After one year of ligation of the man, his wife was pregnant. The hospital was sentenced to compensation for 14,000: How to contraception is reliable?

Some people say: Why do men ligate?

Some people say: Rarely good men, 99%of men are unwilling to ligate.

Some people say: It turns out that male ligation cannot be 100 % contraception.

The content of the news is: Mr. Huang (a pseudonym) in Xiamen, Fujian in December 2019 performed a vastered tube ligation surgery in a hospital. As a result, his wife was pregnant for one year after surgery.

After careful consideration, Mr. Huang’s wife chose abortion.

After that, their husband and wife brought the hospital to court.

Mr. Huang said that the hospital told him at the time that he needed contraception within 3 months after the operation, and no longer needed.

The hospital explained to this that when Mr. Huang was reviewed in May 2020, the report showed that there were still semen retention. For this reason, the doctor clearly told that it would take 3 to 6 months and 10 times to complete the exclusion.

At the same time, the hospital also stated that ligation surgery is not 100 % efficient, and naturally healing may occur in two years after the operation.

Although the hospital believes that they have clearly notified the relevant risks and precautions of the operation, they cannot provide the consent of the informed consent signed by Mr. Huang.

In the end, the court judged that the hospital shall bear the liability of infringement and judge the hospital to compensate Mr. Huang and his wife for 14,000.(News source:@(()

Although this is a medical dispute, let more people know men ligated.

Today’s pregnancy mother is about what is going on with male ligation?How much is the success rate?Which men can choose ligation?

Male ligation is not good?

It can be seen from various news that as long as the ligation is mentioned at the moment, the first reaction of most male friends is "a cold under the crowd" and refuses to have three consecutive consecutive.

Ligation is not a man!

Men who ligates men without being strong!

You can’t ejaculate!No fertility!

Look at the unwillingness of this screen on the social platform. Some male friends even let their wives ligate even if they do not ligate themselves.

"I gave birth to 2 male baby, my husband asked me to ligate, saying that the ligation of the man was afraid, I resolutely refused."

"My husband is unwilling to ligation, so I can only go to the ring."

"My colleague chose to ligate after abortion, because she said that she couldn’t move her husband."

A while ago, there was another news that a mother had just gave birth to a baby and asked the doctor to ligate herself.

Considering the female body, the doctor has repeatedly confirmed whether you must ligate: you have experienced pregnancy, production, and never thought of letting your husband ligate?

The mother said: My husband seems to be unacceptable.

The doctor explained: Male ligament is smaller, and it will be easier to dredge after male ligation.

But in the end, the mother still asked the doctor to have a ligation surgery for himself.

The doctor also respects the mother’s idea: you don’t regret it.

There are still many men who think that ligation will not work, but in fact, ligation really does not cause it!

Male ligation

It is indeed a smaller and safer way of contraceptive

The pregnant mother does not advocate who ligates better.

Because if you want to ligation, whoever linates is to discuss the couple, the two sides reach a consensus.

It’s just time to correct the misunderstanding of male ligation.

Let’s take a closer look at ligation.

Male ligation refers to the demeanor ligation, and the operation is relatively simple: find the vas deferens across the skin across the scrotum, make two small incisions, pick out the vasters, cut off a small section, ligate each ends, and then put them in different tissues under the scrotum skin tissue.In the level, the small incision of the skin can be sutured.

The entire surgery only requires local anesthesia. It can be done in 10-15 minutes, and usually you can go home on the same day.

Within a few days after the transfusion tube ligation, some mild discomfort, swelling and bruises usually occur in the scrotum, which can be taken to relieve painkillers.

Men’s ligation is not complicated, the operation is very simple, and the side effects are less than women’s ligation.

Women’s ligation refers to the fallopian tubal ligation, which needs to be performed through the vagina or open the abdominal cavity. There are also organs such as bladder and rectum in the abdomen. The difficulty and complexity of the operation is much higher.The risk of complications is even greater.

Women ligate, first open a 3-4 cm mouth on the stomach, and then find the fallopian tubes to implement ligation.

Once a ligation surgery is performed, women have almost no chance to regret it.

Although the resume surgery can be performed after ligation, the probability of success is relatively low, and even if it is successful, the probability of ectopic pregnancy is relatively high. In the process, women are more sins.

Therefore, if you simply consider damage and safety after surgery, male ligation is indeed more suitable.

The success rate of male ligation is not 100 %

There is also a failure rate of 0.15%

At present, there is no contraceptive method to say that it is 100%safe and reliable.

The same is true for male ligation, but in relatively speaking, the success rate of vasters ligation surgery is very high, with 99.85%.

Where is the failure rate of 0.15%?

