After letting go, the pregnant woman is difficult to escape from the sun.

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After letting go, there are yang groups, and maternal women are also in vulgar!

Two days ago, I read an article "Obstetrics and Gynecology under the New Crown Storm: After the first round of impact, facing a long -lasting battle".

What is the impact of these pregnant women under the new crown?

There is a second child, a 4 -year -old daughter in the house. After she is sunny, she has a fever and cough, and her throat is like cutting blades!I want to vomit, I have no appetite.

At first, my husband could still take care of it when he was not yang. After two days, the husband was also Yang. I wanted to order takeaway in the family. Because most of the takeaway brothers were mostly Yang, so I could n’t even order it. I could only eat water every day.Facing white porridge.

This second -child Baoma who was pregnant at 27 weeks should have grown nearly a pound of weight every week. As a result, because of a bad appetite, and eating without any nutrition, a few pounds were lost!

A pregnant mother in Jiangsu was turbid the amniotic fluid because of her positive high fever. In the end, there was no way. She could only do a caesarean section while having a high fever. The child was forced to live in a newborn department as soon as she was born.

There is also a mother in the third trimester of pregnancy in Zhejiang. During the third trimester of pregnancy, the blood oxygen saturation was only 50%due to a positive high fever caused by the oxygen.ICU to observe.

A mother was positive after a cesarean section. When she returned home, she cough while fever. When she cough, the wound pain was painful. Later, because of always coughing, the wound did not heal for a long time!

Therefore, the pregnant women under the new crown epidemic are really difficult to live!

The pressure of obstetrics and gynecologists is also very high, because after letting go, both negative or positive pregnant women have to take a consultation. Some hospitals have surgery for positive pregnant women. As a result, all doctors in the department are infected!

Infected doctors quickly come to duty after being negative at home, otherwise other colleagues will be very hard and tired.

But fortunately, although there are new crowns, most of them are mothers and daughters in the hospital.

The doctor of obstetrics and gynecology reminds her mother that if you do n’t want to go to the hospital, many of them can relieve recovery at home.

Principle 1: Go to the hospital without harsh fire

The new coronal virus not only has one strain. If you arrive at the hospital, there may be other virus strains, and the virus load in the hospital will be higher. It is not so serious. After going to the hospitalEssence

Therefore, do n’t worry after the sun, go to the hospital in a hurry, if it is just fever, sore throat, frequency of fetal movement, and fetal hearts have not changed. In addition, the mother ’s blood pressure is stable.

Principles 2: Learn to deal with symptomatic treatment

The new crown will cause various symptoms of our body, such as fever, sore throat, and cough. These symptoms are mainly symptomatic. Now there are no new crowns for special effects!

When the mother just started to have a fever, she can consider drinking plenty of water, take a warm bath or apply it with ice. If the physical cooling can cool down, it will not need to take medicine for the time being, but if the fever is more than 38.5 degrees, and the physical cooling is useless, it is useless to cool down, and it is useless to physical cooling.Consider taking antipyretics.

The antipyretic medicine that pregnant women can take is acetylphenol, and this kind of alpinaminol is unilateral rather than compound, that is, only one of the acetaminophenol, do not give pregnant women with compound medicine.

There will be a variety of components in compound medicines, and some ingredients may hurt the health of pregnant women.

Cough is not too serious, so drink water, eat pear, eat oranges, and put a pillow to relieve when you sleep.

When you have sore throat, you should also insist on drinking water. Generally, sore throat can be relieved in about three days.

Principle three: light diet is light and easy to digest

There are more nutrition required for pregnant women in the middle and late stages, such as protein, calcium, iron, zinc, etc. there will be more nutrients, so we eat more things we eat in the middle and late pregnancy.

However, my mother is in a positive throat because of her sore throat, because fever usually does not appear well.

But as a mother at this time, make some light and easy -to -digest foods, you can eat some pasta, or you like food that you like to eat.

It is a food that is light and less salt and less oily, so that it is easy to digest and avoid eating some fried barbecue and other bad digestive foods.

Principle 4: Pay attention to counting fetal movements

Fetal movement is an important indicator of whether the fetus has a hypoxia in the body. After 28 weeks, the mother will count the fetal movement every morning, middle, and evening.

If you pay more attention to the movement of the fetus after the sun, you should find that the fetal movement becomes frequently or suddenly decreases, which means that the fetus has abnormalities in the body. It may be hypoxic. At this time, you must go to the hospital quickly.

In addition to paying attention to counting fetal movements, if the mother’s own blood pressure is high, the blood pressure should be measured every day. In case the blood pressure is high, the body is very uncomfortable, and he must also go to the hospital.

Most pregnant mothers can improve after a week after yang, so it is important to settle down.

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