thank you boss.jpg

After looking at the money in WeChat, I looked at the game account on the computer again.

I feel reluctant but helpless.

This account is the big size of my painstaking liver. Only this, it can be said that I have accompanied me for four years.Countless times in the game in the game, a little bit of the hard work of the game currency update equipment but accompanied by happy memories …

I hit the account password to the big stick, and then looked at the lively screen that was still lively in the WeChat game group … I felt that I was already an outsider and could not join it.


The computer came out.

My game role was kicked off because of the login of different places.

I leaned on the chair, watching the squeak on my head, the rotating fan, and for a while for a while.Then I opened WeChat to return all the money I have borrowed before, and attached thanks.

In the end, I returned Chen Yangyang’s money and left a message saying that the money was enough.

Chen Yangyang immediately asked me how to make enough.I smiled bitterly and told her that I sold the game account.

After she "Oh", she didn’t return to me again.

Maybe she can’t understand how important a game account is for boys.


The next day, my cousin asked for a day off, and we went to the hospital again.

After paying the fee, holding the fee certificate, carefully recorded the doctor’s doctor’s order, and in the kinship column of the surgical confirmation letter, I solemnly signed my name.

The cousin entered the operating room with a stunned face, and Chen Yangyang and I waited outside the door.

She reached out and held my hand, leaning on me.I sideways and found that her eyes were a little red.

"What’s wrong? It’s okay. The cousin’s surgery must be fine. Just take a good rest and recover after surgery." I thought she was touching the scene and quickly sent care and comfort.

As a result, Chen Yangyang shook his head and said, "I just think you have changed."

"In the past, you knew that playing basketball and playing games, books were unwilling to look at it, as if it would never grow."

"After you are busy this time, although you sometimes speak unpleasant, you don’t say anyway."

"I always feel that you have become mature, even more reliable."

I reached out and patted her head, and my heart was happy, and my face was still serious: "Harm, who told me to be a reliable adult man!"

"Morality! You can suffer, why are you still panting?" Chen Yangyang blame to slap me.

Fortunately, the operation was not long. After the operation, the doctor asked the cousin to stay in the hospital for a while. After observing, it was determined that there was no problem and told us that we could be discharged.

When I walked out of the hospital, the weather was the same as yesterday, the hottest time in Beijing in the summer.

I squinted and looked up at the sun. The sun stabbed my eyes that stabbed my line, and then the sun in my eyes began to jump with my eyelids.

I have been a little bit stunned these days.

But at this moment, I felt that my whole body was comfortable. I took a lot of responsibilities, and now I have removed a lot of burdens.

Maybe this is what his girlfriend said, the growth of a boy.


After returning to school, my cousin resigned and had been cultivating in school.

Hearing Chen Yangyang said that the cousin had secretly called and cried once after finishing.

Then asked the cousin’s plan. She said that after the summer vacation was over, she left Beijing and returned to her school to continue her senior course.

Since we have nothing to do, we have taken a circle of Beijing City through the summer vacation.I could never remember these ones, but after the cousin, I started to learn to care for Chen Yangyang.

Now think about it, I can still find such a good girlfriend in the game basketball, which is also amazing.

Dr. Zhang, the school’s medical room, added WeChat, and became a fixed golfers. Basically, there would be a basketball confrontation every night.

Chen Yangyang and cousin also followed a few times, and bet on who would win. As a result, Chen Yangyang won 50 yuan. As for who she pressed, I don’t need to say more.

At the end of the summer vacation, my cousin left Beijing. The academic studies with Chen Yangyang began to be busy, and my connection with my cousin was slowly less. Think about her senior year this year, and I will graduate next year. I will definitely not be idle.

Later, when I was about to put the winter vacation, I called me to pick up the courier.

I thought it was the comics I bought, and I read the recipients on the box: Captain Zheng Ze.

When I opened it, it turned out to be a gift from my cousin. It was the most popular character [Bone Elf] in my "Fantasy Westward Journey" game.

I sent WeChat to thank my cousin. The cousin only said that she didn’t need it. She also said that she returned the money of the previous surgery after receiving the New Year’s money.

