Are you preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy, will you affect the baby’s "quality"?

Author: Dr. Gao Qin

A 28 -year -old woman has no success in preparation for three years of pregnancy. She has recently changed her job and prepared for the exam. She is busy with a busy scorching. Half -month menstruation is half a month. I accidentally found that she was pregnant.

This is a patient I received in the outpatient clinic. The purpose of her clinic is to have a miscarriage.I asked her, isn’t pregnancy your wish?Why choose abortion?

she says:

I am not prepared

Recently, my heart is under great pressure

Because preparing for the exam, basically do not leave with mobile phones with "radiation"

Half a month ago, I used medicine for a cold

I did not add folic acid either

I didn’t pay attention to exercise

I have to eat casually, and I don’t pay attention to supplementing nutrition

It seems that my husband and I have been drinking not long ago


This is almost everyone’s general cognition, all things that should not be done in the early pregnancy.

what to do?Will it affect the baby?Will it cause deformity?Should I stay in this child?

The above is not a case. This is often encountered in outpatient clinics.A small life suddenly comes, and many young women will be very anxious. They are afraid that because they do not prepare for pregnancy before pregnancy, this error will affect their children. Some people even want to simply kill them.

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This also triggers a thinking: Do you have to surprise it on the issue of pregnancy, or is it necessary to be prepared?

The word "preparation" that is unpreity shows the attention of women in childcare.

The 2018 edition of "Pre -pregnancy and pregnancy health care guidelines" promulgated by the Chinese Medical Association states that pre -pregnancy health care is to evaluate and improve the health status of planning for pregnancy couples to reduce or eliminate risk factors such as birth defects to prevent birth defects.Improving the quality of birth population is the forward movement of health care during pregnancy.

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This guide interprets the connotation of pregnancy, and pregnancy is mainly considered from the following aspects:

· Change bad lifestyle and lifestyle.

· Pay attention to diet nutrition.

· Maintain a good mental state.

· Do a good job before pregnancy.

· Make necessary medical consultation.

For more and more young women, they must not fight without preparation. They generally believe that preparing pregnancy is the key to preferential pregnancy, because they may miss these:

1. No folic acid

Folic acid is a substance that cannot be missing in the growth and division of human cells, and is also a key component for the development of normal neural tube development in the embryo.Supplementing folic acid can effectively prevent the fetal neural development of congenital neural tube development.

In addition, folic acid deficiency is not only the main cause of birth defects, but also related to pregnant women’s pregnancy hypertension, natural miscarriage and delayed development in the fetus, premature birth, and low birth weight of newborns.

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Folic acid belongs to the B vitamin. Although folic acid can be obtained from food, because pregnant women have more demand for folic acid than normal people, it is recommended to supplement additional folic acid.

In addition, because the nerve tube is formed at the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, the environmental impact of the body when the formation of nerve tube formation is very important.Therefore, it is not enough to start supplementing folic acid after it is known, and folic acid should be supplemented in advance.

Although folic acid has the above importance, it needs to be clear:

1. Many pregnant mothers are worried that she will not supplement folic acid in time before pregnancy. Will it affect the child?You know, prenatal inspections should be performed in accordance with regulations after pregnancy.In the national check -up, measures such as B -ultrasound, blood examination, amniotic fluid puncture, and other measures will be controlled to give you a good baby to help you.

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2. Supplementing folic acid cannot reduce the risk of neural tube defects caused by other reasons, such as: fetus due to genetic causes, neural tube defects.

3. The huge surprise of abandoning unexpected pregnancy because there is no folic acid, there is no comparability.The risk of infertility caused by artificial abortion and the negative impact on psychology cannot be ignored.

2. No body conditioning

The conditioning body here mainly refers to physical exercise and nutritional supplement.I personally think that the concept of healthy life should run through people’s life, rather than a moment of hard work.

Moreover, good living habits cannot be as expected to avoid the risks of all birth defects, not to mention temporary changes at a moment.Of course, pregnant couples with acute and chronic diseases should be pregnant under the guidance of a doctor.

3. Drink, take medicine, and take X -ray before pregnancy

Although these conditions are not good, there are time, dosage, and pros and cons.

In the process of fetal development, 3 months before pregnancy are the critical period of birth defects in the fetus.

Alcohol is a teratogenic derivative with clear evidence, although the specific teratogenic dose is not yet conclusive.

However, it is generally believed that within 14 days of bed, if the teratogenic factor will affect the embryo, it will cause direct death or abortion of the embryo; or the influence of teratogenic factor will be small, and the embryo continues to develop without abnormalities.

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In other words, within 2 weeks after fertilization, the impact of teratogenic factor on the embryo is "all or none" (either the embryo continues to develop, or the embryo dies, and abortion occurs).

Therefore, if the "should not work" moves before the mother’s pregnancy does have an impact on the baby, then there is generally a miscarriage; if the baby stays safely in the mother’s belly, it usually means that these "should not be before pregnancy."There is no great impact on the behavior of dry ".

As for the medication, the information provided by the FDA in the United States has classified pregnant women’s medication. Although it has now become an important reference for many obstetricians and gynecologists, it is still constantly being improved.

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Pay attention to the interest and disadvantages of medication during pregnancy.In other words, you need to consider the benefits and risks of medication!If you receive drug treatment two weeks before pregnancy, you should still follow the principle of "all or nothing" just said.

Under this principle, unless there is a positive evidence of harmful embryo, the doctor will not clearly tell the consultant to "kill" the child.

And if you take X -ray lights before pregnancy, you don’t have to be too nervous.Radiation must cause a certain dose to cause damage to the human body. This dose is called a threshold.

Simply put, it is: it is not harmful when it comes to contact with radiation.

Therefore, a single -diagnostic X -ray irradiation cannot be a reason for abortion.

I do n’t know how many things are spent in accidental surprises and preparations.

As far as the whole pregnancy process is concerned, there is a pregnancy reaction, I heard the fetal heart, feels fetal movement, for the first birth check, the first time I hear the baby’s crying, which one will not make you feel excited and surprised. For a new life, for a new lifeWhat should not be rejected is the surprise.

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There are no preparations, and they are not one lost; accidental surprises will not be crisis.Organic combination of the two is a process of letting go.

Of course, if you are still not assured, then ask the doctor to understand how much the factors you worry about on your baby. After all, this is a valuable life.Choose carefully and cherish this baby’s chance to choose your mother!

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