After pregnancy, can you still use symptoms to judge the gender of the fetus?There is no scientific basis

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will guess the gender of the baby, sour girls, convex male concave women, and there are many sayings on the Internet.Especially in rural areas, the traditional concepts of the older generation have made pregnant women bear greater pressure, and they want to know the gender of the fetus in the abdomen in advance.So, what symptoms can you judge the gender of the fetus?

For example, some say that the probability of having a boy who often dreams of a boy will have a greater probability.The fetal sac is long, and the length is nearly twice the width, which will give birth to a male baby.For example, if you can’t smell any strange smell, you don’t stop sighing, don’t spit out, this situation is very likely to have a girl.For example, occasionally numbness, two fingers joint pain, and sometimes the painful fingers that wake up in the morning will not bend. This situation may be a boy.For example, high fetal heart rate is a female low or a male. When the fetal movement is powerful, it is 160-170+, and the probability of male and baby is eventually born.For example, when you see red in the early stages of pregnancy, you may be a female baby when you become sleeping.

However, the above symptoms can be said to be experienced, and there is no determined clinical basis. Each person’s living environment and physical differences will have different symptoms.If you want to know that men and women need to rely on B -ultrasound, observe the reproductive organs to determine, others are inaccurate.However, the country does not allow fetal gender identification now. Boys and women are the same.During pregnancy, you must go to the hospital for pregnancy checks regularly and pay attention to rest.

What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special period of a woman. When a cold is sick, you ca n’t take some medicine as usual as usual. You also need to take care of the safety of the fetus in the abdomen.It is best to avoid using cold drugs in the first three months of pregnancy. This is an important period of fetal formation. Using drugs is likely to cause fetal malformations.Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women with a cold. It is not recommended to take medicine. You can first rest, drink plenty of water, and use some dietary methods to relieve the symptoms of colds.For example, drinking brown sugar and ginger water to warm the body, and ordinary colds can recover through their own recovery ability.

If the cold is serious and accompanied by symptoms such as high fever and headaches, you should seek medical treatment in time to let the doctor look at the medicine according to the situation. Do not take the medicine yourself.If you use a cold during pregnancy, you need to use the situation. If the situation is serious, you should take it with caution, because at this time, no medication will have a adverse effect on the fetus.

In short, whether it is a male and female treasure, it is given every mother by God. It is an angel sent from heaven. Gender should not be a reason for love or dislike.Therefore, expectant mothers should be grateful and cherish, and cherish the baby’s happiness every moment.

Guidance expert: Huang Kun, deputy chief physician, general department of Fuxin Mining Group General Hospital.

He has been engaged in general surgery for more than ten years. He is good at diagnosis and treatment of common surgical diseases such as breasts, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, peripheral vascular disease, and complex trauma.

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