After pregnancy, the four parts of the pregnant mother need to focus on protection, otherwise the postpartum will become a "yellow -faced woman"

Some time ago, my girlfriend finally gave birth to a child in the hospital as expected, but yesterday, she cried with me that she had a lot of stretch marks on her belly, so that she was not confident to wear a beautiful navel.

Everyone knows that pregnancy is a very large process of physiological changes. Pregnant mothers not only bear all kinds of pain in the body, but also psychological pressure is also very large due to the influence of hormones.Therefore, pregnant mothers must take good care of themselves during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, they must be more careful, otherwise they can easily occur after giving birth, and they are prone to various problems such as physical and chest sagging.In particular, the four parts of the pregnant mother need to focus on protection, otherwise it will become "yellow -faced wife" after childbirth.

1. "belly"

During pregnancy, as time grows, the mother’s belly will become more and more inconvenient. For the safety of the baby in the stomach, it is best for a mother to go to a place where there are many people during pregnancy, especially in the place where there are many people, especially in particular, especially in the past, especiallyIn the later period, do not overwork and work, so as not to affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen.Pay attention to diet mixing, reasonable diet, timely intake of food rich in nutrients, and eat as much as possible foods rich in collagen to ensure the baby’s growth and development.In addition, it is recommended to apply olive oil seriously seriously to avoid growing stretch marks to affect the beauty. Otherwise, like my girlfriend, I dare not wear a navel in the postpartum.

2. "waist"

More than half of the pregnant mothers will experience back pain during pregnancy. Over time, the baby will become larger and larger.Pregnant mothers should not be afraid, and back pain also indicates that the body is preparing for production.It is recommended that pregnant mothers usually do not be too tired, reduce standing, and adjust the center of gravity when standing, try to move the pelvis slightly forward, so as to slow back pain and protect the waist; if discomfort occurs, you can perform hot compresses or massage in local pain.Pregnant mothers care during pregnancy, and postpartum recovery will be easier.

3. "Breast"

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers’ breasts will have different degrees of swelling, and there will even be lumps in the later period, but pregnant mothers can rest assured that these are normal phenomena.In addition, in order to better protect the breasts, pregnant mothers are best to choose special underwear during pregnancy, because ordinary underwear can easily compress the breasts, and special underwear during pregnancy is generally more flexible.It will be more comfortable and will not be oppressed by breasts; you should also pay attention to chest hygiene during pregnancy. Frequent wash your breasts with warm water and massage can also effectively relieve chest swelling.As long as the care of pregnancy is good, the problem of "drooping" is generally not after delivery.

4. "Teeth"

Many pregnant mothers will find different degrees of teeth and relaxed teeth during pregnancy. The teeth are more sensitive, but this is actually a normal physiological phenomenon.Because the baby needs to consume a large amount of calcium elements from the mother’s growth and development period, which is why pregnant mothers are more prone to osteoporosis during pregnancy and loose teeth.Therefore, pregnant mothers must insist on brushing their teeth every day and choose soft hair toothbrushes and fluorine toothpaste, which can effectively avoid bleeding gums; insist on rinse after meals, use dental floss and so on.During pregnancy, teeth are easily ignored, and pregnant mothers must pay attention to.

Pregnant mothers to protect their bodies are the prerequisite for protecting their babies, and pregnant mothers must not want to have problems such as waist fat and chest sagging.It is necessary to take good care of these parts of your body.

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