After the ligation, the wife was pregnant again, was she derailed, or I was too strong to be too strong


This is a confusing emotional problem that requires us to discuss from multiple angles.

First of all, we need to understand ligation surgery.

Loeling surgery is a common sterilization method. By cutting off the tubal or fallopian tube, the combination of sperm and eggs is used to achieve the purpose of contraception.

However, although the success rate of ligation surgery is high, it is not 100%reliable.

In rare cases, ligation surgery may fail, causing accidental pregnancy.

Secondly, we must rule out other possibilities.

Pregnancy does not necessarily mean derailment.

There may be some special circumstances, such as failure of surgery, renewal, ectopic pregnancy, etc. These are all medical reasons.

Therefore, before suspicion of the derailment of the other party, he should give the other party sufficient understanding and trust and face the problem together.

In addition, we cannot ignore the responsibility of sexual behavior.

Even if a ligation surgery is performed, it still needs to be cautious and responsible.

Loeling surgery does not provide absolute contraceptive protection, so using other contraceptive methods in sexual behavior is a wise choice.

In the face of this situation, both the husband and wife should be frank and compare and share the responsibility.

In response to this issue, I suggest that the couple should sit down to communicate sincerely.

First of all, calmly analyze the situation and understand the possibility of failure of ligation surgery.

Secondly, we should listen to each other’s explanation and opinions, and minimize suspicion and accusations.

The most important thing is to establish the foundation of trust and understanding and find ways to solve problems together.

Finally, we must make it clear that the trust and communication in marriage is an important cornerstone to maintain the relationship between husband and wife.

Regardless of whether the ligation surgery fails or other problems, it should be solved by understanding and trusting each other.

If the contradiction is really impossible, you can consider seeking the help of a professional marriage consultant to get better guidance and support.

To sum up, the ligation surgery fails and pregnancy does not necessarily mean derailment. We should give the other party sufficient trust and understanding.

In the face of this situation, the husband and wife need to work together to solve the problem, rather than eager to blame each other or concluded.

For those husbands who are suspected of derailment, I suggest you calm down first, and don’t conclude prematurely.

The failure of ligation surgery does not mean that his wife is derailed. There are many other reasonable medical explanations that can explain this situation.

The best way is to have a frank dialogue with his wife to understand her interpretation and feelings of the matter.

Keep an open mindset, listen to each other’s opinions, and find a way to solve the problem together.

On the other hand, as a husband, you should also reflect on your responsibility.

Although ligation surgery is a reliable contraceptive method, it is not absolutely reliable.

Even if a ligation surgery is performed, both the couple still need to maintain a cautious and responsible sexual behavior.

Loeling surgery does not replace other contraceptive methods, so it is wise to use other contraceptive measures in sexual behavior.

Both husbands and wives should take responsibility for sex and work together to avoid accidental pregnancy.

When dealing with this problem, it is recommended that the couple sought the help of a professional marriage consultant or doctor.

Professionals can provide neutral opinions and guidance to help couples better understand and solve problems.

Marriage consultants can help couples re -establish trust and communication in order to face this difficult situation together.

Finally, regardless of the results, the relationship between husband and wife needs to be based on trust, understanding and joint efforts.

The failure of ligation surgery and pregnancy may be a difficult challenge, but only by supporting and understanding each other can the husband and wife spend this predicament together and continue to establish a harmonious family relationship.

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