After pregnancy, tell his boyfriend, what is he reaction?The first one is so happy, the last one is the most heart -up


When my girlfriend learned that she was pregnant, the whole person collapsed.

Because at that time, she didn’t graduate from college for a long time. There was almost no deposit, and there was no plan to get married and had children.

Each safety measure is done well, but it is still so unexpected, winning!

She didn’t want this child at all, and she wanted to ask her boyfriend’s opinion. I didn’t expect to tell him that the product was crazy, crazy, crazy …

She picked her up excitedly, and then took her home to see her parents. She was engaged and had to engage. Not only was they engaged, I also immediately married you, married, and married.EssenceEssence

Then, in a year, she turned from a big girl to a big girl to a wife, and she was about to become a young mother.

This speed can be said to be quite envious!


She was still wronged. She said that she hadn’t made a fortune yet, so she became a home first.

But we are envious of her envious people who eat melon. She is the right person. If I really let my girlfriend abortion, I will suspect that the man’s character is suspected that he is not worth paying for life.Essence

But he is obvious that he is a very responsible good man who reluctant to go to the hospital to kill the child.

But not everyone is as happy as girlfriends.

There was a female reader before, her boyfriend was a typical scumbag.

At that time, she hadn’t graduated from college, her boyfriend was ten years older than her, and was a small supervisor in a company.After she was pregnant, the man asked her directly, who the child was, what he did, and he did not admit it at all.

She couldn’t help but kill the child.

Just be blind, no one is blame.


Pregnancy itself is a good thing, but if you are not ready to be a mother, it is best not to get pregnant.

But sometimes, people are not as good as heaven, in any case, still to prevent problems before they occur.

After pregnancy, I told his boyfriend, what reaction he had?

Let’s take a look at what netizens have experienced.

The last one, are you really people?

Are you really so worried?

Is the smile of the smile, is you ridiculed, or is it true?To tell the truth, all outsiders in my bureau looked good, twins, how happy it was!

It can be seen that how sad to meet the scumbag!Girls must keep their eyes on.


Still, if you are not ready to be a mother, please protect yourself.

If you do it well, you will be happy.

What reaction is your boyfriend who knows when you are pregnant?

Welcome to share a message.

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