After smoking the smoke, there are smoke smells. How can I get smoking quickly?Have a great job

After smoking the smoke, there are smoke smells. How can I get smoking quickly?Have a great job

Hi everyone, everyone, for smoking, many people have to smoke every day, but some people will be uncomfortable when they smell the smell of smoke, but usually the guests or walking on the road at home, it is inevitable to hear it.To the smell of smoke, this makes many people very uncomfortable.

For someone who smokes next to the road, everyone can quickly go away, but some friends come to the home to smoke. Although they say that they are smoky at home, they can only bear it, otherwise they are too rude.You ca n’t open the window as soon as you smoke, so what should you do?

First: Ventilation before the guests come. For example, if the guest has contacted you before coming, you can open the window before the guest comes. If the guest comes to smoke, you do n’t have to open the window.You can ventilate normally.

If the guests have not contacted you directly, then you can also open the window before the guest smokes, so that the guest’s view is not to open the window for smoking.

Second: Eating citrus food, guests always come up with some fresh fruits to entertain. If the guests have smoking habits, they can take out some orange and oranges and other foods for guests.The addiction will not be too obvious. The fresh taste of citrus is also permeated in the air, which can also play a role in covering the smell of smoke, so as not to make the taste in the space so uncomfortable.

Third: Living candles. For many families, except for a little candle that will prepare for birthdays, it is basically not specifically buying candles, but the carbon produced by the candle can absorb the smell of smoke.A candle may not work quickly, but there will be some effects.

The above are three more appropriate methods, but in some special cases, it is recommended that guests go to the balcony to smoke. For example, some people in the family are pregnant. This kind of damage is relatively large, or the children in the family are small.It tastes, so in this case, we still need to remind guests.

When some smokers go to other people’s houses, they should also pay more attention. For most families who do not smoke, they hate the smell of smoke. Although they do not point out in person, they always smoke in families who do not smoke.It will affect feelings. If smoking cannot be avoided, it is recommended to go outdoors before you can go outdoors and then disperse the smell of smoke before visiting. Then you should ask to go to the balcony or smoke outside the door when you smoke in your friend’s house.

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