After pregnancy, there are "specific" requirements for bathing. Should pregnant women take a bath so carefully?

Bathing is the most common in daily life, especially in the south. It is very common to wash it twice or three times a day when the weather is hot. No matter how tired you are, you can be refreshing and relaxed as long as you take a bath.

But after pregnancy, as the stomach gets bigger and bigger, bathing seems to become a difficult thing.

Why do you say that?

In fact, this is because in addition to the inconvenience in the action of taking a bath, there are many details that need to be paid attention to. After a long time, the number of times is more tedious, and the pregnant mother will feel more tedious and feel very troublesome.

1) Pay attention to water temperature

The water temperature of the pregnant woman’s bath is actually similar to us, but if the weather is cold, we can adjust the water temperature slightly higher, and the skin is not dry, and the impact is not great.

But pregnant mothers can’t do:

① Some pregnant mothers are prone to dry skin, itching of the skin, and some pregnant mothers because they have stretch marks, which are prone to itching, and they will also stimulate the broken muscle fibers when the water temperature is high.

② The water temperature is too high and it is easy to burn the skin of the pregnant mother.

③ The water temperature is too high, and the risk of the fetus at the age of small moon is also very high. In the first three months of pregnancy, if the pregnant mothers are too high due to the high fever in the bath, it may affect the development of the fetal nerve system.

After the middle and late pregnancy, if the water temperature is too high and the space is closed, the pregnant mother and the fetus may occur in hypoxia.

It is recommended that the pregnant mother’s bath water should not exceed 40 degrees. When bathing, remember to turn on the pump to allow the air to exchange and reduce danger.

2) Pay attention to time

When the weather is cold, a hot bath is really comfortable. I really hope that it can be soaked in hot water. It is a great enjoyment.

But pregnant mothers are different, because there is a baby in the stomach, the body’s resistance has decreased, the consumption increases, and it is easy to feel tired.

The bathing time is too long for pregnant women, and it is easy to cause physical strength.

Moreover, if the bathing time is too long, the air in the bathroom will become less and less, and pregnant mothers will easily be dizzy because of lack of fresh air.

It is recommended that pregnant women take a bath for 10-15 minutes.

3) Pay attention to keep warm

The decline in resistance after pregnancy is more likely to get sick than usual. Although bathing is a thing every day, as a pregnant woman, the insulation after bathing still has to do well.

After all, no one wants to get sick and take medicine, especially during pregnancy.

① When bathing, it is best to control the room temperature at about 25 ~ 26 degrees, which is just right or hot.

② After washing, dry your body as soon as possible and put on your clothes.If the stomach is too large and it is not convenient to wear clothes in the bathroom, you can wrap it with a bath towel first, and then go back to the bedroom and then wear it slowly.

Don’t tell me to wear clothes quickly. You must know that it is really inconvenient after pregnancy. After the third trimester, some pregnant mothers can’t even see their feet. How fast?How can it be fast?

Some pregnant mothers have pubic bone pain and sciatica, and they can’t even lift their feet. They can only go back to bed and then wear it slowly.

But pay attention not to cold.

4) Pay attention

Pregnant women’s bathing methods are also a little particular.

We usually do n’t pay so much attention to the way of bathing. If we like shower, it is okay to take a bath.

However, it is recommended that pregnant women shower. Of course, the main purpose is to protect the baby baby, because the shower can avoid the uterine cavity.

‘Dirty’ bath water infection.

As for the frequency of bathing, pregnant mothers can arrange according to the climate season of various places.

For example, the lazy mother is in the south. The air is humid and sultry. It is sweaty in summer. It is normal to take a bath twice or three times a day. Even winter will be washed every day.

5) Pay attention to safety

The safety of pregnant women’s bathing is a big problem.

When the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, it will become inconvenient and inconvenient. When they are in danger, the consequences may be very serious.

But we know that the bathroom will be very humid. If the floor is relatively slippery, it is equivalent to increasing danger.

It is best to add a non -slip pad in the bathroom, put on non -slip shoes, and add some temporary handrails by the wall. The pregnant mother can hold the handrail when entering and leaving, which will be much more convenient.

It seems very troublesome, but in fact, as long as you pay attention to it, if the pregnant mother is really inconvenient, it can help the prospective father.

Or take a small stool directly to the bathroom, it is best to have a hole. After washing, a bag of bath towels is a pack. What should I do?

▶ Filial movement is abnormal.During the bathing process, it may cause fetal movements because the bathing water is too hot, the bath time is too long, the pregnant mother excessively strokes the abdomen and washed the abdomen.Stop taking a bath immediately, then soothe the fetus, and go back to the bedroom to find a comfortable posture and lay down, let the baby’s baby calm down, remember to count the fetal movement, if the fetal movement is still abnormal, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

▶ Dizziness and nausea.The reason is that the bath water is too hot and the bath time is too long. In addition, if the pregnant mother’s stomach is too hungry, it is easy to dizziness and nausea when taking a bath. In this case, the pregnant mother should stop taking a bath immediately.Drink some sugar water.

Finally, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should not take a bath when they are alone. Indeed, only one person is at home. At least, do not wash the stomach hungry, and do not close the door.

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