After giving birth, there is always back pain. Is it really caused by anesthesia?How to treat?

Female patients often say during outpatient clinics:

My low back pain, that is, when I gave birth to a child, I started anesthesia!

is this real?

The anesthesia needle when having a child is called "extra -membrane anesthesia" when the professional term. Generally, the ligament between the bones is taken with a needle, put on the waist nerve surface, and then the anesthesia can be used to make the abdominal surgical incision not.Pain again.The use of anesthesia is a local anesthesia. It is completely absorbed by the body in our body for 24 hours!

Therefore, the back pain after giving birth is really not related to the anesthesia needle.

Why does it obvious back pain after giving birth?

In fact, this is related to various factors.

First of all, the weight gain during pregnancy, and the abdomen bulge, which continues to be tight in the waist muscles and leads to muscle strain.

Secondly, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy make the waist joint ligament relaxation, and even intervertebral discs protruding, thereby inducing low back pain after birth.

Third, it takes a long time to maintain a posture of breastfeeding, especially when the posture is incorrect, it is easy to aggravate low back pain.In addition, when taking a child, you need to bend over repeatedly, which also makes low back pain obvious.

How to solve the problem of postpartum back pain?

The most important thing is to pay attention to the correct posture

It is best to take a sitting position when breastfeeding, straight waist, and a soft pillow on the waist. Do not hang your waist.Hold on the back with quilts and other items when breastfeeding.When holding a child, it is best to take a slowly squat and stand up, do not bend over and hug repeatedly.

Appropriate lumbar back muscle exercise can help relieve low back pain

About 3 weeks after giving birth, you can start exercise after healing the caesarean wound.When the pain is more serious, you can consider using some painkillers to relieve symptoms.

It is best not to take painkillers orally when breastfeeding. You can use some external anti -inflammatory painkillers, but topical plasters should be alert to skin allergies.Go to the rehabilitation department to do the physiotherapy and massage of the waist can also alleviate the back pain.

The following picture is the lumbar and back muscle exercise created by our department. It is simple, effective, and widely used. It has good guiding significance for patients with low back pain in the early days.Receive good results.

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