After the baby Huai, the pregnant mother’s breasts will change a lot. Come and learn about it

After the baby is pregnant, the mothers’ breasts will change a lot, and these changes are mainly manifested in two aspects. One is the increase in breast cups, and the other is the precipitation of nipple pigments.

Time to change breasts

When you are pregnant with your baby, the breasts of pregnant mothers will change, but this change is basically smaller and there will be no obvious feeling.When the baby Huaibao is about a month, the breast changes will be relatively obvious. Heavier and tightness are the first feelings of pregnant mothers, and the color of the nipples will also become darker. Below the breasts, the blood vessels will become clearer and clearer.When the baby Huaibao is 3 to 4 months, there will be some lumps in the breasts of pregnant mothers, but don’t worry. This is normal. As long as the pregnant mothers do a good job of diet to ensure balanced nutrition and sufficient.

The reasons for the increase in breast cups

The cause of breast enlargement during pregnancy is mainly the role of hormones. During the baby’s baby, the progesterone and estrogen of the pregnant mother’s body will increase a lot. They will promote the growth and development of breast and glandular bubbles of pregnant mothers.The fatballs are constantly secreted, and the breasts of pregnant mothers will increase a lot, and the nipples become strong and sensitive. Montgomeli glands, that is, a small round protrusion of a grain on the areola will also appear.

The cause of pigmentation on the nipple

During the pregnancy, the nipple becomes darkened. Many pregnant mothers feel embarrassed. The cause of the cause is mainly the precipitation of melanin during pregnancy.After the baby Huai, the estrogen and progesterone of the pregnant mothers will change a lot. The melanocytes under their skin will be affected and become very active, producing a large amount of melanin.At this time, not only the nipples of the pregnant mother, they also have a deeper color under their armpit and abdomen.

In the face of breast changes, what should pregnant mothers do

When the breasts of pregnant mothers change, the most important job is to choose the underwear that suits them.When choosing, pregnant mothers should pay attention to three aspects. The first is to choose the right size.Pregnant mothers’ breasts will increase a lot after pregnancy. It is inevitable that the underwear is tight. At this time, the size of the underwear should be replaced in time, otherwise it may inhibit the development of the breast.The second thing to pay attention to is the safety of the underwear. The constitution of the pregnant mother is different, and the safety requirements are very high, so when choosing, you must pay attention to the material and comfort of the underwear.The third is the effect of lifting. Because pregnant mothers also face postpartum breast drooping problems, it is best to choose underwear with strong support ability when choosing.

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