After the HPV vaccine is vaccinated, can I continue pregnancy?These questions have answers

Wuhan Evening News October 17 (Reporter Wuye) With the "expansion" of the nine -valent HPV vaccine, the new round of HPV vaccine vaccination became a hot topic.A few days ago, experts and netizens interacted online to explain in -depth topics of HPV vaccine vaccination.In their opinion, preventing cervical cancer by vaccination is a matter of "getting better" and "never too late".

At the end of August, the Nine -Valental HPV vaccine was approved, and the applicable age expanded from the original 16-26 years to 9-45 years old.So, does it make sense to inoculate the HPV vaccine near the upper limit?

Professor Lu Yixhan, a teaching and research room of the School of Public Health University of Fudan University, introduced that there are more high -risk HPV types. As long as women -age women have regular sexual life, they will have regular risk of infection.Decrease, the ability to remove the risk of new hair and past infections will also decline, which is more likely to be in high exposure risks of HPV infection.Therefore, the "expansion" of the nine -valent vaccine can give women more comprehensive protection for women at different ages.Even if he is 44 or 45 years old, the prevention effect of inocating the HPV vaccine is still very good, and it is very obvious for preventing the incidence of cervical cancer.

Do women who have been infected with HPV still need to vaccinate the HPV vaccine?According to Lu Yihan, according to the characteristics of Chinese epidemiological diseases, women in my country infection with HPV are dominated by single infections. Vaccination HPV vaccines can have a good protective effect on other types that have not been infected.In addition, infection HPV indicates that her personal lifestyle or physique makes her more susceptible, and it is necessary to protect herself by vaccination.

So, can you do it once and for all with the HPV vaccine. You don’t need to do conventional cervical cancer screening?Professor Duan Tao of Shanghai First Maternal and Baby Health Hospital introduced that HPV viruses include more than 200 sub -types, and cervical cancer is mainly caused by continuous infection of high -risk HPVs.At present, two -price and four -valent vaccine can prevent 69%of cervical cancer. Nine -valent vaccine can prevent 92%of cervical cancer, but no matter which vaccine, the prevention effect is not 100%.Therefore, in addition to vaccination, female friends still need to do cervical cancer screening regularly.

After inoculation of HPV vaccine, I suddenly found that pregnancy was pregnant. Can I continue pregnancy?Duan Tao introduced that you can continue pregnancy.This is because the HPV vaccine belongs to the Class B vaccine FDA and can be used safely during pregnancy. No matter in the process of animal research or clinical practice, no HPV vaccine has adverse effects on the fetus.However, considering that the HPV vaccine can complete the vaccination within a certain period of time, it can be delayed to delay the next vaccination time after pregnancy. After the child is born, the subsequent vaccination will not affect the immune effect.

Can the two -valent vaccine vaccine be vaccinated?Professor Duan Tao introduced that clinical studies have shown that after completing the quasi -videls HPV vaccine, it is supported by medical data for more than 12 months.Vaccine has no related research at present.

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