After pregnancy, I also stick to the workplace mothers who work in work, how to easily deal with pregnancy

Pregnancy is a thing that torture is greater than enjoyment for pregnant mothers.After pregnancy, even simple lying down is a little uncomfortable.Among them, the hardest is the pregnant mother in the workplace.Now the cost of raising a child is too high, and the full -time mothers have become less and less. Most families are both husbands and wives working hard, so many women find that they still stick to work after pregnancy.Not only must you bear the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, but also to face the work content that may be a bit heavy.Even if life and work are difficult, pregnant mothers still have to try to make themselves in a comfortable and relaxed state.

1. Adjust the seat height

Many pregnant mothers now work in the office, and it seems that the work of pregnant women is not particularly easy.But sitting in front of the computer desk for a long time, let alone a pregnant mother, even if ordinary people are a kind of harm to the body.Because the same posture is maintained for a long time, some soreness will appear on the shoulders and legs.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers adjust their seat height appropriately to achieve a comfortable height that suits them. You can also put another cushion behind it to support some external support on the waist.

2. Drink plenty of water

For those who often sit in the office, the exercise at work is only to pick up water or go to the bathroom.Therefore, pregnant mothers may wish to drink plenty of water, let yourself go more, move your body, do not keep your body stiff because of maintaining the same posture for a long time.Pregnant mothers should not be afraid to drink too much water to run the toilet. Drinking plenty of water can reduce the performance of the pregnant mother’s body edema and prevent urinary tract infection.

3. Make sure to have three meals a day

Regardless of whether you go to work or to work or get off work time, the pregnant mother must strictly require one thing every day is to eat three delicious meals.Perhaps before pregnancy, because of too much work at hand, the pregnant mother ignored the matter of eating, or had to wait for the stomach to call to eat.But the situation is different now. Eating is no longer just maintaining your physical function, or a mother’s responsibility to be a mother, and cherish your body so that your baby can develop healthier.

You can usually prepare some small snacks. During the period when the pregnancy response is relatively strong, the pregnant mother may often run to the toilet and vomit, but it is best not to let your stomach empty and eat some snacks to supplement energy.And some pregnant mothers may make their appetite better because of pregnancy and work, and they can take the time to add meals to themselves.

4. Walking on force

Although the pregnant mother is doing everything now to take good care of the baby in the future, she is still working after pregnancy.But if the body is constantly sending a tired signal, the pregnant mother should not be strong.Work is important, but the baby is more important after pregnancy.

If there are too many daily job content, pregnant mothers can ask the company if the company can adjust the position or reduce the work content for themselves, don’t be too desperate.When you are really exhausted, let’s take a leave for a few days.

I have a lot of money, a second -born mother who draws more money.How many pregnant mothers are still working after pregnancy?Can you still hold it?Come and leave a message board to communicate with me ~

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