After pregnancy, when there are several secretions on the underwear of pregnant mothers, go to the hospital for examination in time

After pregnancy, the hormones in the pregnant mother will change, and the metabolic speed of the pregnant mother’s body is relatively fast, so there will be a lot of changes in the body, such as love sweating, swelling of the body, changes in taste, etc. Most of these performances.It is easy to identify, but the private segregated secretions are relatively difficult to judge.During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have many secretions. This is normal, but pregnant mothers must pay attention to the status of the secretion, and not all secretions are normal.When the following situations appear, there may be problems with the body. Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for examination in time. Next, I will take a look with you.

Pregnant mother

When the pregnant mother was just pregnant, the fertilized egg was bed, and the uterine wall would be oppressed by embryo fluff, which prompted the body to discharge certain secretions.It proves that the pregnancy is successful. If the pregnant mother is in the early stages of pregnancy, the blood volume is similar to the holiday. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention. This is likely to be a manifestation of abortion. Go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Pregnant mother

Generally speaking, in the early days of pregnancy, when the pregnant mother’s private processes secrete a tan secretion, don’t worry too much. This may be the performance of the fertilized eggs to successfully bed, but the pregnant mother cannot be too great.In the case, pregnant mothers still feel abdominal pain, which is likely to be caused by lack of progesterone in the body, which can cause abortion in pregnant mothers.

Pregnant mother

After pregnancy, the private procedure of the pregnant mother is yellow, sticky, and accompanied by the odor, which is likely to be abnormal. If the pregnant mother excretes this secretion, pay attention to observe whether the genitals are itchy or sending.The symptoms of red may be the inflammation caused by vaginal infections. When this occurs, the pregnant mother is best to go to the hospital for examination to avoid hurting the health of the fetus.That’s it for today’s sharing. I hope today’s sharing can help your sisters like this article to remember, follow, and share!

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