After eight months of pregnancy, I knew that the child was not a husband. What should I do?

I have not been pregnant for three years, and my grandmother who has no grandson has never given me a good look.There were no relatives behind me that I couldn’t give birth to a child, and my husband and I always quarreled because of the incident.

Later, I decided to pull my husband to go to the hospital for examination. After comprehensive examination, my body had no problems, and the problem appeared on my husband.After returning, I showed the results of the inspection to my mother -in -law. Her attitude towards me immediately changed, saying that it doesn’t matter. Now that the medical is so developed, we treat it. Later, my mother -in -law and my father -in -law took her husband to Beijing. Several large hospitals in Shanghai were treated.In the future, my husband was unhappy. It turned out that my husband had no hope that he could be pregnant naturally, and could only be a test tube baby.

When I came back, I found that my husband suddenly didn’t like to speak. He always stayed alone. Do you want to sleep? If you want, you may be in a daze. It may be that this incident has a lot of blow to him, but I really do n’t know how to comfort him.

I heard that IVF can make twins. At that time, we can have two babies at all of a sudden. It didn’t take long for her mother -in -law to call to say that the hospital was arranged. Tomorrow will take us to the hospital.Check, because I have no problems, and everything is simple. Let us go back, exercise more, do not drink and smoke, and buy a lot of health products when I go back.

Three months later, we finally succeeded. I was pregnant with the baby of this family, but my husband still didn’t have any happiness, the sixth sense of the woman, I watched his mobile phone while he was sleeping. HeI really derailed, and I am not a woman. I just asked him about it. I worked hard for your family.

He didn’t speak at first, and finally didn’t hold back when he came back. He said, "I was sick, but I don’t need to raise children for others!

It turned out that her husband had no way to get pregnant anyway. There was also an industry inherited in the family. It could not be broken like this. For the three generations of single -passing home, the father’s sperm was mainly matched.

Suddenly I felt that the sky was falling, and I suddenly didn’t know what I should do. The child couldn’t get it!Still still!

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