After pregnancy, I always have stomach discomfort.

Big Orange: Since I am pregnant, my appetite has always been uncomfortable. I do n’t have appetite to eat what I eat. I ’m worried that it will affect the baby in my stomach. I can only force myself to eat.

I believe that many pregnant mothers have encountered similar problems, and some pregnant mothers are pregnant to birth, and they do not have a good appetite during pregnancy.In this case, how can we make yourself comfortable and not affect the health of the fetus?

1. Eat less meals

Whether it is the cause of hormones in the early stages of pregnancy or the fetal growth of the fetus for the gastrointestinal space after the middle and late pregnancy, the appetite and digestive ability after pregnancy have greatly affected the normal eating situation of pregnant mothers.

In this regard, the most correct way to eat is to maintain the principle of "eating less" so that you can better use the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal.

Due to the limited digestion and absorption capacity, pregnant mothers can separate the amount of eating every day to eat several times. Do not eat too much at a time, so as not to increase the digestive burden of the stomach.Eating less can allow the stomach to have enough space to digest, so as to avoid eating, accumulating food, and indigestion.

2. According to your own taste preference

Every pregnant mother will have their own special taste preferences after pregnancy. For example, some pregnant mothers love sour, and some pregnant mothers love spicy food. When we encounter what we like to eat, the appetite is generally a general appetite.It will be much better.Therefore, in the diet during pregnancy, you can eat with your own taste preferences.

3. Light diet

Some pregnant mothers have a heavy taste. They like to eat some greasy, fried, high -salt, and high sugar foods. In fact, this kind of food has lost a lot of nutrients after cooking, and the calories are high.We gain weight, and the stomach is not easy to digest.Therefore, try to diet lightly during pregnancy.

You can eat more dishes made of steamed, soup, stir -fried, stewed, and other methods. The cooking methods of these dishes are simple, and the nutrition of food can be retained to the maximum.More importantly, light food does not have much irritating taste, and the stomach is easier to absorb and digest, and gently nourish the stomach.

4. Eat more foods that are easy to digest

After pregnancy, the digestive ability of the stomach and intestines decreases. Therefore, eat more foods that are easy to digest. For those foods that are prone to flatulence and difficulty digestion, such as glutinous rice, soy products, sweet potatoes, etc., eat less.

Eat more fresh foods, fruits, seafood, dairy products and other foods that are rich in nutritional and easy to digest and absorb. This can not only consume enough nutrition, but also reduce the digestive burden on food to the greatest extent.In this way, the problem of indigestion such as nausea and flatulence will also be reduced a lot!

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