The first point: Sometimes after ligation surgery, the two ends of the interception may form a new path, so that sperm has a place.

This is similar to a high -speed road cut off for a period of time. After the wind blows the sun, the roads on both sides are slowly connected again. Although it cannot be driving at high speeds, it is still possible to pass slowly in traffic jams.

However, this situation is relatively rare.

Second point: After ligation, a small amount of sperm may be left in the voyage pipeline (especially the abdomen and seminal vessels), and some people can even be completely discharged after 18 months. These residual sperm may also make women pregnant.

Therefore, for the sake of insurance, semen tests should be performed in 12 weeks after surgery.

Only when semen tests that semen does not contain sperm, and vasal ligation is successful, can additional contraceptive measures can be stopped, and some men may need to conduct three routine semen examination.

Although male ligation has a failure rate.

However, compared with subcutaneous burial and contraceptive needles, the long -term failure rate of men’s ligation is lower.

Data source: "Research on Economics of contraceptive breeding technology"

Some scholars have found that although the ligation rate of vasters is relatively high in the first year, it has decreased year by year. By the fifth year, the failure rate is lower than the subcutaneous burial and contraceptive needles.

Male ligation, who is suitable for?

In addition to ligation, what other contraceptive methods can be selected?

Although the failure rate of ligation of contraceptive methods is low, and long -term effects are good, which can be regarded as a one -and -for example.

But ligation is not suitable for all men.

Only when you are sure that you no longer need a child or do not want a child at all, and you can consider choosing ligments when you have a strong willingness to have a strong willingness.

Although the ligation can regret it, you can choose to resume, but the resume surgery is complicated and expensive. Even if it is re -through, you cannot fully ensure that you can restore fertility.

Therefore, to be a ligation, you must be prepared to "not regret".

The last thing to say is that ligation is only applicable to family choices that no longer have a fertility plan. If there are still fertility plans, you can choose other contraceptive methods.

What other contraceptive methods are reliable?Below is dry goods, the couple have to remember.

1. Aphrodisiac

The condom is also called condom. The condom is the only way to prevent most sexually transmitted infections and prevent pregnancy. It can be used on demand, without hormones, and it is easy to carry them. The focus is on men’s condoms.

【Effect】 82-98%

[Recommended index]: ☆☆☆☆☆

[Advantages] The best way to prevent sexual transmission infection, use on demand, no hormone.

[Disadvantages] If it is not used properly, it will tear or fall off during sexual intercourse.

2. Oral contraceptive pill

Knock on the blackboard, oral contraceptive pills are the one taken every day, not emergency contraceptives, and taking it on time is also a good way to contraceptive.

【Effect】 91-99.7%

[Recommended index]: ☆☆☆☆

[Advantages] Correct use is effective. If you want to slap at any time, and do not interrupt sex, some medicines can even reduce the pain and/or have a positive effect on acne.

[Disadvantages] It is necessary to persist and eat according to the dose. It is more troublesome to prevent sexual communication infection.

3. In -the -palace birthday (upper ring)

Made of progesterone or plastic and copper materials, this is a long -acting and reversible contraceptive method. Depending on the type, it can be retained for 3 to 10 years.

【Effect】 99.2-99.4%

[Recommended index]: ☆☆☆☆

[Advantages] The validity of copper -containing in -palace in the palace is 99 %, while the effectiveness of the intrauterine in the palace -containing palace is 99.8 %.

[Disadvantages] In the first six months of the use, irregular bleeding and spots occur, and doctors need to be inserted and pulled out by doctors.

4, contraceptive ring

The contraceptive ring is a flexible plastic ring that constantly releases hormones. The ring will release estrogen and progesterone. These are the same hormones used in the combined oral contraceptives, but the dosage is low.

【Effect】 98-99%

[Advantages] You can operate insertion or remove yourself. There are almost no side effects. You can control your menstruation. You can quickly restore fertility after taking out.

[Disadvantages] Women who are not suitable for taking estrogen -containing contraceptives need to remember to replace it in the right time and not prevent sexual transmission infection.

5. Long -term contraceptive needle

Long -acting contraceptive needles are contraceptives mainly based on powerful progesterone. A small amount of estrogen is added to the compound long -acting contraceptive needle. One muscle injection can be contraceptive for 1 month, and some can be contraceptive for 2 months, or even 3 months.Essence

[Effect] More than 98%

[Recommended index]: ☆☆☆

[Advantages] Muscle injection once, one month of contraceptive, has a small impact on the quality of milk and does not affect sexual experience.

[Disadvantages] The timeliness is relatively short. It is necessary to repeat injection every three months, and the increase in volume increase and amenorrhea is higher. Due to the re -injection every 3 months, the overall cost is relatively high.

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