After pregnancy, how should pregnant mothers judge whether the fetus in the stomach is healthy?Learn about the bottom of your heart

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When it comes to pregnancy, many women who have experienced fertility are very touching, and pregnant women have a deep understanding.

Because from the beginning of pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to all aspects of their bodies, not only need to regulate from diet, but also need to be checked on time, for fear that they do not pay attention to cause problems with fetal development.

However, many expectant mothers feel that each check is almost the same. Perhaps she thinks that she usually pays more attention, and the baby may be healthy, so she escapes the inspection with a chance.

Some babies were born healthy, but some babies had a lot of problems, which also made their mothers regret it very much.

Therefore, it is very important to check the value of the body during pregnancy, especially at the end of pregnancy.

How can pregnant mothers know if the fetus is healthy in the stomach?

During pregnancy, if the three indicators of pregnant women are normal, it means that the children in the stomach are very healthy.

The first: amniotic fluid indicator

Amniotic fluid is an important environment for the survival of the fetus, which directly affects the baby’s health and life safety.The amount of amniotic fluid also has a great impact on the baby. If the amount of amniotic fluid is moderate, the baby can develop healthy.

However, if the amount of amniotic fluid is too large, or even more than 2,000 milliliters, it means that the pregnant mother may suffer from amniotic fluid. It needs to be checked in time and adjust it under the guidance of the doctor.

But if the amount of amniotic fluid is too small, it will still cause the baby’s body to develop normally.

The normal amount of amniotic fluid is between 300 and two thousand ml. The baby can develop faster and better in the amniotic fluid in this interval, which also means that the baby is very healthy.

The second item: placenta indicator

The placenta is extremely important for the fetus, because the baby’s nutrition and oxygen are obtained from here.

The placenta also associates the mother and the fetus to provide the necessary substances for the development and growth of the baby.

The placenta is divided into four levels. Each level represents the development of the baby’s development. The higher the level, the better the baby’s development.

If the level is low, it means that the baby obtains insufficient nutrition, and the mothers should adjust it in time.

And if the baby has not reached more than four months, it has developed to the third or fourth level, which means that the placenta is precocious, so it is difficult for the baby to absorb nutrients normally, and the development will slow down.

Third Item: Fetal Movement Index

The happiest thing about mothers is to feel the baby’s interaction with herself in her belly. I feel that this is a manifestation of the baby growing up, and it also means that the baby is developing well.

But in fact, too frequent fetal movements may be that the fetus is uncomfortable in the mother’s belly and is a manifestation of dysplasia.

Under normal circumstances, the fetal movement is 60 minutes, no less than 3-5 times, and it usually moves about thirty or forty times in 12 hours.

The time period of fetal movement is concentrated between 7 and 9 in the morning and early morning.During this period, it is the stage of baby’s favorite fetal movement, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

As long as the baby’s fetal movement is normal and there are certain rules, it proves that the baby is healthy.

In addition to the above data, if you want to judge whether the fetus is developing normally, you can also judge from several performances of the mother.

1) Frequent toilet

The baby’s growth will support the uterus of the pregnant mother. As the elasticity of the uterus becomes weakened, and the weight of the fetus will be compressed to the bladder of the expectant mothers, it is easy to make the expectant mothers suffer from urinary incontinence. Therefore, they will see it.Women after pregnancy often go to the toilet.

This is because the urine volume that can be stored in the bladder is getting less and less, and as the baby grows longer and bigger in the mother’s belly, this situation may become more and more frequent. Pregnant mothers do not need to feel embarrassed becauseThis is the normal performance of the baby’s healthy development.

2) I often feel tired

I believe that expectant mothers will have such a feeling, and since pregnancy, they have become more and more able to sleep.

This means that the baby develops very well in the stomach, because when the fetus is developing rapidly, the pregnant mother will feel very sleepy, and it is more likely to have drowsiness.

3) Great appetite

At the stage of rapid development, the fetus needs greater nutrition, which needs to be obtained from the mother.Pregnant mothers not only need to consume their daily energy from diet, but also obtain nutrition for the baby’s development.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother feels that her appetite is getting better and better, it means that the baby is developing well and healthy.

4) Back pain

With the increase of the baby’s weight after pregnancy, the expectant mothers not only have inconvenience to increase their weight, they may also often have backache back pain.

Especially in the third trimester, the fetus has reached several pounds, and the waist of expectant mothers is even more difficult to withstand.Specific mothers may not be relieved no matter which posture takes.

Although this symptom is very uncomfortable, it is actually a good phenomenon, because it means that the baby is developing fast and good.

Therefore, when the expectant mothers feel back pain, they can silently tell themselves in their hearts that this is the baby quickly supplemented the nutrition in order to be born quickly, proving that the baby looks good.

5) Leggings discomfort

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers often have leg cramps, and they may even hurt when they move during the day and night.

This is actually a manifestation of the good development of the fetus. It proves that the insufficient calcium supplemented by expectant mothers is absorbed by the baby. Therefore, it leads to the symptoms of leg cramps in the lack of calcium.

However, expectant mothers cannot leave the phenomenon of leg cramps because of this, because leg cramps represent the mother’s own body’s body.

Usually add calcium with more food, or you can go out to go out in an appropriate amount of activity with others, such as sun exposure, which can promote the body’s absorption of calcium.

You can also eat foods with high protein and calcium content in your diet, so that your body can be healthier and the fetus can develop better.

At the end

Specific mothers will have a variety of symptoms during pregnancy. These symptoms will make them feel difficult, and they can’t wait to let the baby be born quickly.

There are also some expectant mothers who are very troubled by these symptoms, and worry that there is a problem in the development of the baby.

But if there are some symptoms above, expectant mothers need not worry.

Because this means that the fetus develops fast and good in the mother’s belly. As long as the expectant mothers pay more attention to the balanced diet, the regular schedule is good.

However, if the expectant mother finds that her condition is very serious, or if there are some puzzling symptoms, they must go to the hospital for examination to prevent the fetus and their own health problems. FinallyParents are around.

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