American women are naturally conceived, and they easily produce 6 twins within 9 minutes, with a probability of 4.7 billion.

Between 4: 50-4: 59 local time on March 15th, local time in the United States, a mother only took 9 minutes to easily give birth to 6 twins in the abdomen, 4 men and 2 women.The baby and mother are in good health and are receiving the hospital care.

This mother not only gave birth to 6 twins, but also was very short. It was really amazing in just 9 minutes!The 6th children weighed 793 grams, and the heaviest was 1304 grams. They were stable in their health when they were born. Out of cautious, the hospital still arranged them to observe in the newborn intensive care unit.At present, the mother has given the two girls’ names, and the names of the boys are still considering.Doctors said that the probability of six twins naturally born in this way is only one -4.7 billionth.

Another study shows that only one of 6 twins in the United States is born in the United States, and sometimes there is no.

As early as 10 years ago, a 33 -year -old American mother also gave birth to Babu twins. At that time, the hospital formed a medical team of up to 46 people.It is also nicknamed the "mother of Babu"!However, she was artificial insemination, but Babu was lucky to survive.

The probability of hoods will indeed be relatively low. In terms of comparison, the probability of twins is much higher, and the chance of twins in my country is about five tenths.Under normal circumstances, the following features will be more likely to be pregnant with twins.

1. Itself or spouse has twin genes.The twin genetic genes are mainly the woman. If the mother has twin genes, the chance of the twins is as high as 1.7%.Although the father has twin genes, the probability of expectant mothers will be lower in the twin, but it is not stronger than.

2. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome.Such diseases are mainly manifested in ovulation scarcity or no ovulation. However, the probability of rejuvenating twins through treatment or weight loss will be very high.

3. Older women.Due to the decline in fertility and ovarian function, they may have some problems, and the ovulation is uncertain. Some drugs will be used during treatment, causing abnormal ovulation, but it is easy to pregnant.

4. Take folic acid or ovation medicine.Under normal circumstances, women excrete only one egg per month. If women discharge multiple eggs every month, the probability of twins will increase a lot.Folic acid supplements can increase the number of ovulation and enable multiple eggs to enter the uterus, so it also increases the probability of twins.However, if it is not because of the treatment of ovulation and taking the disease, but it is taken privately, it can easily lead to excessive ovarian stimulation syndrome.

5. IVF.In order to ensure the quality of fertilized eggs, 2-4 high-quality embryos are selected into the mother. If the mother itself allows two embryos to develop, and there is also the willingness of twins, doctors will also retain them.

Although twins or polyza are indeed attracting people, not everyone is suitable for pregnancy.Because during pregnancy, multi -billed mothers are more likely to have pregnancy syndrome such as hypertension and diabetes, the probability of postpartum bleeding will also be much higher, and premature births are prone to occur. Babies may also have premature birth or ultra -low -weight children.Therefore, pregnant women should obey the doctor’s advice. For those who are not suitable for breeding of many twins, they should be appropriately reduced to ensure the health of themselves and their children.

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