After pregnancy, we wear it, give you three suggestions, all of which are experienced.

After pregnancy, many Baoma will have a lot of changes in her figure. Many clothes before pregnancy can no longer be worn. How to wear it is the most headache for Baoma!As the figure gradually bloated, the previous dresses and jeans could not be put on, and they didn’t know what clothes to wear.In fact, for Baoma, after pregnancy, the choice of choice on clothing is decent, and it really needs to be changed a little with before pregnancy.


During her pregnancy, the hormone in the body will change, not only will the body become fat, but even the bust will be greatly improved. The chest will obviously be much larger than before.At this time, Bao Ma should not wear the previous bra. Otherwise, the chest will have a clear sense of oppression, so Bao Ma is best to choose the bras that can be worn during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Baoma must first choose a bras with better support, otherwise the chest will droop for a long time.The second is that you ca n’t wear too tight bras, which can easily cause lobe clogging, increase the risk of milk accumulation or infection. Finally, it is portable. It is best for Baoma to unlock the button of the button with one hand when feeding.Feeding baby is much more convenient.


For women, the underwear needs to be changed once every three months, or it may breed bacteria. For Baoma, not only need to pay attention to hygiene issues, but also pay attention to comfort.Because during pregnancy, Baoma’s figure will deformed, her waist circumference will become larger, and there will be a marks on her belly. At this time, Bao Ma needs to change to a comfortable underwear.At the same time, it is worth noting that when Baoma is pregnant, endocrine will increase, so you must choose pure cotton underwear with good breathability, and there must be enough elasticity, so that when Baoma puts it on, it will not have a foreign body.


Shoes have little impact on Baoma, but they often cannot ignore it.During pregnancy, it is best not to wear high heels. On the one hand, it is because wearing high heels does not promote blood circulation, on the other hand, it is not safe to wear.When walking, not only will I feel tired, but it is not good for the baby’s growth.Therefore, it is recommended that after pregnancy, it is best to choose a slightly heel shoes, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also helps Bao Ma better raise a tire.

Pregnant women’s costumes are particularly important, and it is the most important thing to wear comfortably. Did you learn the above points?

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