Are you still bothering stomach acid during pregnancy?Teach you 2 methods to relieve stomach burning

Why does pregnant mothers have a hot stomach during pregnancy?So what are the causes of stomach burning and what are the discomforts to pregnant mothers?Will it affect the mother’s body?Will it affect the health of the baby?So how should we relieve during pregnancy?How to prevent stomach burning?So which stage of stomach burning is beginning to appear during pregnancy?When should pregnant mothers start to prevent stomach burning?

The main reason for the phenomenon of stomach burning in pregnant mothers is because of the compression of the uterus during pregnancy and the effects of high concentration lutein.Then a mother can easily feel the hot stomach, because lutein can reduce the speed of gastrointestinal motility, so the time when food stays in the stomach and intestines can easily cause stomach burning and gastric acid.

Also, because the baby grows up, it is oppressed to the stomach of the pregnant mother, so that the pressure of the stomach tolerance is too huge, and the stomach peristalsis begins to become less. If your mother diet during pregnancy, it will also cause flatulence of the stomach, Cause the stomach burning phenomenon, then you should eat less and eat less during pregnancy, so that your body and stomach will become more comfortable.If pregnant mothers have a stomach burning during pregnancy, they must be vigilant, because during the late pregnancy, severe stomach burning occurs. It may be that pathological pregnant mothers must strictly pay attention to their stomach burning.Is there the following symptoms in the situation: but the phenomenon of gastric acid reflux often slowly occurs, that is, food is unwell from the stomach to the esophagus.Pregnant mothers have the phenomenon of chest discomfort and stomach burning, so the symptoms of the stomach burning of these pregnant mothers may also be the initial sign of reflux foods. The pregnant mother has always been in stomach burning and esophageal acid.It will hurt the mucosa of the stomach, so it is easy to cause gastric ulcer.

How can pregnant mothers alleviate the burning of the stomach during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers often encounter the phenomenon of stomach burning in the third trimester. Pregnant mothers must maintain a correct posture after their diet, because lying down will easily lead to the food that pregnant mothers just eat.In the esophagus, this can easily cause gastric acid to erode to the esophagus, and it is easy to cause pregnant mothers to have esophagitis.Do not lie down within 2 to 3 hours after meals, and do not sit, so pregnant mothers can take appropriate walks to promote gastrointestinal motility and make food in the stomach precipitated at the bottom of the stomach.The mother’s stomach burning will be greatly reduced, and there will be no phenomenon of reflux of esophageal food, so the elderly says that walking after dinner can achieve the purpose of digestion, not without reason.Then walking after meals can also solve the phenomenon of abnormal stomach flatulence in pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers can use pillows when sleeping at night, but in a comfortable way, you must not remember that the pillow pad can not be too high.Growing pillows can effectively alleviate the burning of the stomach, and can prevent gastric acid reflux.

Pregnant mothers should also need to pay attention to their diet during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, pregnant mothers should maintain a good habit of eating and eating less, avoiding too much food for each meal, because the diet is full.Increase the internal pressure of the stomach and promote the reflux of gastric acid.Pregnant mothers will find that they will feel hot in the third trimester of pregnancy, and they are very uncomfortable.

And pregnant mothers must not be able to smoke and drink during pregnancy, because tobacco and alcohol can also stimulate the esophagus and make the esophagus relax.Then pregnant mothers cannot eat coffee chocolate tea, which will still stimulate the stomach and esophageal secretion of pregnant mothers, causing the pregnant mother’s stomach to become more serious.And in the third trimester, if the pregnant mother is very serious, then we should use a small amount of some acidity, such as oranges, oranges, tomatoes, and so on.There are also some foods with heavy starch, such as sweet potato potatoes, pumpkin and their sugar. This can easily cause pregnant mothers to indigestion. Therefore, pregnant mothers should not eat too much during pregnancy.Cakes, chocolate, ice cream, candy and other foods will slowly increase the feeling of satiety after eating.Burning sensation.Pregnant mothers must also eat less taste or fried foods in the third trimester. These will increase the burden on the stomach and stomach, and weaken gastrointestinal motility.

Pregnant mothers can drink a cup of warm milk for 2 hours before going to bed, which can effectively suppress the phenomenon of gastric acid reflux in the evening. When sleeping, you can also use a few pillows to add a few pillows., Cabbage, red pepper, green peppers, and kiwi -rich vegetables rich in P -carotene and fruit -rich fruits, can also eat more coarse grains and some seafood to supplement zinc.Pregnant mothers must pay attention to that when eating, they must be chewing slowly and swallowing too fast. Otherwise, without chewing food will cause the burden and pressure of the stomach.And you ca n’t eat water while eating, which will cause a certain impact and harm to the stomach. Pregnant mothers can drink a bowl of soup before eating to lubricate the intestine and then eat staple food.And do not drink drinks during meals. This is easy to cause flatulence of the stomach. Pregnant mothers should avoid the intake of carbonated drinks during the third trimester.Snile.Pregnant mothers can eat chewing gum after eating, so that it can stimulate saliva secretion in the mouth. This is that can neutralize gastric acid to effectively reduce the burning of the stomach of the pregnant mother.

Specific mothers who have not appeared in the third trimester of pregnancy can go to prevent stomach burning through some simple ways, such as eating more porridge foods, because porridge foods are easier to digest.Corn porridge, yam porridge, millet porridge also have some family with red dates and some wolfberry porridge, which can promote the digestion of mothers and prevent the phenomenon of refluxing acid in the stomach of pregnancy.Nourish blood.You can also eat more alkaline foods, such as some tofu and carrots. Although the taste of carrots is sweet, it is an alkaline food.Inhibit the gastric acid of pregnant mothers, but pregnant mothers must not squeeze carrots into juice. This will affect its neutralization effect.

And pregnant mothers must pay attention to during pregnancy, when you are just pregnant, you must protect your stomach and eat more foods rich in vitamins and some dietary fiber than that of rough oat grains and some cereals.Mom’s gastrointestinal peristalsis can also supplement the mother’s body to supplement rich vitamin B and resistantine resistance.And pregnant mothers should also use some properly in the third trimester. Well, green vegetables and fresh fruits are rich in vitamin C and folic acid, because pregnant mothers also need to supplement proper folic acid in the third trimester to maintain themselves to maintain themselvesHealth.

Pregnant mothers must maintain a good mentality throughout pregnancy, because the mentality is the most important. If the stomach is hot, the pregnant mother will find ways to solve it in time.This will also affect the development of the baby. If the pregnant mother is severely burning during pregnancy, we must seek the help of the doctor for the most secure treatment in time.Stomach discomfort, because some drugs can also have some bad effects on the baby.

Then this is the end of the sharing of Xiaobian today. If the pregnant mother has some discomfort in physical fitness, you must tell the doctor during the checkup that some can effectively avoid some symptoms during pregnancy, which affects the emotions of the pregnant mother’s emotions.With physical health, pregnant mothers must not buy some drugs outside to relieve their physical discomfort. If physical discomfort, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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