After the girl was pregnant unexpectedly, I found that in her boyfriend’s house, she had a three -year -old daughter

I took three years in the electronic factory and met a girl named Wang Li (a pseudonym).Wang Li is not very old. He is in his early 20s, looks beautiful, and doesn’t talk much.

Because in the same dormitory and the same workshop, Wang Li and I have become a good friend who talks about everything.

Once Wang Li quietly told me that two boys in the workshop pursued her at the same time.One is the head of the workshop, and the other is the online employee Li Jun (pseudonym).

The supervisor is handsome and stable, and the salary is high. I can’t help but envy Wang Lilai instantly.I feel that Wang Li can consider it.After all, Li Jun, with us, is ordinary workers!Think about the salary, how can I support my family in the future?

Speaking of this Li Jun?He is responsible for packaging behind the production line. It grows five, three thick, and strength.But people are funny and humorous, and they will make girls happy.It can be said that as long as he is here at work, everyone around us will not feel that the life is sad. Often, everyone is said with a word, making a smile, and forgotten the tiredness of this day.

If you do n’t say all the material, Li Jun is indeed a good candidate.Thinking of living with such people, you must be happy every day.

Sure enough, Wang Li thought like this, and said that the days when working with Li Jun were really happy.Say the supervisor!I always feel a sense of distance, I can’t say.

I said that no matter what, these two people do n’t understand. Do n’t easily agree to others.After all, the factory is from all over the world, and always feels insecure.

As a result, Wang Li said ridiculously, "How can I have so casual? There are more people chasing me. Besides, I don’t want to marry a foreign country, so I will not agree with these two people."

Unexpectedly, the two boys, at the same time, pursuing Wang Li at the same time, spread throughout the factory for a while.All of them are looking forward to see how Wang Li choose?

At the same time, Li Jun launched a fierce offensive against Wang Li.Before work, he gave Wang Li a glass of milk, and after get off work, he took the initiative to help Wang Li to queue up for meals.Even for ten minutes to rest, and took the initiative to help Wang Li open the water, it can be said that she devoted her wholeheartedly and cared for Wang Li.

In the end, Li Jun’s sugar -coated artillery shells were unable to live, and Wang Li agreed to have a relationship between the two.For this reason, the supervisor is very angry and often finds the fault.Even once, Li Jun made a small mistake and punished 200 people.

Since falling in love, Wang Li seems to have changed a person. Every day after class, she has dressed her beautifully, and went out to date happily, and returned in the middle of the night.It can be seen that she really loves Li Jun, and her face is full of sweetness.

But the good times didn’t last long. I suddenly found that Wang Li was wrong?I don’t like talking at work, and Li Jun also looks like a person, no longer humorous, but silent all day.

I couldn’t help it, so I asked again and again, and Wang Li cried and revealed to me, saying that she was pregnant!

She said that she had talked about a boyfriend before, and had been aborted three times.The doctor said that the child should stay anyway, otherwise there may not be a chance to be a mother in the future.After talking about Wang Li, I cried on me and asked me what to do?

I said that when I was pregnant, the two went back to get married?

After hearing the words of marriage, Wang Li cried even more fierce again!Then I revealed an explosive news to me.He said that Li Jun had married before, and is currently divorced, but there is a three -year -old daughter at home.

After saying that she knew this, the whole person was about to collapse!I did not expect to dream that her beloved Li Jun was actually an emotional scammer?

After listening, I stunned instantly!I did not expect that Li Jun was married, and there was a three -year -old daughter!In the face of such a thing, it is estimated that no girl can accept it, and it is no wonder that Wang Li will be so sad.

Wang Li said that if at the beginning, Li Jun could be accepted frankly, she was still acceptable.After all, when you love someone, you will be limited to the other party’s past.What made people collapsed was that Li Jun deliberately concealed it all!It is really difficult to accept.

I thought that now Wang Li is not only pregnant, but also does not allow miscarriage.But in the face of an emotional liar, where should I go?

Seeing my friend’s helplessness and sadness, I also felt sad.I did not expect Wang Li to ask me, lending her salary this month?She decided to go to the hospital for abortion, and let me take a day off with her for a day.

Facing Wang Li’s decision, I was very contradictory and I don’t know if she should stop her.

In this way, I asked for a day off and prepared to accompany Wang Li to the hospital.But the uneasiness of my heart told me that he had to tell Li Jun that as a child’s father, he had the right to know.

I didn’t expect Li Jun to go straight to the hospital after knowing it …

It happened that we were preparing to pay the fee at that time. As a result, Li Jun dragged Wang Li aside and begged Wang Lidao. "I am not interested in lying to you, because I am afraid that you will mind when you know.This lied. "

At this time, Wang Li had burst into tears and cried on the ground.Qi’s gritted teeth and said, "Do you dare to lie to me? I hate you, hate you!"

Seeing Wang Li still refused to forgive herself, Li Jun actually kneeling in front of Wang Li in front of the public.A big man, crying red eyes and praying for forgiveness.

Perhaps in the face of such a situation, Wang Li has no right to choose, and the whole person becomes very passive.In the end, Li Jun was promised not to remove the child.

Later, the two quit their jobs and decided to return to my hometown to see their parents …

Now five years have passed in a blink of an eye. I heard that Wang Li gave birth to two children to Li Jun. However, for various reasons, the two finally came to the point of divorce.

I think the two of him, it is estimated that it was a wrong combination at the beginning.Or maybe Li Jun’s deception behavior left Wang Li a serious psychological shadow.Even if you want to barely maintain this marriage, he will eventually end with divorce.

Or maybe Li Jun is a person who is not honest with feelings and marriage, so Wang Li feels unhappy after marriage?In short, if people drink water, they know that they are cold and cold, and only Wang Li knows the shoes.

Therefore, the unmarried female friends must polish their eyes and understand each other’s family background and their inner character when they are looking for the other half.

When we focus on three times, girls must self -esteem and love and refuse to live before marriage.Otherwise, once there is a situation like Wang Li, it is easy to force yourself to an embarrassing situation. It can be said that the dilemma is in the dilemma, and the woman who is injured in the end is still the woman.

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