After pregnancy, "Auntie" visits are all because of it

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A friend around me was preparing for more than half a year, and she looked at the pregnancy test stick every day. Sometimes she could check more than twice a day, and waited for two lines to appear on the test strip. Finally, she waited for her.

This friend watched the faint "Captain Captain" line, how happy he was, and immediately went to the hospital for examination. After the blood and B -ultrasound were checked, the doctor recommendedCome again a week later.

But 4 days later, the lower body of the "pregnant mother" began to bleed and had less blood.Symptoms like stems, all brown, and then a few days of blood and bright red. After going to the hospital for review.The doctor said that it should be in the process of abortion and belongs to biochemical pregnancy.

What is the "biochemical pregnancy"?What is the first time?

After hearing a biochemical weapon, I really don’t know that pregnancy is also "biochemical".

So what is a biochemical pregnancy? What a popular science for everyone.

Biochemical pregnancy refers to the combination of essence eggs, but did not swim in the uterine cavity, or returned, and did not succeed in bed. It was called "hidden abortion".It is an early abortion within 5 weeks of pregnancy. Its performance is that there is a weak positive reaction during testing the pregnancy test paper. The blood drawing test can also find the increase in blood HCG.Negative.If you do B -ultrasound, you can’t see the embryo sac.Menstruation will also come as scheduled.Biochemical pregnancy can be described like this: You know that your baby has been here, but if you don’t see others, he hurries away. Only the hemophilic test tells you that you have been pregnant.

real case scenario

A 35 -year -old Ms. Liu in Wenzhou is actively preparing for a second child and always preparing for pregnancy.A few days ago, because I was about to come to menstruation, Ms. Liu specifically tested the pregnancy test paper, and found that she had two shallow bars.According to experience, this is pregnant, Ms. Liu is very happy.For the sake of insurance, she also went to the hospital to check it.

Blood, he found that the blood HCG had risen, and reminded pregnancy, which made Ms. Liu more convinced that she was pregnant.As a result, a few days, menstruation arrived as scheduled.The doctor suggested that Ms. Liu tested the blood again and found that the blood HCG had dropped. Comprehensive Ms. Liu’s situation, the doctor’s final diagnosis was biochemical pregnancy.

Except for professional doctors, most people do not know what is going on with biochemical pregnancy, bed failure and abortion?Let ’s relive and learn each concept with everyone:

By bed: It refers to the interaction between embryos in a activated state and an uterine that is accepted. Finally, the embryo nourishing layer is closely connected to the endometrium.

Failure to bed: It means that the embryo and the endometrium of the uterine have an abnormality before the establishment of this kind of close connection, causing the embryo to not bed.

The β-HCG in the urine is only an excessive elevation. The reason why the biochemical pregnancy is

Refers to the stage when pregnancy is only performed until the biochemical method can be detected, and it has not developed to the stage when the pregnancy can be diagnosed with ultrasound. It can be regarded as a special type of early pregnancy loss.

Abortion: It is an event that occurs after the embryo bed, which is the loss of clinical pregnancy.

Therefore, the failure, biochemical pregnancy and abortion are all categories of embryo or pregnancy loss, but it occurs in different physiological stages, not the same thing.

In fact, there is almost no difference in biochemical pregnancy and normal menstruation, so you do n’t have to worry about even biochemical pregnancy, because the pregnancy time is short, which has a small impact on the uterine and uterine endometrium.Women of biochemical pregnancy should not have psychological burden.

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