After pregnancy, the three parts of the pregnant mother are always "pain", indicating that the baby is in healthy development

During pregnancy, the body of pregnant mothers will have a variety of reactions. Many signals suggest signal whether the baby is healthy.For example, fetal movement, pregnant mothers can understand the fetus according to the fetal movement.

Then during pregnancy, if pregnant mothers have these three kinds of pain, don’t worry. This may be that the fetus is sending you "voice" to tell you that the baby is developing healthy.Pregnant mothers should not be too nervous.

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormone levels in the body, tissue and ligaments around the pelvis will relax to adapt to the fetal delivery.Especially in the second trimester, as the fetus becomes larger, the more pressure on the pelvic cavity. At this time, the more pressure around the sacrum will be painful, and the pain around the sacrum will be more painful, including the connected pubic bone combination will also pain.This signal means that the body is constantly changing, and it is slowly preparing for the fetal child childbirth. It is a normal reaction of the body.

At this time, pregnant mothers do not need to worry about it. Pay more attention to standing and sitting positions to avoid tilt pelvis. This pain will be strengthened.At the same time, due to the gain of the fetus, the soreness is caused. At this time, the pregnant mother can try to use the belly belt to help reduce stress.

During pregnancy, as the fetus increases, it has great pressure on the spine on the back of the waist. Therefore, we often see some pregnant mothers. In the second trimester, we often hold the waist to reduce the pressure of the fetus.As the fetus continues to increase, the more pain will be.Pregnant mothers do not need to be too nervous. When the baby is born, it will slowly recover.

But in the second trimester, if there are pregnant mothers with such situations, you must remember not to walk around the waist often, because the ligaments around the waist are in a soft state, and the serious situation of pelvic pelvic affection is increased too much.Facilities for your own health.

Breast pain, not every pregnant mother, most of them occur in the stage of late pregnancy.Because the fetus is about to produce, the body will respond accordingly. At this time, some pregnant mothers will have milk excretion, which is normal.If the pregnant mother finds the chest swelling in the second trimester, it does not matter, which is caused by changes in hormone levels.Mainly for the afterbirth, the maternal needs to be prepared for breastfeeding.

Of course, during pregnancy, if you can avoid breast pain and pregnant mothers with no special circumstances, you can use warm towels to apply warm chest to promote local blood circulation. For pregnant mothers with nipple depression or flat nipples, you can appropriately appropriatelyTira breasts will go smoothly in the future.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother encounters these three situations during pregnancy, it means that the baby is developing in healthy.Don’t panic.You can take some protective measures accordingly to avoid too much pain.If the pain is too strong, it will have an impact on the emotions of the pregnant mother itself, which will have a certain impact on the development of the fetus.

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