After spending 8K eyebrows, I was almost kicked out of the house by my husband

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In a rainy afternoon, the visitor Yu Qing (a pseudonym) came to the consultation room. Her mood was as depressed and heavy as the weather outside the window.

"Teacher Xiao Li, I feel that I really have enough … No one can see that I have paid so much for this family, but instead of various accusations and constraints …" Yu Qing saidIt is wet.

Hearing, Yu Qing’s heart was full of grievances.

Yu Qing, female, 30 years old.

Eight years ago, she graduated from an ordinary university in China, with a business English major. After graduation, she came to a foreign trade company to do a single member through school recruitment.Essence

At the age of 25, Yu Qing and Wu entered the palace of marriage. Shortly, Yu Qing became pregnant, and she resigned from her job at home to raise her fetus.After the child was born, Yu Qing did not intend to go to work: on the one hand, she felt that the child was small, and when the child went to kindergarten, she would consider going to work; on the other hand, she really didn’t know what kind of job she was looking for.

Time passed quickly. Three years later, the boss went to kindergarten, and the country had released the second child policy. Yu Qing took advantage of the two treasures.I planned to wait for Erbao to go to the kindergarten and go out to find a job. I didn’t expect that before three years, there was something that made Yu Qing sad, and I felt that I couldn’t stay in minutes.

Yu Qing said.


From the time of school, Yu Qing has been worried about her eyebrows. According to Yu Qing, her eyebrows were very light before, and she would look strange if she did not paint her eyebrows.During her college, one day Yu Qing got up late and had no time to have thrush. When she rushed into the classroom, she welcomed her laughter and ridicule.

That is, from that moment, Yu Qing valued her eyebrows particularly. She brought an eyebrow pencil and a small mirror in her bag every day. When she was free, she took it out to see if the eyebrows fell.

When Yu Qing went to work, I heard my colleagues say that there was a semi -permanent eyebrow. After finishing, it could be guaranteed that it was no problem for half a year.About 2,000 yuan.

Later, Yu Qing made a few more times. Slowly, she found that the effect of this eyebrows was not ideal. For example, she felt that the eyebrows were not naturally stiff, and she could still see that it was not native eyebrows.

Yu Qing told his feelings with his colleagues, and the other party also felt the same.Colleagues said that she also inquired for a long time, saying that it was critical to find a reliable eyebrow master, and the method of eyebrows also determined the effect of eyebrows …The eyebrow chef, according to the most advanced method, the two people can also go to the group, maybe the price can be preferentially preferential.

When Yu Qing almost forgot this agreement, the colleague suddenly called her and said that she found a Korean eyebrow master who used the best technology to achieve the effect of "delicate and natural" -this time it is also this time it is also the same time.A rare opportunity may not be able to make an appointment if you miss it.

Yu Qing couldn’t help but listen to it, and the price surprised her. Even if the group purchase price was calculated, it would cost 8,000 yuan!

Yu Qing thought for a while, but decided to do it. She planned to pay with Huayan first, and then repaid it in installments.


After finishing her eyebrows, Yu Qing realized that the effect was really good. Once when Yu Qing was talking to the colleague hot, her husband didn’t know when she came out of her body and shocked Yu Qing.

"I have never dared to say to him," Yu Qing said: "Since being a full -time mother, all the living expenses are from her husband, and he will always be a long time if you buy something expensive.After the eyebrows, it will definitely be angry! "

"Well, what do you say on the phone just now? No wonder you look at your eyebrows these few days. What else is you invited? How much money does it?" Yu Qing’s husband Wu Mou asked."Ah … this is not much money, and my colleagues and I are very cheap, it is 800 yuan." Yu Qing said."There are a lot of 800. Why do you have to pattern your eyebrows? I think it is good. I really want to go out to draw, and I can’t make this money …" Wu said.

Yu Qing knew that her husband was usually okay after talking, but what she did not expect was that Wu seemed to be very concerned about the matter. He also made a special understanding and inquiry.A quarrel occurred.

