After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant.

My ex -boyfriend and I met at the university. We were together shortly after knowing it. After graduation, we did not break up, but lived together.

After living together, his true colors were revealed, delicious and lazy, like speculation, and seduced other girls everywhere. Many of our opinions were inconsistent. In addition, the character of the two of us was a relatively strong one.Many, quarreling has also become a commonplace. After the quarrel, no one took the initiative to admit mistakes. The relationship was once in a deadlock. Finally, we completely broke up at the end of last year.

After breaking up, I returned to my hometown for development. As a result, I found that I was pregnant half a month later, and the doctor suggested that I give birth to the child, because I did not take protection measures with my boyfriend once before.If you have a miscarriage this time, I am afraid it will be difficult to conceive a child in the future.

My parents were very angry after knowing this. My father slapped me, saying that without the shameful daughter of me, my mother cried and kept muttering, "How to live in the future, the villagers of the villagers vomiting the XingziI can drown us, "my brother kept saying that he was going to find his ex -boyfriend and asked him to be responsible for me.

But I don’t want to go to my ex -boyfriend, because I am disappointed with my ex -boyfriend, and I don’t want to have any puzzles with him at all. I don’t think he can take the responsibility of his father. Even if you have children, it is difficult for us to make changes.It will definitely be unhappy together, even if I am not happy, I don’t want children to live in a discordant family atmosphere when they are born. I want to give my children a good family growth environment.

So I knelt in front of my parents and brothers and told them that my children would be born because I don’t want to be a "incomplete" woman without a child, but I don’t want to have any melons with that person, unless I let me let me let me make meGo to death.My parents are unwilling, all kinds of intimidation, I have no compromise, because I firmly rely on my own thoughts, I want to rely on myself.

My parents and brother were worried about my suicide, and finally gave up the idea of finding my ex -boyfriend and asked him to be responsible for my child, so I asked my relatives to introduce me to the object to get me quickly.Chewing the roots of the tongue, but found out and found a foreigner who was 25 years older than me. People were very honest. Because they had no money and did n’t love to talk, they never found a wife. He did n’t care about the children in my belly.Just live with him.

For the sake of my children, I did n’t care about anything, so I accepted such arrangements. My parents suspected that the shame did not give us a ceremony. After letting us go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a certificate, I let me follow him back to his hometown. After that, my parents followed.Selling the house in the village also moved over.After marriage, my parents and I almost cut off my relationship with most relatives and friends, and started living again in strange places.

My husband is very good to me. I am very grateful to him. Now, in addition to hope that my child can be born safely and grow up healthy, I do n’t want to be disturbed by the previous people and things.

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