Of course I said no, I just asked her how to recover.

Many things, especially this kind of thing, are difficult to speak in person between brothers and sisters. In addition, the cousin was really injured at the time, and it took time to smooth everything.

Fortunately, after a semester recovery, my cousin did not silence this time.

She said that after the school started school, she mentioned her pregnancy with her boyfriend.But her boyfriend turned out to be indifferently, and then asked her to kill her child.

So my cousin took the initiative to break up with him, and the two are okay now.

I said, "It’s okay," and then took advantage of this opportunity to ask my inner doubts.

"I remember that you quarreled with the boy when you were a kid to help me grab the scene. It was a full little pepper. Why did you change so much after going to college? I am not afraid of my day, and can I step on the men with a man?"

The cousin sent a expression of "BIU ~ You died", and after waiting for a long time, her state became the opponent’s input.

She told me that after going to college, there were a large number of equally good peers around her, and she found that she began to become ordinary.

"Ranking in the middle reaches, looks average, hobbies are not prominent, as if they have become Cinderella overnight."

"There are always people who can take high scores without review. Some people are not only good -looking, but also proficient in makeup. I like the hobby in front of those half -professional classmates."

What is even more annoying is that the girls in the class began to form a small group according to the circle. When she reacted, she was already excluded from all the girls’ circle in the college.

If it was before, she might go to the classmates next door to play, or to play with boys in the same class, but people always have to grow up. There are different men and women, and boys don’t like to play with her anymore, so she often has one.People eat silently.

She gradually became inferior.

And the former boyfriend began to pursue her at this time.

Knowing that someone likes herself, my cousin is more secretly happy, which also makes the cousin feel that she seems to have grabbed a straw, a reason to definitely be valuable, and a reason that may not be so bad.

So the cousin agreed without hesitation.

But after the short sweetness and fresh past, the former boyfriend began to reveal some problems: he began to pick up his cousin, and after a while, he felt that the cousin was too earthy, so how to make the cousin’s net red to dress and make up; for a whileShe is too stupid, not enough, not enough …

Although my cousin had noisy with his ex -boyfriend, he said that he didn’t want to be compared.But after the quarrel, would she still can’t help but think that she was really bad?Then become more inferior in comparison again and again.

After discovering her shaking, the scumbag showed his life, and in order to keep the straw, she asked the scumbag.

"Actually, I went out of the internship and working salary of my summer vacation. I only left my parents’ living expenses."

Looking at the narrative of my cousin, I was very distressed, but I didn’t know how to comfort it for a while. I can only say something like "You still have brothers" and "Brother will always cover you".

"Okay, I am going to continue studying. At that time, I have any questions about the postgraduate entrance examination. You are not so annoyed by me ~"

"Wrap it on me." I patted her breasts with her.


The winter vacation arrived quickly. Go home for the New Year, and the two of us have dinner together.

The uncle in the Watch was holding the cup and mentioned the summer internship. He thanked me for a while and said that he must have a drink with me.I also took the cup and replaced the wine with Cola.

After drinking, I secretly looked at my cousin, and harvested a white -eyed white eyes that my cousin loves.

The cousin’s small movement was naturally seen by the other elders on the table. The cousin hypocritical scolding the cousin’s two sentences, and the cousin responded with a faceless look, making a table laughing.

During the dinner, the elders here boasted to me.

They also felt more or less that as they were growing, they were a little alienated between juniors, but this summer vacation let us start to get close again. This is of course a good thing.

A meal ended in noisy.

After eating, it is the most anticipated New Year’s money. Our customs are as long as we do not get married, we can always get a red envelope.And we have two people, and it is naturally not small.

My cousin and I walked around in the house, saying a lapse of the auspicious words, everyone’s pockets were bulging.

After receiving the red envelope, I originally wanted to find a cousin to talk about two sentences, and asked her about her plans. As a result, she turned to see her whispering with my cousin in the corner.

The phone shook, and I looked down to see, and my cousin secretly gave me 6,000 yuan to WeChat.