Wu Mou’s complaints about Yu Qing have these points:

1. Yu Qing has no concept of money.

He said that over the years after marriage, he has been alone in family expenditure, and he never thought of treating his wife and children at a loss, but Yu Qing spent too much money.

For example, the old clothes given by relatives and friends, Yu Qing had to go to the specialty store to buy new clothes for the children, and a piece of clothes was hundreds of yuan!

Wu said that nowly, Yu Qing made a eyebrow flower for nearly 10,000 pieces, which really has no concept of money!

Yu Qingya said that this was paid by himself in installments; Wu said that he did not use family expenditure money when repaying?Intersection

2. Yu Qing should not hide or even lie.

In Wu Mou’s view, although 8,000 yuan is not big, he was angry with Yu Qing’s deception.

He said that the couple should be treated frankly, and they should not lie to themselves because they were worried about themselves. If they hadn’t had a investigation, they would be deceived by Yu Qing.

3. Yu Qing didn’t seem to enter the role of his wife and mother.

Wu also shook Yu Qing’s willfulness. He questioned Yu Qing. When did he plan to enter the role of his wife and mother?

In Wu’s view, Yu Qing seems to have been immature, I don’t know how to plan and plan, and always work hard …

At the end of the quarrel, Wu left a word, which was the last time. If this happened later, the divorce would be well.


"What do you think is the most urgent problem at present? Is it a marriage crisis with your husband? Or is you returning to the workplace yourself?" I asked.

"Teacher Xiao Li, although he was fierce with her husband at that time, he also released a ruthless saying. But I think I still want to be self -reliance. I have done reflection. I have been inferior to these years.I am confident, but now I realize how important the economic foundation is, and I also want to give my children a good example … So I want to find you this time, I hope you can help me analyze.Looking for work? "Yu Qing said.

For a full -time mother like Yu Qing, because she has been disconnected from the society for a long time and has not been prepared and improved over the years, we can cut in from her interests, ability and vision.What -as long as you can establish a direction, even if you start from basic positions, there are always hope and hope.

1. Professional interest

Through analysis and combing, I found that Yu Qing’s career interest is still inclined to people: she has strong affinity and good popularity, and belongs to the kind of popular woman wherever she goes.

Even her eyebrows were also the information she told her before. In other words, Yu Qing had a few good colleagues when she went to work.

Yu Qing feedback said that she also found that she was really good at personnel, but was not good at these transaction work such as data processing.

2. Life vision

Yu Qing said that she had imagined an ideal state of survival, that is, while getting along with the children, she can also learn the knowledge of parent -child relationship while making money.

3. Ability and motivation level

Through systematic evaluation, it was found that Yu Qing’s ability in interpersonal communication and teaching guidance was strong. She was a typical "close -up motivation", eager for a friendly working environment, and did not like too much intriguing corner, and so on.

In summary, I suggest that Yu Qing can consider related fields such as parent -child education. From her ability, characteristics, and wishes, she should still be more suitable for the service industry.

It’s almost a year since the last consultation.

Not long ago, Yu Qing said feedback with us that after the last consultation, she began to pay attention to the recruitment information in these fields. After inquiry and preparation, she now worked in a parent -child education institution. Although the job was not high in income and high income, but she was not high, but she was not income or high, but she was not income or high, but she was not income or high, but she was not income or high.Yu Qing said that the job gave her long -lost confidence and confidence. She believed that as long as she did it by her own heart, she would have a new improvement and breakthrough.

At this point, I want to share with you a paragraph written by the author May Haizi–

"Keep your own world and cultivate your own skills, and you can get mature in small things."


About the author: Zhao Xiaoli, senior career planner, national psychological counselor, workplace writer.He is a best -selling book "Stop blind efforts: your life needs to be designed", "Stripping from minimalist to extreme: doing a powerful person in the field of good", etc.In 2021, the new book "Breakstration: Under the Lobe and Method of Accelerating Growth in the Workplace" has been launched.

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