After pregnancy, I got a disease related to sugar


After pregnancy, the sugar mothers have different feelings about the concepts of children and mothers.

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Diabetes during gestation refers to the changes in related hormones during pregnancy, which produces the effect of resistance to insulin, relatively insufficient ins passing the function of the ins passing, leading to increased blood sugar, thereby forming a disease.This disease may cause complications such as pregnant women infection, fetal hyperglycemia, and huge child. Therefore, each diagnosis mother needs to always adhere to "sugar control" during pregnancy. They are also called "sugar mothers".Lula, Mansa, Shu Shu, and Ms. Ye are four novice sugar mothers. From learning that they were diagnosed to life control sugar, they experienced many "sweet" troubles.

"I think so, it should not be wrong."

Like other mothers, when Ye Quan learned that she was pregnant, she was more happy and unexpected, because she was always preparing for pregnancy.Compared to other mothers, she is more convenient to work in the hospital.At first, Ye Tan had thrown the pregnancy test stick in the trash. After ten minutes, she picked it up and glanced at it.When she saw a little bit of positive display in the pregnancy test stick, she felt that "it should not be wrong."Ye Tan’s husband also doubted this. After the result of the blood drawing the next day, he was really happy.

At the beginning, Ye Tan hoped that her baby would not grow too ugly.But after watching "Hello, Li Huanying" starring Jia Ling later, her expectations of her child can become healthy and safe, and don’t care too much about others.Mansa, who is also a mother, expects her baby to be a girl. She wants to dress up cute and love her, so as to satisfy her girly heart.

"Don’t worry, but still worry"

Twenty -four weeks of pregnancy, the glucose water in the sugar test suddenly brought Lula to Lula.Before doing sugar resistance, Lula also learned from other pregnant friends and online messages that the sugar water provided by the sugar resistance test is difficult to drink.Lul had thought that sugar water would not be difficult to drink, but I didn’t expect it to be really difficult to drink, because the glucose concentration was too high.Because it is the sugar water that is drunk on an empty stomach, Lula’s body is very uncomfortable.On the day of the test, LULA went to the sugar early in the morning, and the results of the report came out in the afternoon.

The report shows that LULA’s blood glucose index is very high and exceeds the standards.The doctor said that LULA was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which was a sunny thunderbolt for LULA.At that time, after knowing the results of the report at home, Lula was lying on the bed and crying, worried that the pregnancy diabetes would affect the child, and I felt that it would be her own problem, and she was blaming herself.

The same encounters also collapsed for Mansa.After pregnancy, Mansa has been learning about pregnancy, and has also seen the problem of gestational diabetes. Therefore, she pays attention to overcover sugar in the early stages of pregnancy.So before she did sugar, she felt that she should pass smoothly.

But the moment she came out, Mansa knew that she was really collapsed when she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.Mansa was stunned, and she couldn’t speak at all. She watched her gentleman blankly and said repeatedly "why."After the test results come out, the family has nothing to do with Mansa. The doctor also said that as long as it is controlled by sugar, it is okay, and the situation of Mansa can be controlled by dietary control. There is no need to get to insulin.Pay attention to diet.

"They all say don’t worry, but I still worry." Mansa’s mentality slowed down until the evening.

Mansa’s test results at the time | Author’s picture confession

Compared to LULA and Mansa, leaves that also suffer from gestational diabetes are more incredible.At that time, Ye was 31 years old. Before she, her cousin was diagnosed with gestational diabetes two months older than her.Half a year when Ye Rolling had a child, a colleague in her office also suffered from, and her condition was more serious and needed insulin.Although there are two people in front of them, Ye Tan still feels that he cannot suffer.When the results of the sugar resistance came out, the leaves were screaming, "Why do I have it?"

"Actually it doesn’t seem to be so terrible"

Gestational diabetes is one of the common diseases of women’s pregnancy. According to clinical statistics, the incidence of gestational diabetes in my country is between 17%and 21%, which is equivalent to a gestational diabetes among five mothers.

But in fact, Shu Shu did not take the gestational diabetes too seriously. She was not the kind of very delicate and suffering personality.She went to the diagnosis and treatment on time, and then checked it on the Internet. Her blood sugar index was not too much, and the degree was mild, not particularly serious.And many people around Shu Shu have had similar experiences, and they will also teach Shushu’s method, so Shu Shu’s heart is not particularly nervous.

Lula joined her mother group of Shanghai Yingying in Shanghai.Everyone usually talks about some children’s affairs in the group, such as illness, or to do some processes such as hospitalization, insurance, and the knowledge of novice mothers such as feeding. Everyone will discuss it in it.Lula thinks that this mother group is equivalent to a Baidu Encyclopedia that can be checked anytime, anywhere, because most of her mother has encountered problems because of her problems.

