Aoi Aoi exposed the abortion after three fetuses, and the details of pregnancy abortion were exposed: the fetus disappeared for two months

Aoi recently updated his personal blog recently and talked about his third child, but because the child had no fetal heart, he was admitted to the hospital for abortion surgery. After Aoi admitted to the fetal heart examination, he immediately decided the surgery. On the day of the operationNo signs of life of the fetus, although accompanied by abdominal pain, there is no bleeding.

Aoi said frankly that the growth of the fetus is precious, but after a short life, I also sorted out my mood in these days and determined to perform abortion surgery. The operation was very tight.I am scared.

Earlier, Aoi Talking about the reasons why he had a miscarriage said that he had been preparing before pregnancy since last summer. He tried artificial pregnancy but failed. Until the Lunar New Year (lunar month), he tried artificial conception for the second time and successfully succeeded.

On Valentine’s Day, you can see a small fetal sac, but after a week, the fetal sac has not grown well, and Aoi began to worry.After confirming the fetal sac 2 weeks, Aoi felt that the growth of the fetal sac is not obvious, but he can still see the beat of the fetal heart and still feel at ease and move.

However, when I went to check in early March, I could not see the heartbeat. Aoi Sky saw that there was no feeling at all. Although the doctor changed a few angles to check, it was still unable to confirm the heartbeat.Inspection, there was still no heartbeat, but helplessly decided to have a miscarriage.

When Aoi talked about abortion surgery, she burst into tears, and the doctors and nurses present comforted her in warmth, so that she would calm down.

Aoi Aoi admits that he is 40 years old and cannot resist his age. Although he already has two sons, he still wants children because he grew up in a large family.Although undergoing abortion surgery, Aoi Aoi admits that this year will work hard to strive for anymore.

Earlier, Aoi Aoi had publicly apologized for fake age, saying that she was not 38 years old, but was 40 years old. She said that 20 years ago, she wrote her name in the office 20 years ago. She also knew that the age in the circle could be faked casually.

Aoi was married to DJ Non in 2018, announcing the wedding news that it had aroused heated discussion among netizens, and Aoi also generously stated that her husband was willing to accept everything of her, and the two also gave birth to twin sons shortly after marriage.

For the family, Aoi not only removed all the works, but even faded out of the performing arts circle. She was at home and taught her son at home. She became a housewife. Although she took her two sons at home, she still expressed her thoughts that she wanted three babies.

Aoi ’s life after marriage is very low -key, and it will occasionally expose his love with her husband. Aoi has said that the husband family has twin genes. I do n’t know why I would choose artificial conception when I was in the third child.

Aoi Aoi regrets abortion after this pregnancy. Presumably her heart is very painful, and after returning to her family, she will believe that she will be as expected.

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