After pregnancy, these parts of the pregnant mother will be particularly smelly, especially the second one, my husband should be considerate!

After female friends are pregnant, there will be many subtle changes in their bodies. Perhaps at the beginning, these changes in the body make them feel unacceptable, but some physiological changes are normal pregnancy reactions.It is mainly due to the increase in estrogen secretion in the body. Many expectant mothers find that some changes in their bodies are really inexplicable, and even some changes make them feel difficult to say.

Girlfriend Xiaoli found that she had bad breath after pregnancy, especially after waking up in the morning, the bad breath was very powerful, and she could clearly feel it. You must know that Xiaoli is a very clean person, and every day it will be morning and evening, and every day sooner or laterPersist in brushing his teeth, but there is such a bad breath, which really makes him very embarrassing and distressed.Even while chatting with her husband, her husband even made a disgusting expression, which really embarrassed Xiaoli.In fact, the people who came here said that these three parts would be particularly smelly after pregnancy, and the mothers shot one after another, embarrassing.

1. Fart stinky, more excreta stinky

Fart also belongs to a normal physiological reaction, but as a expectant mother, the pregnant mother’s fart can be called "heavy poisonous bomb", and ordinary people really can’t stand it.After pregnancy, the hormone in the body changes, so it will have a great impact on all aspects of the expectant mother’s body. In particularreduce.At this time, expectant mothers will have more farting, even more stinky and loud than before, especially when there are many people, it is embarrassing to put a stinky and loud fart!

2. Poor temperament and stinky face

Many husbands in life say that their wife has become greater after pregnancy. It is often furious because of a little bit of garlic, which really becomes very weird.The air bumper as his wife was also full of grievances. In fact, the expectant mothers had such a situation because the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in the body increased.The secretion of these two hormones will lead to a large emotional fluctuations in women!

Coupled with the pregnancy period, every time the expectant mothers do the birth check, they are also under great pressure. In case the baby is not developing, the mood will be very sad.Therefore, expectant mothers are under double pressure in terms of physical and psychological aspects. Although they don’t want to get angry, they can’t help it.At this time, my husband must be considerate of the mother’s hard work, do not quarrel with the expectant mother, and be more concerned about the wife.

3, bad breath

For many expectant mothers, the situation of bad breath after pregnancy will be very obvious. Especially after waking up in the morning, one of them will emit a kind of embarrassment in the mouth. Even if it is usually very embarrassingPay attention to oral hygiene and eat some fresh foods. There is still no way to change the facts of bad breath.Not only that, many expectant mothers will also find that their tongue coating becomes thicker. In fact, such a situation is also a normal reaction after pregnancy. This is because the expectant mother’s stomach is stimulated after pregnancy, and then it will weaken the digestive ability.Some gases in the intestine will rise upside down, which will easily cause pregnant mothers to have bad breath!

In short, pregnancy is extremely hard.It was all for the baby, and the mother would suffer this sin, and by the way, the Bao Da was involved.Even for the baby, Bao Dad can’t care so much with Bao Ma, but should be more considerate and cared for his wife.What did you do when your wife was pregnant?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below!

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