After pregnancy, why are you still menstruation?

Yesterday, a friend asked me, why can I still come to my aunt when I am pregnant?

What I want to tell you is that it is not all the aunts.

Auntie is a taboo of our menstruation.I was embarrassed to talk about menstruation directly, and used it for things, holidays, aunts, etc. instead.

Menstruation is regular uterine bleeding, which is related to the physiological cycle of women’s endocrine systems and the physiological structure of reproductive systems.When women entered adolescence, the regular menstruation began to be a regular menstruation. After menopause, this annoying thing once a month was finally over.

During the nearly 40 years of women from adolescence to menopause, the period of menstruation is not static.At the age of 18-40, it should be said to be relatively stable, and in adolescence and menopause, the menstrual cycle may be extended.

In any case, the menstrual cycle is generally regular. If a woman observes her menstruation carefully, she can find her menstruation rules, and accurately predicts when the menstruation is coming and when the menstruation is over.If it is not for the predetermined vaginal bleeding, it can not be used as a menstruation.

Doctors judge whether the aunt is authentic. In fact, most of them are based on experience, and see whether the blood volume and bleeding time are compounded.If you meet, the basic judgment is a real aunt. If it does not meet, it may be judged as a fake aunt.So there will be a misjudgment.

For example, adolescence, menopause, or women of childbearing age may be long overdue, but that may be the real aunt, just a delay in ovulation.Sometimes, "Auntie" is here at the scheduled time.We are regarded as a real aunt.

When our doctor saw patients with abdominal pain in the middle of the night, we would first consider ectopic pregnancy.Since it is an ectopic pregnancy, there should be a manifestation of menstruation and menopause. However, patients will say that I have come to menstruation.At the time of the menstruation, menstruation arrives as scheduled and disappeared as scheduled. Is it still pregnant?

Others said that menstruation did not come on time. As soon as they were pregnant, the family was happy, but suddenly one day, the aunt came again?

What is going on?

Under normal circumstances, pregnancy is usually discontinued, ectopic pregnancy is also pregnant, and menstruation should also be discontinued.

There are exceptions, and there are often people who are expected to visit when their aunts visit, and the aunt visits as scheduled.

We can’t say why it is obviously pregnant, but it has been menstruation normally before.Great may be in the normal menstruation time, that is, the time of embryo bed, when the embryo is bed, it may bleed a small amount.These bleeding live with the aunt’s visits in time, which caused confusion.This situation is more concealed, and doctors and themselves often ignore the possibility of pregnancy. Some people have taken a lot of medicines, drinking and smoking.

The aunt’s post -long visit is not far away from the visit. We must be alert to ectopic pregnancy.

Sometimes the fertilized eggs can camp in the wrong place.Although there are no embryos in the uterine cavity, the endometrium of the uterus changes like pregnancy. Under the action of progesterone, the ectopic pregnancy, the embryo development is not good, and the hormone level is not high.Bleeding.The amount of bleeding is small, but the duration is long.But many people mistakenly believe that this bleeding is a big aunt.

A patient had been diagnosed. When he came to the doctor, he complained about dysmenorrhea.The menstrual period is coming, and the menstrual cycle is usually inaccurate. The last time the menstrual distance of this time is about 50 days. This time, after coming to the aunt, abdominal pain is obvious, and there are usually dysmenorrhea, but there is no need to treat.I was a medicine, so I took my own analgesic drugs.At night, painkillers not only did not work, but the pain was also worsened.As soon as we asked, we immediately thought of the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, and immediately took abdominal puncture, and found that there were a lot of blood in the abdominal cavity.The engagement is inexhaustible.

When you look at the abdominal cavity, 2000ml of blood has been caused, and blood transfusion is 800ml.

Afterwards, I always teased her. As a doctor, ectopic pregnancy is not your fault, but I can still get a shock of my out -of -palace pregnancy, which is a bit shameful.

After pregnancy, many people are also determined that they are pregnant in the palace. They see the pregnancy sac, fetal buds, and even fetal hearts, but suddenly bleeds. After ultrasound examination, the fetal heart is still normal.Can I still come to my aunt when I am pregnant?

of course not.Blood after pregnancy is abnormal bleeding, not the blood of estrogen hormone retreat, so it is not menstruation.

If it is determined to be in the uterine cavity after pregnancy, the doctor will consider the signs of abortion.The ending of a threatened abortion may continue to develop eventually abortion, maybe bleeding stops, and embryo continues to develop.

There are many reasons for leading aura abortion. It may be the cause of the embryo itself, such as chromosomal abnormalities, or the cause of the mother’s body, such as hypothyroidism, infection in the uterine cavity, uterine malformations, autoimmune diseases, and so on.For these reasons, it is difficult for doctors to judge. The doctor summarizes the word "threatened abortion", and it is impossible to make accurate predictions on the ending and can only observe it.

You see, doctors sometimes cannot judge the true and false aunt in time and accurately, and need to be eliminated and need time to observe.

I remember a few years ago, a patient came to the hospital for treatment, and the vaginal bleeding was not exhaustive for more than ten days. The first thing the doctor had to rule out was whether he was pregnant and whether he was in ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, a young doctor for us gave it.A urine pregnancy test was turned on.When the patient paid for the test, he was not very willing. The test results came out. It was indeed negative. As a result, the patient began to make trouble and find a complaint.The complaint doctor opened the test: obviously had menstruation, and he also checked whether he was pregnant.The doctor couldn’t work by her, and took 10 yuan from her pocket and threw it to the patient and said: No need to find it! "In fact, a urine pregnancy test is only 5 yuan.

Abnormal bleeding must first think of the possibility of pregnancy. Bleeding occurred when pregnancy, nor is it a big aunt.Although doctors cannot ensure that they can be treated and let the embryo continue to develop, they must also take a doctor in time.

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