Just now she went to cousin to change the balance of cash in cash.

The corner of my mouth was upturned, and I clicked on the payment and issued a sentence: Thank you boss!

After receiving the red envelope, I went to the Spring Festival Gala.

After the elders asked the academic situation, they asked me if they had friends and my cousin.

I’m not stupid, I look around the lively living room without trace.Sure enough, the elders in the room secretly stretched my ears and waited for my answer.

"Of course not yet." The cousin seized before me. "Since the fake thesis of a star named Zhai, the graduate student is much more difficult than before."

"You see my brother’s hair, it’ s all less, it ’s all less, maybe you are bald at the age of 30!” Cousin just joked with my hair.

In the room laughing, my cousin and I looked at the unsatisfactory look.

The situation of love is the secret of both of us.

Of course, our secrets are more than this.


"Baby should pay attention to keep warm at home, be careful of a cold."

I stomped myself with my phone and stomped myself a little numb.

There is no way. Today, the eighth day, it happened to be Grandpa’s 70th birthday. Both of us drove back to the countryside.

After a lively daytime, all the relatives in the house now.

At this time, Chen Yangyang called.

If I put it half a year ago, I might hang up the phone directly and then WeChat told her that I was participating in Grandpa’s life banquet.

But now I am cooking on the outside -my girlfriend is so cute, how can I hang her phone!

And although the outside is a bit cold, it is better than clean.

"I know ~ hey, miss you, Doge ~"

"I also miss my baby, the more I miss you every second!"

"Cut, and the words of words are useless to me. You can keep me at home at home. None of the men and women are not allowed to seduce. Did you hear it?" Chen Yangyang suddenly raised his old things.

She was so happy to ask me to send propositions.

"I know ~ I don’t even look at others! I just like my Yang Yang ~" I started to get tired again.

"That’s right! Okay, my mother knocked on the door and urged me to sleep, hung up."

"Hmm, go, good night ~"

I hung up the phone, but turned around and found that my cousin stood behind me.

Seeing her posture, I don’t know how long it has been overlooked.

I pretended a serious look: "Why are you outside? Isn’t it cold?"

"Is it cold? What do I think of someone’s face seemed very red and hot." The cousin stared at me with his hands tilted.

"… cough, something is happening." I pretended to cough and covered embarrassment, and at the same time touched my face: this day is so dark, you can see that there is a ghost.

The cousin didn’t answer, but just stretched out the hand behind him to show me.

Good guy, a child firework stick.

"Go?" The cousin asked me.

"Go." I took the fireworks and walked outside the yard.

I inserted the fireworks on the mud at the door and ignited, watched a firework rushing to the sky and exploded.

There were a lot of exploded fireworks, and we both narrowed their eyes.

I remembered the sun outside the hospital that day.

The two of us didn’t speak up their necks, the fireworks of the sky shone and disappeared, and the change of light caused the shadow of our two to disappear and disappear.

I looked at the door of the yard along the shadow. With the light of fireworks, I remembered that the tree in the yard seemed to have made some marks.

I walked to the tree, light up the lighter, and found a "L 160" engraved on it, a "Z 156".

"You were a little dwarf when you were a kid." The cousin’s voice came from behind me with a smile.

"Yeah, I remember that I was awkward because of your height."

"Isn’t it? I didn’t look like a brother at all." The cousin took the opportunity to blame, "I still have careful eyes, I played with you when I was a kid, and you didn’t care about me for a long time."

"Is that ordinary kicking, sweeping the church legs, is it good? Do you want to try it?" Of course I have to justify.

"Oh, I don’t want it!" The cousin laughed.


It was almost zero, and other people in the village also started to put fireworks.

Those fireworks worked hard to rush to the sky, and then exploded at the limit they could reach, so that the sky that night had a moment of color.

The entire village of fireworks was illuminated, and the flashes of the flashes of fire have the memories of me and my cousin playing when they were young.

I turned to look at my cousin, and my height now had a higher head.

I reached out and rubbed her head,

"Then I am also your brother, for a lifetime."

– over –

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