In the group, Lula met another sugar mother who had experienced similar to her.This sugar mother is the same as Lul, even thinner than Lula. She is a stewardess.That mother did not expect that she would have pregnancy diabetes. The day before the inspection, she ate a lot of braised pork.Because people who generally feel that thin people do not have diabetes, the mother always felt that she must be okay until she checked. The result shows that she has very serious gestational diabetes and the index is very high.But that mother was far more pregnant than LULA, so Lula felt a bit unfortunate, many experiences could not share with this mother synchronously.

Lula feels that if the mother who is pregnant at the same time with her also has gestational diabetes, it can support each other together.

She also supports Lul’s lover.Despite the busy work, each lover of LULA will accompany her.In this matter, Lula feels that the love of love is very important. He thinks that as a mother, he will have the worries of a child, anxiety about the figure, etc., whether it is physiological and psychological, there must be a lot of discomfort.He will think from the perspective of LULA, so that Lula is very happy throughout the pregnancy."It can be said that when there is nothing particularly uncomfortable, there is no particularly unacceptable place in psychological."

And he would talk to his baby with his belly, and Lula felt that he was really involved in this matter as a father.

The companionship of comrades and family members made this condition not as terrible as expected.

"Come on, let’s drop your blood sugar quickly"

For Mansa, the most painful thing after illness is to exercise.Mansa himself does not like to exercise, but if the blood sugar is soaring, you can only reduce blood sugar through exercise.

On one occasion, after dinner, she fluctuated a lot of blood sugar, soaring directly to ten o’clock. This would affect the baby and need to exercise immediately.So Mansa jumped for an hour of pregnant women."I thought, so tired, hurry up, let’s drop the blood sugar quickly."

After suffering from gestational diabetes, Lula’s life also changed.

When I was pregnant, my family felt "you have to eat more, anyway, good for children and nutrition."Therefore, LULA eats more than before.She didn’t like to eat some sweet fruits or rice staple foods before, and even soup didn’t drink much.But after pregnancy, everyone feels that drinking more soup is more nourishing and good for children.So Lula often drink soup.But unexpectedly, the doctor told her that drinking soup and drinking too much during dinner can easily lead to increased blood sugar.So Lula paid great attention to this afterwards.

Lul also needs to be tied before and after daily meals, and the needle is tortured by most mothers.

At first, Lula did not expect that the original needle had to be pierced every day.When she was tied for the first time, she did a lot of psychological construction, and she couldn’t help pray herself."But it is impossible for this to help others help every day. They must learn to pierce themselves by themselves." Later, Lula was used to this matter.

It was also afraid of tie needles, and Ye Toluo chose to run to another doctor for treatment.When she was diagnosed for the first time after the illness, she met a doctor with strict requirements.The doctor asked Ye to roll a large cycle. He had to tie his fingers seven times a day and tied for three consecutive days.The three -day leaves felt painful.Later, she changed another experienced doctor based on her colleague’s recommendation.The doctor was relatively calm. He felt that the situation of Ye was a bit taller, but he didn’t need to be so nervous.As long as it is measured twice a week, it can be two days, no big cycle.Although compared to the previous doctor, he did not have to tie so many times, but Ye Tan was still very resistant to the needle.

Compared to LULA and Ye Boluo, Shu Shu was calm with the needle.She thinks that the needle is designed well. As long as she puts it on her own hands, press the button, the needle will pop it out, and it will stab, drop two drops to the test strip, and insert it on the blood glucose meter for testingEssenceShu Shu himself didn’t feel horrible, and it was her colleagues who were horrible.There is a group of young sisters in Shushu’s office. They are all little girls who have never married. They see, oops, they are going to stab their fingers again!But in fact, the needle is used to Shu Shu.

"I really like the little cake in the window, but I can only drool"

Although there is nothing to tie the needle, what makes Shu Shu feel most uncomfortable is what you want to eat and not to eat.This is not physical uncomfortable, but not satisfied in spirit.

There are a lot of delicious food near Shushu units.I will pass the cake shop every day. She likes the little cake in the window, but she can’t eat it.Shu Shu also likes to eat spicy strips.But the spicy strips actually contain a lot of flavors and sugar, with high sugar, like eating sweet and sour pork ribs.Once Shu Shu only ate a few spicy strips, the blood sugar surged exceeding the standard, and the blood glucose meter sounded.At that time, she looked at the ingredient table and found that the index was very high. Later, Shu Shu did not eat spicy bars."The other spicy ones are just chili, mainly because the spicy strips are added with a lot of flavors and seasonings, and there are many sugar in it."

