After pregnancy, often sweat?Go to the shore mother’s heart plugging experience sharing, attach cracking skills!

In summer, pregnant women are particularly easy to sweat

Xiaomei’s physical fitness 162cm height also barely reached 50kg weight. Before pregnancy, she was a type of person who was sweating. For a while, the child and his father had a lot of food to eat.If he was not fat, he thought that Xiaomei had to have hyperthyroidism. The hospital ran two times.Later, the baby was Huaibao. This time the sweat was even more unscrupulous. Because of the south, Huai Dabao experienced the entire hot summer. This is the sweating rhythm.IntersectionToday we will talk about the sweating of pregnant mothers.

The environment and activities are particularly sweaty

In fact, there is no need to worry about sweating for pregnant women. We must consider the particularity of our women’s bodies during pregnancy. The pregnant mother’s body has changed greatly in both inside or outside.The acceleration of the metabolism of the internal function. In order to reserve sufficient rations and nutrients for the baby, the fat content in the body increases, the weight becomes larger, and if the environment becomes hot, sweating is inevitable.

Considering that metabolic waste in the human body, such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, urea, and lactic acid will be sweat with sweat. If there are no other physical reasons, sweating is good for the health of pregnant mothers.What needs to be specifically explained is that this situation will continue until postpartum.

Do not suspect that nutritional deficiency is due to sweating or cramps

Many mothers, especially the first pregnant mothers, are always worried about their insufficient nutrition and sweat during pregnancy."Baby"? There is always an endless heart.

Obviously, there are such worried pregnant mothers. It is bound to sweat often when sleeping at night. Then contact the child night night sweats because of the characteristics of calcium deficiency, so starting to worry about it. In fact, it is completely unnecessary.It will also accompany the following situations:

1. Loose teeth

The main elements of human bones and teeth are calcium. Calcium deficiency can cause abnormal development of tooth enamel development. The pregnant mother feels loose teeth, which may be calcium deficiency.

2. Hypertension during pregnancy

Hypertension during pregnancy and calcium deficiency have a certain relationship. Pay attention to the check -up on time.

3. Joint and pelvic pain

If calcium intake is insufficient, it will cause joints and pelvic pain in pregnant mothers.4. The phenomenon of calf cramp leg cramps is a common problem for pregnant mothers. I have been pumped in both pregnant, but the inspection does not have calcium deficiency;Calcium, but calcium deficiency will be cramps.

Pregnant women sweat a lot, and it is very important to replenish water in time

Now that we know that sweating may not be a pathological problem, what do we do in daily life to reduce the discomfort caused by sweating?

Diet: Try to eat spicy food seasoning as much as possible during pregnancy, such as fennel, garlic, green onion, ginger, etc.; Many girls like spicy duck neck, duck rack, spicy pork jerky, and mutton hot pot, etc.If you sweat more during pregnancy, pay attention.

Drink plenty of water: It is self -evident, and the water is lost quickly. Moms during pregnancy should drink plenty of water and juice; the juice is troublesome, and more fruits have the same effect. Do not wait until thirsty before drinking the water.

Natural cotton jackets have good sweat -absorbing

Clothing and bedding: Try to choose the clothes and bedding of natural materials.Pregnant mothers are more metabolized than others, so they must choose clothing and bedding that is conducive to sweat.This can be quickly absorbed after sweating; at the same time, natural materials and bedding can avoid rash and skin infection.Materials such as cotton, linen and other strong water absorption are good choices for pregnant mothers.

Pregnant women sleep full, mothers and fetal babies are good

Successive sleep: Due to the physical and mental changes of pregnancy during pregnancy, sleep is prone to insufficient sleep, and the heart dryness promotes the discharge of sweat. Therefore, good sleep helps the body health and refreshing.Try to ensure 10 hours of sleep every day, and lunch break during the day.

Well, Xiaomei thank you for reading. I hope that every pregnant mother will have a comfortable and peace of mind, a healthy and happy childcare period!

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