After getting married, when I was pregnant, I heard the secrets about my husband from my mother -in -law’s mouth, and I decided to escape

Last month, my boyfriend and my boyfriend who lived together for a year held a wedding. Last week I found that I was pregnant, so I went back to my hometown to receive a certificate. I did not expect to hear a shocking secret about my husband from my mother -in -law.Feelings.

My name is Yang Yingying, who is 25 years old and graduated from technical secondary school. Now I am doing personnel in a company in Dongguan, with a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan.Although my education is not high and my salary is not high, I am very beautiful.It will always be a large group of suitors.

Her boyfriend Li Donglin is my colleague. He is 30 years old.It is the manager of our company’s procurement department with an annual salary of 300,000.I met at a company dance, maybe because I was beautiful, he took the initiative to chat with me, and invited me to dance.I was also attracted by his handsome appearance, elegant talk.After the dance, we left contact information with each other.

Since then, he has begun to pursue me violently.I also feel that he really stands out compared with other pursuit. He is handsome, mature, careful, and more important.So, a month later I became his girlfriend.

Our hometown is not a place. We rented a house near the company to live a cohabitation.He goes to get off work with me every day, eats with me, shopping, and traveling with me on holidays … This is the love I want. I look forward to walking into the palace of marriage with him and growing old with him.

Last month, we held a wedding in the city where we work under the witness of relatives and friends.After a year of love long -distance running, it was finally famous.

Last week, I felt that I always wanted to vomit, have no appetite, and wanted to sleep. Moreover, my aunt hadn’t come.So I went to the hospital for examination.I didn’t expect it, I was pregnant.

To build a file in the hospital, I found that we have not received a marriage certificate.So I discussed with her husband to return to my hometown to get the account book this week and get a marriage certificate.

Last Saturday, we bought a tail box and drove to their hometown.This is the first time that I have gone to her hometown. His parents live in a small county. It is a house built by himself with three floors.His parents do small business, and family conditions are okay.

As soon as he arrived in his house, his in -laws were very enthusiastic about me.My mother -in -law heard that we were going back. I went to the vegetable market early in the morning to buy all the dishes I like.My father -in -law also soaked me my favorite fruit tea. My mother -in -law chatted with me for a while and went to the kitchen for lunch.My husband took me around, and after a while, my mother -in -law made a large table.Tell us to eat.

At the dinner table, my mother -in -law kept giving me vegetables.I kept asking me how it tastes like, and it doesn’t fit my taste.I kept saying, "It’s so delicious." After eating, my mother -in -law called her husband to collect the chopsticks with her.I want to help, but my mother -in -law does not let.Let me play for a while, saying that they will be busy in a while.

I turned around and played my phone again.Go to the kitchen to see if they are busy.As soon as I walked to the door of the kitchen, I heard the conversation between my mother -in -law and husband.

"Did you tell Ying Ying Yingying?"

"I haven’t figured it out, how can I tell her"

"When is this? You haven’t thought about it yet. I’m afraid you haven’t said it yet, so today I asked your little aunt to take Qian Qian out to play."

"When are you going to say"

"Take the marriage certificate first and then tell her"

I am stunned, who is Sissi!I ran into the kitchen and asked.

Husband quickly said, "No one is my aunt’s grandson."

My mother -in -law said, "Donglin, don’t hide it anymore, it will be said sooner or later. It’s better to say it now."

My mother -in -law pulled me down and said to me, "Yingying, Sissi is Donglin’s daughter. He had a marriage before. When Sissi was one year old, her mother divorced Donglin. Sissi was us.Taking care, now three years old. "

I looked at my husband in surprise and said, "You have divorced, and there is a three -year -old daughter. No wonder I asked you to take me back to my hometown.Secretly hiding from me. "

After speaking, I picked up the bag and walked out. My husband was holding me and said, "If I tell you from the beginning, would you like to be with me?"

I broke his hand and said, "Of course I don’t want to, I didn’t want to, and now I am also unwilling. I can’t be someone else as a stepmother."

After speaking, I ran to the street and stopped a taxi.

I decided to remove the child in my stomach and end this unreliable relationship, I don’t want to be a stepmother for others.

Do you think my decision is right?Can you help me go out?


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