After the 90s, the second child mother naturally gave birth to the trigger at the end of the month, and my father said that 3 words were too real.

"Finally met with them,

It’s not easy!"

The nurse will have three newborn and pink babies

Hold to my mother,

28 -year -old third -born mother

Excited red eyes.

After 4 months of fine care and treatment of medical staff, on April 16th, the obstetrics from a three -hospital department in Wuhan, Wuhan, Hubei.The first "triplet" ushered in.

After the 90s, the mother naturally gave birth to the trigger.

Weighing the standard

"Wow … wow … wow …" With Hong Liang’s crying and crying, the hospital operating room cheered, and 9: 08, 9: 09, 9:10 on April 16th, 36 weeks and 2 days of solutionWomen, after a caesarean section, successfully gave birth to the "trigger" for nearly month (37 weeks).

It is rare that the triggea with nearly a full -term birth has not appeared in a common low weight. Instead, he has a rosy complexion and the weight is very standard.

According to reports, Ms. Jie, a post -90s mother from Henan, was 28 years old and had been born twice before. There was a son and daughter.

What is even more surprising is that Ms. Xie did not use high -tech assistance such as IVF, but "pure natural" natural pregnancy.It is reported that this situation is very rare, and the chances of triggea in natural conception are very low, with only about 700,000 to millions.

There are three more new members in the family

Dad said to the camera: "Do it well!"

What does it feel like to be a dad who suddenly become five children?

Mr. Zhang, who was born in 1992, couldn’t hide the joy in his heart. He said that there were three new members at home, and the whole family was very happy. Although the burden on his shoulders was heavier, he would do his best to give the best to the child to the child.EssenceThen I said three words to the camera: "Good work!"

Surprise is coming but facing risks

After passing the custom

Ms. Xie recalled that with the opening of the national three -child fertility policy in May 2021, she and her husband also actively responded to the call. They already had a son and daughter who planned to add another child.

In September last year, Ms. Xie was surprised to find that she was pregnant with her third child again. After that, B -ultrasound checked, and found that this time she was naturally pregnant with a trigger.The B -ultrasound of the hospital prompts that "three -choric membrane and three -fetal sac", that is, when 3 babies live in the uterus, there are 3 independent rooms.

But soon, the Ms. Xie’s family changed from the start of the shock and joy to faint worry and anxiety.

It turned out that in the early pregnancy, Ms. Xie had a low thyroid function early, and since then she started the difficult journey of her happiness.Because of the abnormal thyroid dysfunction, it will have adverse effects on the health of the mother and the growth and development of the fetus. In addition, the third child pregnancy will remind the doctor for tire reduction.

"At that time, I was a little confused. The doctor of the hospital advised me to reduce the child and told me that the pregnancy difficulty and risk were very difficult, and more problems were encountered later." Ms. Xie said.

She was reluctant to give up any small life. After discussing, Ms. Jie and her family finally came to Professor Fan Cuifang, Director of the Obstetrics Department of a Three A hospital in Wuhan for consultation.

Fan Cuifang said that from the perspective of medicine, the twins of the triplet are harmful to the body of pregnant women, which can easily cause complications such as hypertension, diabetes, large bleeding, and excessive amniotic fluid.However, seeing Xiao Jie and her family’s attitude were very determined, she was moved, so she formulated a detailed individualized production inspection plan for Ms. Jie, and joined hands with the Multi -Discipline (MDT) team to escort the four mothers and infants.

For Ms. Xie, the whole half of the whole pregnancy also kept passing by, but fortunately, there was no danger.

In December last year, as her stomach became bigger and bigger, Ms. Jie began to have double limb edema and chest tightness. Her legs were red and swollen, and they were so painful. I came to the hospital for examination and found that it was an early warning of lower limb thrombosis.After the symptomatic treatment and the treatment of thrombosis, she was about 20 weeks of pregnancy. After the B -ultrasound, she found that the cervix had a tendency to shorten the cervix. This is not a small problem. If further development, the triplets are likely to "fall out" from the uterus.Essence

So in the last 4 months of the pregnancy, Ms. Jie was basically tire -protection treatment and kept traveling between home and hospitals.Doctors also constantly adjust the plan to give the most suitable treatment.

Fortunately, with the joint efforts of everyone, Ms. Jie’s fetal was smoothly protected until 36 weeks, and finally had a cesarean section surgery under the preparation preparation before surgery.

After experiencing all kinds of hardships and difficulties, when the midwife and the medical team hugged the three little babies to Ms. Jie’s eyes, she kissed three little babies with her cheeks, and all hard work finally turned into a happy tears.

"Trilogy pregnancy is very rare, and trilogy’s pregnancy can be adhered to nearly full moon. And the three children are so healthy, and the maternal condition is particularly good.The pink and tender baby, the obstetric director Fan Cuifang also smiled.

However, Fan Cuifang also reminded that it is a good expectation of many families to be able to conceive triggea or multiple families. However, the complications of multi -pregnancy pregnant women are significantly increased, and the mortality rate, premature yield rate and nervous sequelae risk are higher.Therefore, tire reduction is an effective treatment plan for triple pregnancy.Therefore, when a pregnant mother encounters a third -child pregnancy, is she insisting on or choosing to reduce the fetus. It is recommended that they should go to an experienced hospital or obstetric department to make full assessments and make decisions.

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Source: Guangzhou Daily

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