After the 95th school, Chen Yuting, who was derailed in her husband’s marriage, was pregnant. Will there be nothing after all?

Zhang Yuting, as a golden woman, I am afraid that she will not give birth to a child; the school flower Zhang Yuting is only 25 years old, and she will continue to play!It was until the man who could meet all her desires appeared.Obviously, Chen Jun, who was swept away by the green space, is no longer the "Diamond King" in her mind!

Lord: Zhang Yuting, a returnee student in Australia; Destiny: Chen Jun, head of the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Division of Greenland Group; husband: Shi Ruisheng

Many people were very clear about the entire incident; four years ago, Zhang Yuting accidentally met his current husband during his occasion at Beijing United University.At that time, Shi Ruisheng had graduated from Australia and worked in Australia. Shi Ruisheng, who had a high degree of family qualifications and high degree of family qualifications, was at first sight of the school flower level, and Zhang Yuting saw Shi Ruisheng’s family conditions and income level.Essence

After graduating from Zhang Yuting, he came to study in McCarui University in Australia and studied for a master’s degree. At that time, Zhang Yuting almost rely on his boyfriend Shi Ruisheng.Whether it is tuition for studying abroad or various expenses in life, coupled with Zhang Yuting’s rebuilding and re -examination fees after hanging the subject.Zhang Yuting himself also acknowledged that during the Australian period, Shi Ruisheng was about 60,000 to 700,000 yuan.

Zhang Yuting graduated this year, so he returned to China to interview the post of Greenland Group during the New Year’s Day and successfully got the OFFER of the Greenland Group.Can’t work together and live together, but it has become a legal couple protected by law.

Subsequently, Shi Ruisheng returned to work in Australia. After Zhang Yuting returned to work in February of Greenland Group, Zhang Yuting entered the company officially entered the society, and another person in the story began to appear. This person was Chen Jun.The person in charge of the sales management department of the Ministry.

Chen Jun was definitely a pseudo -gentleman. When his secretary could not arrive on time due to the epidemic, he deliberately arranged Zhang Yuting as his secretary.And he fancy is nothing more than Zhang Yuting’s beauty, and he also sees Zhang Yuting’s gold worship and derailment physique (Chen Jun is the head of the sales department of the region, obviously he has deep research on human and psychological research).

Sure enough, Chen Jun used 30 million short checks and 2 million yuan brand -name bags to cheat Zhang Yuting from worship, and he slept with Zhang Yuting’s husband’s high -end apartments for his wife.Before Zhang Yuting and Chen Jun dated, they would first make video calls with Australian husbands.Because Australia was three hours earlier than domestic, after Zhang Yuting and her husband said good night to say each other, Shi Ruisheng went to sleep alone, and Zhang Yuting began to sleep.

At the end of March, Zhang Yuting should be pregnant with Chen Jun’s child. This man who claimed to have lost fertility once again proved his ability.Let a married woman 20 years younger pregnant.Such facts are in front of the fact that Zhang Yuting has to make a decision:

On the one hand, the legal husband who has been in love for four years, on the other hand, is the child’s biological father, promise to give her 30 million Chen Jun; how should Zhang Yuting choose?His husband Shi Ruisheng was originally his own alternative. Now he has encountered a man who can give him 30 million, and he is pregnant with this person.Both of money by money.

After knowing the truth, Shi Ruisheng kept asking Zhang Yuting’s ins and outs of the matter, and actively collected evidence.And announced the private affairs between the two to the Internet, and soon formed a hot topic of today.

Nowadays, Greenland Group has carried out investigations for Chen Jun. Chen Jun not only does not guarantee his position, it is likely to involve economic crimes.And Zhang Yuting, as an internship, cannot stay in the green space.Husband Shi Ruisheng was already discouraged and it was bound to divorce Zhang Yuting.Zhang Yuting, who worshiped the gold, thought that he could meet the source between different men, and eventually fell into a bamboo basket to hit the water.In the end, only the children in her belly and 30 million short checks.

Zhang Yuting, 25, obviously does not keep the child. He could use him to exchange 30 million. Now 30 million is gone. Zhang Yuting obviously will not bring a child as her own burden. She will continue to live her game life.

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