After pregnancy, these four parts of pregnant women will be very fragile, and they need to take care of it!

After pregnancy, some changes in the physiology and psychology of pregnant women, especially the influence of progesterone and estrogen, will make women very sensitive and emotional fluctuations are relatively large.In addition, during pregnancy, some parts of the body will also change, and you need to double care.

1. Breast

Affected by hormones in about one month of pregnancy, it can cause breast tenderness at the same time.The breasts are significantly enlarged in about three months of pregnancy, and the lumps will be touched with their hands. The areola will appear intravenous and deepen the nipple color.At this stage, you must choose a well -supported underwear, but you cannot compress the nipples. Use mild water to scrub the skin of the nipples every day to maintain its hygiene.Before you sleep, you can use hot towels to put hot compresses and massage gently. Go to bed in a flat way to prevent the breast from being squeezed.

2, teeth

After pregnancy, due to changes in hormones, the gums will cause swelling and bleeding gums. At this time, it will become very sensitive to various bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit of brushing your teeth every morning and evening.It should not be less than three minutes. Try to choose a soft -haired health toothbrush and change it every three months. You also need to choose fluoride toothpaste that can inhibit bacteria.After eating snacks, you should rinse your mouth in time, and insist on using your teeth to remove food residues.

3, waist

Most women will have back pain during pregnancy, because as the abdomen becomes larger, the physical center of gravity moves forward will change the body balance and increase the burden on the waist.When standing, you should tighten your abdomen and shoulders so that the pelvis moves forward gently.When sitting, you have to have something to support your back, try to sleep on the side as much as possible, and choose the right pregnant woman pillow.Try not to wear high heels. If you have discomfort on the waist, you can massage or compress the local area.

4, legs

After pregnancy, it is prone to leg cramps or swelling of the leg. This is mainly caused by blood circulation problems or changes in hormone levels during pregnancy.This situation generally occurs in the middle and late pregnancy. Because the uterus slowly becomes larger, it will compress the veins, leading to vein return, and slow blood, which will cause body edema in the body.Try not to stir Erylang’s legs. You can rotate the ankle joint or stretch your legs. You cannot stand or sit for a long time, and move it appropriately to increase the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

Kind tips

To face up some changes in the body during pregnancy, choose the right shoes and socks, try not to wear high heels during pregnancy, you can massage your legs and feet before going to bed, eat more foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, you can appropriately you can appropriatelyOutdoor activities.

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