After the wedding, my wife told myself to be pregnant.

Dan Dan broke up with his boyfriend who had been dating for 6 years at the beginning of the year, but Dan Dan did not clearly clear with his ex -boyfriend and occasionally met.After being introduced by his parents, the neighbor was a blind date. At this time, Dan Dan found that he was pregnant, so he hid his parents to hide his neighbors and get married quickly.After marriage, Dan Dan told her husband that she was pregnant. When her husband calculated, he found that the month was wrong. He scolded: Who is the child?

There was a panic in Dan Dan’s heart, and she did not expect that this problem would be discovered by her husband so quickly.She was sitting beside the bed, and her tears couldn’t help flowing.Dan Dan knew that she had to face reality and could not continue to deceive.

Dan Dan took a deep breath and worked hard to calm her emotions, and she decided to tell him frankly.She told her husband that the child was not his, but that she had accidentally conceived with her ex -boyfriend.She explained that she was in a low mood at the time, and met her ex -boyfriend just to seek some comfort and support, but did not expect such a thing.

After listening to her explanation, Dan Dan’s husband became gloomy.He was deceived and betrayed, and his heart was full of anger and disappointment.He began to doubt whether Dan Dan really loved him and whether he concealed other things.He felt that he was used by Dan Dan and became a tool for her to escape her ex -boyfriend.

Dan Dan looked at her husband’s expression, her heart was like a knife.She understood her mistakes. She did not consider her husband’s feelings, but just made a wrong choice to escape reality.She deeply regrets her behavior, but she also knows that regrets can no longer change reality.

Dandan decided to face the consequences frankly.She assured her husband that she would take responsibility for her mistakes, and she would bear her responsibility whether her husband chose to forgive her.She asked her husband to give her a chance to let them face this problem together and solve them together.

Dan Dan’s husband was silent for a while, and he looked at Dan Dan’s eyes full of contradictions and doubts.In the end, he sighed and said, "I need time to think about it all. We need to sit down and talk and find a solution."

Dan Dan felt a little hope, she knew that this was just the beginning, and they had a long way to go.But at least, they have a common goal, that is, the children’s stay. For their own happiness, they need to face reality and bravely face problems.

Time passed slowly, Dan Dan’s husband gradually accepted this fact and began to do his best as a father.They experienced the joy and difficulties during pregnancy, and welcomed the birth of their children together.

This experience made Dan Dan and husband stronger, and they learned tolerance and understanding.They understand that the mistakes and setbacks in life are unavoidable, but the important thing is how to face and solve these problems.

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