After pregnancy, these symptoms of the body are too embarrassing

After pregnancy, these symptoms of the body are too embarrassing

Before pregnancy, we may expect that pregnancy will change our lives and bodies. For example, our belly will grow bigger, we will feel more tiring than usual, and with the development of pregnancy, we may vomit several times a day a day a day a day several times a few times a day.These are what we can accept, but there are other changes that make us women feel particularly embarrassing.

1. Fart

There is nothing to fart. Everyone will fart. The problem is that this fart may be released at any time. During the pregnancy, pregnant women’s control of the muscles is not so accurate.It’s embarrassing when you face.And almost every pregnant woman will fart, because pregnancy will bring hormonal increase in hormones, slowing up your gastrointestinal tract.

In fact, we can slow down this symptom through diet. Eating less foods that are more likely to produce gas, such as carbonated drinks, beans, broccoli, broccoli, and dried fruits.Eat things less.

2, odor

After pregnancy, your sense of smell will increase, and you will smell the smell of a lot of food, and even the taste of your own body, which may make you feel embarrassed.Especially at the end of pregnancy, because the body secretes more mucus, it may smell a greater smell. In fact, don’t be too embarrassing. The smell of your body does not increase much, but your sense of smell has increased a lot.Women’s pregnancy is more hard, can’t it be a bit of smell?

3, hemorrhoids

We know that many pregnant mothers will be constipated when they are pregnant, and they may suffer from hemorrhoids. To reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, it is to avoid constipation. It is necessary to maintain sufficient water, eat more fiber, and use non -prescription feces.During pregnancy, if hemorrhoids continue to occur, they can be used with witch purulation pads and anti -inflammatory creams, which are safe.

The above 3 points can be said to be the three embarrassing things that our pregnant women are common during pregnancy. In fact, there are also situations that pregnant mothers may have face ministers Mao, and urination incontinence. Often, when these things happen, our pregnant mothers will be very shy.Some pregnant mothers even feel that they can’t live with her mother -in -law. They want to live alone. In fact, this is not better than that. Pregnant women are very hard. There must be a lot of inconvenience in their own lives.Go pregnancy.

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