After many years, the beautiful sheep was tragically bidded by the Internet violence. Is she really a double -standard beautiful sheep in everyone?

In this year’s Spring Festival, the basket of hi goats returned for seven years has attracted much attention. Although the chase of the box office failed to defeat the next bear, it also laid a good foundation for his return.However, at the same time as the popular sheep movie has attracted much attention, a role in the play has once again rushed to a hot search. She is the beautiful sheep.After many years, Meiyang was tragically violent by netizens and was given the title of "dual standard". Why is this?

Everything comes from a drama in the old version of the happy sheep and the gray wolf. In this episode, the three sheeps of the sheep, boiling goats, and sheep sheep are eaten together.From the perspective of Mei Sheep, the sound of boiling goats eating is rude noise, but the sound of like sheep eating is a man’s manner, which is very nice.It is this simple plot. After being pulled out by netizens, the title of the beautiful sheep was given the title of the double label, and even once interpreted the beauty of the sheep as the representative of green tea, it was tragically storm!

The audiences of the old version of the happy sheep and the Gray Wolf should know that the boys they like in the play in the play are like sheep, so no matter what the favorite sheep does, in the eyes of beautiful sheep, they are popular and worship.As for boiling goats, he always likes beautiful sheep, and often does something that makes beautiful sheep hate in order to please the beautiful sheep.Some people have done a statistics. Which one is the most annoying sheep in the Qingqing grassland, so the sheep sheep has become the most voting sheep.In Yangcun, beautiful sheep is the most popular and most beautiful sheep, and in the eyes of the audience, the beautiful sheep has become the most disgusting sheep in everyone.Behavior is disgusted.

In fact, the plot of the three sheep eating together is not the only difference between beautiful sheep sheep. When there is a painting class, the beautiful sheep does not think about criticizing the paintings of others at will.He praised, but he was criticized by the boiling sheep.Later, in order to please the beautiful sheep and to obtain the recognition of the beautiful sheep, boiling goats asked Xiyang Sheep to help himself draw a picture, but after seeing it, the beautiful sheep still said, "Only progress, but there is still very much from the hi sheep.The gap ".Xi Yangyang said, "I have a big gap with myself?"

So netizens’ criticisms have been overwhelmed, and many netizens said that boiling goats paid so much for beautiful sheep, could beauty sheep can’t see it?In fact, the beautiful sheep has seen the likes of boiling goats, but the beautiful sheep has never said that she has always enjoyed the goodness of boiling goats to themselves.So, is the beautiful sheep who have been criticized by netizens, as everyone said, is it a proper green tea?

In the impression of many people, Hi Sheep and Big Big Wolf are a particularly excellent cartoon, which almost carries the youth of the post -90s, and each episode can benefit the audience.It contains not only humor, but also some deeper philosophies.And the beautiful sheep who have been criticized by everyone can actually say that she is a so -called double -standard woman, green tea, and everyone’s favorite character when she was a child. In addition to the likes sheep, I am afraid she is beautiful sheep.Sheep, because of this, he will be favored by boiling goats.

The attitude of beautiful sheep and sheep to boiling goats and Xiyangyang is indeed very different, but it is based on her likes of happy Yangyang. She always adds a little bit of tone of the person she likes.It’s a bit impatient.On the contrary, if Mei Sheep treats boiling goats with the same attitude, what is the difference between the central air conditioner.The adjective of Green Tea should be said to eat in the bowl and look at the pot. It is hanging a spare tire and then chasing the person I like.But in terms of the attitude of beautiful sheeps for boiling goats, the beautiful sheep did not hang the boiling sheep and then follow the hi sheep.

As a cartoon that accompanies us for many years, the Hi Sheep and Granges Wolf will bring us positive content. The beautiful sheep is good and polite.When you go to save the lazy sheep, you do n’t forget to bring the drink that lazy sheep loves to drink, so that the bitter gourd army should not hurt the red wolf who is pregnant. It is really gentle.After fifteen years of the Hi Sheep and the Gray Wolf, everyone who lost them after fifteen years grew up. Each sheep chose their favorite profession.Battlefield reporters, just to find hi goats everywhere.In the past, she was so clean that she was willing to turn the garbage to find clues, and she was not afraid of bad people. In the fifteen years when the hi sheep was absent, she became brave and strong.

Perhaps, the so -called dual standard in everyone’s eyes is just that the beautiful sheep only likes the happy sheep!Some people like to be brave pursuit, and some people like to bury them in their hearts. It is because of this that our youth always has a unique existence, and because it looks colorful!

Well, this is the case in this issue. What do you think about this?Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area!

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