Shushu’s blood sugar detection table | Author’s picture confession

Shu Shu used to like to drink milk tea very much, but because she had to control sugar, milk tea must be quit, and she was uncomfortable.Once Shu Shu wanted to try the 0 arts of sugar who loved tea, to do a test whether it was really 0 sugar.After drinking the blood glucose meter, she found that the blood glucose did not rise, and she was still surprised at more than five o’clock. After that, she rewarded herself a cup of 0 cocrical milk tea every week."Basically, happiness is not less, and this happiness is maintained."

In contrast, the leaf roller pays great attention to diet management, because diabetes is mainly related to eating.She also said that if she rely on exercise to reduce blood sugar and does not control her diet now, at 9 months, once there is a placenta leaning, she can only lie down.Or if you can’t move, your stomach is too big, so there is no way to exercise again. If you don’t control your diet, there is no way.

But controlling diet is a learning.In order to control sugar for a while, Lul had a little rice, and when I went to pregnancy, the doctor saw it at a glance.He asked Lula if he was hungry, because when he was pregnant, he would have ketone body if he was hungry.

The doctor said that in fact, for the sugar mother, it is difficult to control sugar, because on the one hand, it cannot be hungry, but on the one hand, it cannot make you too high blood sugar, and you have to balance it.

"Mom is a superman"

After pregnancy, the sugar mothers have different feelings about the concepts of children and mothers.

When the baby was still in his stomach, Shu Shu was relatively large, not particularly delicate.I feel that like the previous life and work, I should still eat and drink. In addition to the work and rest and exercise, I will adjust it. For example, if you do n’t do too severe exercise, you will rest properly and go to the hospital regularly.After the baby is born, it will be stronger to protect him."I found a kid, such a cute little guy, and I will have a strong desire to protect it."

Mansa thinks that her mother is not only a mother, but her mother is a superman who has been constantly changing between cure and collapse.Because children are still young, they don’t understand anything.For example, the baby should be sleeping, and Mansa has also fed milk or coaxed. He is still unwilling to obedient. Then Mansa’s whole person’s mental state will collapse and tight, and he will be very angry.But after turning his head and thinking about it, he didn’t understand anything and didn’t understand it at all, and he was useless to be angry with himself.She looked at him, he watched her laugh again, and Mansa was successfully cured again.

But Ye Ye was not a person who liked children. She would feel noisy at the table next door when she went out to eat.But now I feel that the baby is really cute, and the mother has become more patient after becoming a mother.Children at home sometimes cry. If the leaves are rolling in the past, they must want to scold people. Although they are not really scolding, they will be unhappy and patient.Before having a child, Mr. Ye Tan said that he would never beat a child because he loved the child.As a result, when the child was a little naughty, the Mr. Ye’s Mr. would hit the child.At this time, Ye Tan is the role of protecting her daughter and not let him fight.Ye Tan felt that the child who had not been born before could not be beaten.

How easy is it?When Ye rolled pregnancy, he was at the peak of the epidemic. He stopped eating and the courier stopped. The most important thing was that it was inconvenient to seek medical treatment. It took 48 hours of negative certification to see a doctor."Because the due date is on July 12th, in mid -June, the Guangzhou epidemic is more serious, so I am worried that if you encounter it, if you suddenly give birth, there will be some other situations. At that time, there was a little nervousness."

In addition, because of gestational diabetes, the leaves have been made several times more B -ultrasound, which means that children have to follow.On one occasion, the experience of Dr. B -ultrasound was not very rich, resulting in 40 minutes of the B -ultrasound that Ye Tolg, which made Ye Tan feel that he had involved the child.

This is not easy to make Ye rolling more cherish his daughter.From hate children to protecting her daughter’s mentality, Ye Tan felt that it was created together.In October, no one could replace the feeling that the child was bred in the mother’s belly.After giving birth to the child, take care of it.In some things, the mother’s care for children cannot be replaced.And during the six months of maternity leave, my mother was getting along with the child. The child would grow up a little bit and change a little bit.Children will definitely be naughty, adults know, just teach.Ye Tan feels that in his own house, everyone will try to give the child a little patience.Ye rolled up a cat, and she was also very good to the cat. She felt that she would have this relationship with a small animal and human cub who had been very cute and human cubs for a long time.

Sugar control is like a battle for sugar mothers, and the children in the stomach are comrades of mothers.A cord in October is connected, and there are all kinds of hardships during childbirth.superior.

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