After watching the disappearance, she was not addictive. After two years ago, the masterpiece of the two years ago was completely afraid of marriage.


3.15 billion.

As of today, "Disappearing her" has surpassed "I’m Not a Medicine God", "Lone Moon" and "Eight Bai", climbed to the 15th place in the history of film history.

Outside the movie, a topic that is repeatedly mentioned:


There is another movie that is repeatedly mentioned.

In Sir’s view, it has a greater stamina and talks today.

Why is marriage the best horror movie today?

Disappearing lover

The gone girl

Nine years ago, 930,000 people in Douban scored 8.7 high scores.

The most important thing is that when we put the two movies together, we will find that there are inextricable links, but more, but it is a clear expression.

Its complexity.

I’m afraid, it is not an "scum man" to explain.

It tells us that the biggest gambling in modern society is not anything else, it is marriage.


The first layer of disappearance: love

"Marriage is the grave of love", some people say that.

But if you are loved as the premise, what are the illusion of futurization?

The story was built in "Disappearing her":

The hard -working wage earner met the rich lady, so she worked hard and finally "married" into the wealthy.

Does he have feelings for her?

Maybe, but more, I am afraid it is interest.

This is why many viewers have finished watching the movie. The reasons for this scumbag are indignant: his motivation was not pure.

The so -called love is just a false image.

But "Disappearing Love"?

I’m afraid it is much more complicated.

What is Emi (Pei Chunhua) before marriage?

She was born in New York and graduated in Harvard.

It is the prototype of "magic Amy" and "other children’s children" in the parents’ writing.

What is Nick (Ben Afflek) before marriage?

Sexy, gentle and funny.

No matter what stalk he can catch it, he can easily catch it, in the current saying, "has high emotional value."

Saying a two -sentence love words can make the girl laugh.

It looks like a pair of heavenly land.

One night, the ambiguous men and women passed a bakery.

Under the dim street light:

The flying sugar flies flickering in the air, just like snowflakes falling on Amy’s lips.

Nick goes forward:

You from your head to your feet …

How can I hold back and not kiss you?

His, so sweet.

This scene is so familiar, just like every relationship between men and women, it seems that there are the most incompetent starts.

Like the cream tip of the ice cream, or the heart of watermelon: it is always the most delicious mouth in the relationship.

They do the closest things between partners.

Speaking of never deceive, believe in each other.

Ordinary people can not pass a few years old and wife.

And their anniversary is in the field of public books.

In the movie.

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