After pregnancy, these things are better not to do it. You are beautiful when you are beautiful.

During the long pregnancy pregnancy in October, the expectant mothers must be careful to care for the baby in the belly, and they must change some of the previous bad habits. There are also some small things to pay special attention.No matter how uncomfortable, the expectant mother had to bear it.Kun Ling took a photo of her blond hair during her 4 months of pregnancy, so that the fans sweat for her: Pregnant mothers should not dye their hair.It is also beautiful during pregnancy, but there are a few things that are best not to do.

1. Hair dyeing

Hair dyeing can make the skin contact a lot of chemical components. Although there is no evidence that these chemical components will directly harm the baby’s baby, it is still more careful. After all, many dyeing agents on the market are uneven and there is no safety guarantee.What about the baby?In addition, hair dyeing will also give expectant mothers to worry about her hair, and worry that her hair dye baby will be affected. Specific mothers are best not to dye their hair during pregnancy. They can also avoid unnecessary worry.

2. hair removal

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are distressed about the crazy growth of hair. Due to the changes in progesterone and estrogen in the body, expectant mothers will increase hair.Some expectant mothers look at the hair on the stomach and feel depressed, but expectant mothers should not think of using a hair removal or an electro -needle hair removal. The hair removal agent also contains chemical components.Health.Therefore, expectant mothers are still natural. After the baby is born, these hair will gradually fade away.

3. Freckle

Some expectant mothers will have long spots during pregnancy. Expectant mothers are not worried. This is caused by endocrine changes in the body and belongs to normal phenomenon.But for prospective mothers, it is really unbearable, and I am embarrassed to go out to meet people.The expectant mother still tolerates it and overcome it. It is best not to use freckle cream to remove freckles. Many freckle cream contains lead, mercury and other compounds and some hormones. If long -term use, it may affect the health of the baby.The long spots during pregnancy grow, and the baby will gradually disappear after birth.

4. Tu Nail

Many women can apply nail polish, but it is best not to apply nail polish often during pregnancy. Many businesses are imported to be non -toxic and harmless to promote their nail polish, but many of them are three -free products.The content is even more serious.Elexate is absorbed by the human body. The damage is not only expectant mothers, but also affects the baby.

Beauty is a woman’s nature. It is best not to do a lot of things during pregnancy, but it can also be beautiful.Specific mothers can choose some moisturizing skin without excitement and alcoholic spices, and go out for sun protection measures.There is also "food supplement" is the best skin care choice. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C, which can help expectant mothers to maintain the skin and meet the nutritional needs of the baby.(Picture source network)

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