After Li Sisi resigned from CCTV, he was suspected of three babies, and he received private advertisements.

Li Sisi was well known to the public because she presided over a Spring Festival Gala instead of her predecessors. On that Spring Festival Gala, Li Sisi shined and captured the hearts of many fans.But there are also some people speculating, what kind of background Li Sisi is, but he can host the Spring Festival Gala when he is just a fledgling?

Facing the doubts of netizens, Li Sisi did not explain, but used his solid basic skills to host the show one by one and refresh the public’s understanding of her.Today, Li Sisi has succeeded. At CCTV, she also had her own place. When everyone thought she would become "the second Dong Qing", she revealed the news of her departure from CCTV.

A person familiar with the matter said that Li Sisi had left from CCTV and had not seen her hosting the show for a long time, and her social platform account hung her personal contact information, which was not allowed before.All signs show that Li Sisi may really resign and leave this big platform to help her become famous.

Regarding the rumors on the Internet, Li Sisi has never explained, and it is still my own. He frequently updates his video on the short video account.In the latest video, Li Sisi’s state caused doubts from netizens. Not only did he make light makeup, his hair was a bit messy, his face was larger than before, and he was a little blessed.

Many netizens think that after Li Sisi resigned from CCTV, he might be pregnant with 3 babies, otherwise how could he suddenly have a pregnancy.Moreover, in this video, Li Sisi seemed to pick up advertisements privately, and recommended some books that babies could watch for the growth of babies. Each book introduced in detail, and it seems that she has done a lot of homework.

In the process of introducing the book, Li Sisi covered his belly with a pillow all the way, and he didn’t show a gap. It seemed that he didn’t want netizens to see her belly.It is these details that make netizens feel that Li Sisi may be really pregnant. Otherwise, why deliberately cover the belly, and his body is much more abundant.

In fact, Li Sisi is only 35 years old this year. It happens to be stuck on the woman’s pregnancy. This age is just right.However, if it is really because of having a child, I resign from CCTV, then it is a bit worth it. After all, the 35 -year -old is a bit embarrassing.

However, some netizens broke the news that Li Sisi did not resign from CCTV, but had retired behind the scenes because of his own reasons.To be honest, Li Sisi is really capable, and the typhoon is also very stable. At first, as newcomers and older predecessors, he has always hosted the Spring Festival Gala. There is no feeling of being frightened and nervous. This is very rare. If you leave, it is a pity.Do you think is it?

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